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Guide to tuning the car Volkswagen Golf, Scirocco, Jetta. Rating: from 5 , voters 0 users.
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    Guide to tuning the car Volkswagen Golf, Scirocco, Jetta.

    Volkswagen Golf, Scirocco, Jetta-Guide to tuning the car.
    This book is a guide to help those who are interested in Golf, Scirocco tuning or
    Jetta. Theoretical and practical possibilities for increasing the capacity and improving the chassis
    are explained on numerous examples. The same is an overview of the range
    purchase details and the ability of firms engaged in the production of accessories for

    What is the Tuning?
    Something like the
    4 the body for 6 motors
    2 different motor design
    Chassis and power transmission
    VW and motorcycling
    Rally and Rally cross
    Formula Super VW
    Racing cars (Group 2)
    Motor tuning
    Four important quantum
    The average pressure
    Improved stuffing 44/compression
    Increase the swept volume
    Increase the diameter of the cylinder or stroke?
    The increase in the number of revolutions
    Prepare a mixture of carbs
    Types of Carburetors
    The size of the carburetor and adjust
    Optimal adjustment
    Standard-type Carburetors
    Solex Downdraft 31-34-PICT and PICT
    Downdraft PIERBURG 1B3
    Zenith 2B2 and 2B5
    The device of the carburetor
    Device dual carburetor
    Supply system injection
    Various injection system
    Low pressure injection
    Bosch K-Jetronic
    High pressure injection system
    Fuel pump high pressure injection system CS 91
    The exhaust system
    Ignition system
    Ignition coil
    Spark plugs
    Ignition wires
    Ignition distributor
    The Circuit Breaker
    Ignition point
    Automatic adjustment of ignition
    Proper installation of ignition
    Transistor ignition system
    Contact-transistor ignition system (CHI LIN-k)
    Transistor noncontact ignition system
    Transistor ignition system with sensor Hall (CHI LIN-h)
    Tiristornaâ ignition system (HKZ) 128
    Cylinder head, valves and camshaft drive
    Processing channels
    Valves and valve location
    Compression and combustion chamber
    Poetry cylinder head
    16-valve motor Oettinger
    How to make the valve drive to withstand a big engine speed
    Valve timing
    Crank mechanism, piston and flywheel
    Relief of the masses
    Pistons and cylinder block
    Flywheel and clutch
    Maximum performance with Turbo-supercharged
    Charge pressure control
    Turbo-motor Dr. Schrick
    Cooling and lubrication
    What is
    That motor is the best foundation?
    Motor 1.5 l (August 1975)
    Engine 1.6 l
    Motor 1.5 l (August 1977)
    Motor with injection (September 1975)
    Where are the limits of power
    Dynamic quality
    Transmission issues
    Transformation of main transmission
    Chart speed from speed
    Chassis and body
    Rims and tires
    The collapse and lane
    Shock absorber and spring landing gear
    Springs and stabilizers
    Aerodynamic events
    Strengthening body and chassis
    Athletic equipment
    For motor
    For the driver
    For reliability
    For optics and acoustics
    Assortment of aftermarket companies
    Sentence completions and finished engines
    Tuning and inspection
    Special addresses

    Size: 14.2 Mb

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    Download material for reference
    Download material for reference

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