VAZ 2111 controller January 4.1 - guide to repair and maintenance of the engine.
This guide is intended for system management distribution fuel injection engine VAZ-2111-based controller 4.1 January. Were installed on cars: VAZ-21083, VAZ-21093, VAZ-21099, VAZ-21102, VAZ-21103.
This manual is the manual that are required for repair and maintenance system for distributed fuel injection.
See the instruction information is correct for the controller January-4.1 (2111-1411020-22).
This Guide has been developed by a group of specialists of the General development Department of JSC AVTOVAZ, according to the practical experience of operation and maintenance of the car. Describes the design, function and repair of electronic control engine VAZ-2111 (1.5 litre, 8 valve) with distributed injection of fuel in June 2000 In the main sections of the Manual describes the electronic engine management system of VAZ-21083, 21093, 21099. Features of the device and repair of control system elements of the engines of VAZ-21102, 21103, see section 3.
Intended for engineering and technical personnel of enterprises servicing and car repairs, training of mechanics and specialists of the service stations. Recommended as a textbook for students and teachers of Universities and colleges of the motor direction. It may also be useful to a wide range of motorists wishing to gain knowledge about the correct repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.

Year: 2000
Pages: 96
Size: 3.17 Mb

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