VAZ 2115-14. VAZ 221099-guidance on repair, technical maintenance and operation of vehicles.
If Your car knock brakes, vibrates the steering wheel or noise when the engine is running, and you decide to fix all these problems by own forces then this electronic encyclopedia will be very useful!
This interactive guide contains tips and tricks for self-maintenance and repair of the car in the garage conditions.

Model: VAZ 2115-20, vases 2115-01, vases 2114-20
Engine: 1.5 liters.

Model: VAZ VAZ 21099 21099i
Engines: 1,1; 1,3; 1,5 liters.

The sections of the program:
• Guide to the disassembly and Assembly of all units of the car with more than 350 illustrations
• A complete list of features of the modified models
• Repair wiring
• Fault diagnostics by sound, vibration and other characteristics
• List of used lubricants
• Operational features of various parts
• Full specifications
• More than 350 illustrations
• Step-by-step disassembly and Assembly
• Tires and wheels, admitted to the unit with the operation of the vehicle

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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