UAZ Patriot/UAZ Patriot-manual and periodic maintenance.
This manual is intended for owners of this car who self-monitor his condition. The book clearly describes and illustrates all the stages of execution of those services UAZand repair problems of the car. The book also has a description of the technical data and complete specifications of these cars and their parts, components. This manual provides recommendations for maintenance and repair - performing disassembly, diagnose failures, and self failure removals UAZ Patriot.

The issue of manual: 2007
Author: Ed. by O. A. Krupin

UAZ Patriot service manual-9cfe86f5e784-jpg UAZ Patriot service manual-27c4640d507f-jpg UAZ Patriot service manual-75a58c778df9-jpg

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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