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UAZ Patriot (UAZ Patriot) service manual. Rating: from 5 , voters 0 users.
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    Repair manual car UAZ Patriot (UAZ Patriot).

    UAZ Patriot (UAZ Patriot)-manual, maintenance and repair of the car.
    Guide to car repair and maintenance UAZ Patriot (zmz-409). In the considered device car, offers advice on maintenance and repair. A special section is devoted to problems in the way of diagnosis and elimination methods.
    All the topics that describe the maintenance and repair of units and systems, contain lists of possible malfunctions and their elimination, as well as instructions for disassembly, Assembly, adjustment and repair of components and systems of the car using a standard set of tools in a garage.

    Year: 2007
    Pages: 266
    Size: 20.03 Mb
    Quality: Excellent (colour pages)

    UAZ Patriot (UAZ Patriot) manual-prscr1-jpg UAZ Patriot (UAZ Patriot) manual-prscr2-jpg UAZ Patriot (UAZ Patriot) manual-prscr3-jpg UAZ Patriot (UAZ Patriot) manual-prscr4-jpg

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