Google may assign primacy in the release of unmanned car with absolutely autonomous administration for the mass market. It turns out that in seven years Nissan intend this! It is possible that among the other major car manufacturers is such a race, who will be able to develop the technology to run on a commercial level. Similar prototypes already present Toyota and Audi. It is clear that the foreseeable future — such unmanned vehicles, and many companies are now working in this direction. In an official press release said that the 2020, Nissan will launch the revolutionary commercially available technology Autonomous Drive for most car models . To implement this programme began. Basic testing of unmanned vehicle technology will begin in the year 2014. The main objective is to create a standalone engine for the two model generations. Carmaker Nissan also announced a tight cooperation with the world's leading research universities, such as Stanford, Oxford, the University of Tokyo, the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Carnegie Mellon University, and others.

thuoc la dien tu.

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