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VAZ 2107, Vaz 21072, Vaz, LADA 21074 21073 manual. Rating: 5 from 5 , voters 1 users.
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    Repair manual car VAZ 2107, Vaz 21072, Vaz, LADA 21074 21073.

    MANUAL CARS Vaz-2107, Vaz-Vaz-21072 21073, Vaz-21074 with central fuel injection system.
    This manual is a guide to repair and maintenance of car Vaz-2107 and its modifications. It is intended for technicians and service stations, truck fleets and repair shops.
    The guide describes the following car models:
    Vaz-2107-passenger car with closed unitized four door sedan body type. Engine with a displacement of 1.5 l.
    Vaz-21072-differs from the Vaz-2107 engine having a cubic capacity 1.3 litres.
    Vaz-21073-differs from the Vaz-2107 engine having a swept volume of 1.3 l and Central fuel injection.
    Vaz-21074-differs from the Vaz-2107 engine having a cubic capacity of 1.6 litres.
    The main sections of the guide describes the components of the Vaz-2107. Features repairing the remaining models are given in section 9.
    The guide provides a description of maintenance service and repair of car spare parts on the basis of ready, there are lists of possible malfunctions and their elimination, as well as instructions for disassembly and Assembly, adjustment and repair of components of the vehicle.
    During repair, we recommend that you use the special tools and devices listed in annex 2. Screw connections must be tightened during assembly points specified in annex 1.
    As units and components of the car are constantly evolving, perhaps some inconsistency text and illustrations guide produced by the design of the car. All changes will be reflected in subsequent editions.
    The guide reflects the design of the car as of November, 1996.

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