A handout to participants of the seminar-training Academy in the Volkswagen Group.
This seminar reveals the basic and main principles of operation, maintenance and repair transmission Volkswagen cars.

Up for discussion:

-Classification and identification
-Planetary gear
-Control system
-Service MANUAL
-Diagnostics and repair
-Torque Converter
-Technological innovations
-Progress test

VW automatic transmissions
The content of the course
Management bodies
Epicyclic gearing
The control system
Diagnosis and repair
Hydraulic transformer
Technical innovations
Progress test

Management bodies
Video program:
1. controls and Hydraulic transformer
2. Structure and working principle of gear box.
3. maintenance, Diagnostics and repair.

Release date: 2010
Author: Volkswagen Group
Language: "German", "English"

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Volkswagen Group Academy training Transmissions-06fd869ad982-jpgVolkswagen Group Academy training Transmissions-385f7ede9ddd-jpgVolkswagen Group Academy training Transmissions-419acf3ed4e7-jpg

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