Tractor Belarus-1221, in 1221.2.2, 1221.3
Operation Guide contains a brief description and technical characteristics of tractors "Belarus-1221 1221.2/2/1221.3.", produced by Minsk tractor works. The basic rules for the operation of machines, given by their adjustments and maintenance. Guide is designed for tractor drivers involved in exploitation of tractors "Belarus".
With regard to the policy on "MTZ", aimed at constant improvement of manufactured products in the design of Assembly units and parts tractor Belarus may be changes not reflected in this publication. Some technical data and illustrations contained in this book may vary from your actual tractor. Dimensions and weights are approximate (background). Detailed information can be obtained from the dealer for Belarus ".


The statement contains a description of the design, technical data, the rules of operation and maintenance of the tractor with the ARU-1221.2 BEL/1221/1221.3 2 in.. Tractor Belarus-1221.2/1221V. 2 is equipped with a motor with the index "c" rated at 100 kW, certified by l-stage 2000 Directive/25/EC, gidropod″emnikom, facing the modified design. Tractor Belarus-1221.3 is equipped with a motor with index «S2» power of 100 kW, certified by ll stage Directive 2000/25/EC, gidropod″emnikom, facing the modified design.
Long and reliable operation of the tractor are subject to proper and timely maintenance.
ATTENTION! Before you introduce a new tractor in operation, read this manual and strictly follow the recommendations to avoid accidents, injuries or injuries. Note: throughout this Handbook references "left" or "right" is taken from the point of view of an observer located at the rear of the tractor. Note: due to ongoing work on improving the tractors and the improvement of working conditions, the design of the tractor may be changes not reflected in this publication. Alteration and modification of the tractor without the approval of the manufacturer is prohibited.
On your tractor mounted gear box type diapazonnogo. The ranges are switched by means of gear boxes and transmission, within each range, through the Synchronizers. For the ranges:
• squeeze the clutch pedal and wait until full stop tractor;
• turn lever ranges smoothly without jerks, enable the desired range;
• gradually release the clutch pedal.
To switch gears:
• squeeze the clutch pedal;
• smoothly without jerks, move the gear lever and hold it in position until the podžatom transfer of full inclusion;
• gradually release the clutch pedal.
The gear shift on the fly within range are the only works on roads with a firm and ground covering. When driving off-road tractor unit (plowing, peat bogs, sandy soil, and so on), the gear shift on the go is not allowed due to the sudden stop of the machine and tractor unit. Overcome these plots at previously selected transfer. In the case of non-compliance with the operating rules will be a rapid wear of the splines and pinion gear couplings, as well as the failure of Synchronizers
Attention! If when you switch ranges and gear clutch pedal when depressed hear gnashing, contact your repair shop to fix the fault.
Observe the PTO. When the PTO lever move smoothly with a delay of 2.4 c in the middle of the stroke from the neutrals to the PTO, in order to avoid breakage, shaft and gearbox PTO shaft elongation.
Adjust the parking brakes are working and only on the horizontal platform while the engine is not running and with wedges in front and behind the rear wheels to prevent accidental movement of the tractor.


Introduction 3
Security requirements 7
Technical data 12
Controls and devices 21
Description and operation of 70
Preparation of the tractor to work 149
Adjustment of 156
Unitized 173
Possible malfunctions and their elimination 213
Scheduled maintenance 228
Transportation and towing tractor 279
Storing tractor 280
Annex 281

Release: 2009
Author: ed. Uss I.n.
Publisher: "Minsk tractor plant" (fully recognized), DjVu, DOC
Quality: recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 287

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