VAZ 2113, 2114, 2115-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Book in the series full-color illustrated guides on car repairs on their own. The guide includes the design features of the units and systems of the car VAZ-2113. -2114. -2115 with the engine -2111. equipped with a system of distributed fuel injection. Detailed description of the key faults, their causes and solutions. In color images, annotated, depicted in detail all operations of maintenance and repair. Recommendations on tuning the car.
Applications are tools, lubricants and fluids, lights, radial shaft seals, bearings, tightening torque of screw connections, as well as electrical circuits.
The book is designed for drivers who want to maintain and repair the car yourself, and also for employees of ONE HUNDRED.

Year: 2010
Pages: 233
Size: 44.55 MB

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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