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UAZ 31514, 31512, 31519 multimedia service manual. Rating: 5 from 5 , voters 1 users.
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    A multimedia guide to repair and maintenance of the UAZ 31512, 31514, 31519.

    UAZ 31514, 31512, 31519-Guide (repairs, maintenance, exploitation) of the car.
    Hundreds of illustrations show controls and individual phases of work. Sections on rapid and simple troubleshooting, help with troubleshooting. Wiring diagrams help you quickly detect a malfunction in the electrical system and facilitate the installation of additional equipment. Here you will find information on repair: engine; power supply systems; the exhaust system; gases; clutch; the gearbox; suspensions; steering control; the brakes; wheels and tires; the body; electrical equipment as well as recommendations for maintenance and diagnosis of electronic control systems. Are the diagnostic codes. A separate section is intended for dating the owner of the car with the bodies of its management and methods of operation.
    The guide describes in detail the features of operation, design and basic modification of the UAZ-31514, 31512, 31519. Recommendations for maintenance and repair. Great attention is paid to the car care, tools, purchasing of spare parts. Are typical malfunctions, their causes and solutions. On the basis of the information contained in the manual, the car owner can perform repairs of varying difficulty without going to a repair centre and motor. This guide is intended for employees and owners of the UAZ-31514, 31512, 31519. Drawings, diagrams, tables. Dictionary of technical terms. Color scheme of electrical equipment.

    UAZ 31514, 31512, 31519 multimedia service manual-prnscr1-jpg UAZ 31514, 31512, 31519 multimedia service manual-prnscr2-jpg UAZ 31514, 31512, 31519 multimedia service manual-prnscr3-jpg

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