VAZ 1111, 2106, 2107-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
This encyclopedia-directory is a comprehensive list of tips and advice on maintenance and repair of the car in the garage or at the cottage. The encyclopedia is designed for owners of motor vehicles who wish to, without resorting to the services of garages, repair your car or just learn the right way to care for it. You knock the brakes, the steering wheel vibrates or is too noisy engine is running and you think that you will take to a repair shop too much money, then this is the encyclopedia for you. You learn to identify faults in the vehicle by the strange sounds, vibrations, and other characteristics. As well as properly maintain your iron to as seldom as possible climb under the hood.
The encyclopedia covers the following car models: VAZ 1111, Vaz 11113, Vaz 2106 LADA VAZ, 21061, 21061, Vaz 21063, Vaz 21065, Vaz 2103, Vaz 2107, Vaz, 21033 VAZ 21072, Vaz, LADA 21074 21073

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