Provides guidance on maintenance, periodic maintenance and repair of Lada cars, which are produced with Largus 2012 year. LADA Largus comes in sedan and wagon, they are petrol engines 1.6 litres capacity 8V (K7M)/1.6 l 16V (K4M).
Section 1-General information about the car are given, are the passport data, describes the key instruments and controls the car.
Sections 2-4-provides guidelines for the operation of the Lada Largus, safety during operation and maintenance, describes the possible problems along the way and periodic maintenance of the car.
Section 5-thoroughly reviewed and described the car engine, offers advice on the repair and maintenance of major it systems such as: power-system, lubrication, cooling, exhaust system.
Sections 6-9 describes the transmission, automobile chassis, its Steering and braking system.
The tenth section of the guide is devoted to electrical equipment car and its major elements, and it is the battery, alternator, starter, describes the phased replacement of lighting and sound alarm.
Section 11-the replacement of elements of the body.
Section 12-13-description of repair of air conditioning systems, heating and ventilation of the cabin cleaning, replacement of the security system.
Later in the book provides guidelines for the operation of the car Lada Largus.
Application guides contain necessary for maintenance and repair of information about valid points of tightening for threaded joints, valves and spark plugs, petrol, oil and lubricants, special liquids and gas volumes.
A separate section lists the color wiring diagrams.
Guide to help car owners to replace belts (GRM, drive), the oil in the GEARBOX and engine. The book will teach how to replace the brake pads and the fuel, oil and air filters. All these works are illustrated with color photos in phased sequence of performance of works.

Release: 2012
Author: Alexander Kondratyev, I.s. Gorfin, S.n. Pogrebnoy
ISBN: 978-5-91774-972-3

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