VAZ-2106 (All the secrets on repair and maintenance (Version 2.0))
This book will be your faithful friend and helper in this difficult lesson, as an independent car repair. In its pages each operation is illustrated by a photograph, accompanied by the necessary comments and advice, allowing you to work competently, efficiently, quickly and with minimal risk of damaging parts. The tool can be seen only one that has any self-respecting handyman or which can be purchased at your local auto parts store. The structure and operation of the units are described in detail in order to better represent the conditions for their proper operation and repair. In this book you will find a table of diagnostics, which will help to determine the fault of the car and how to fix it. And even if you already consider yourself a specialist, our work will undoubtedly add you confidence in the work.
The book is accessibly presented a description of the maintenance and repair of VAZ-2106 based on available spare parts in the conditions of a garage workshop. All operations are accompanied by photographs and detailed comments, which saves time, effort and money, but also to minimize the risk of damage to the vehicle parts.
For the mechanics, as well as for motorists, self-service and car repair.

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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