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    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (Diesel) (1996-2002) NEW-guidance on repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (diesel) 1996-2002-manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    The guide describes the models of cars Land Cruiser Prado 1996-2002 years of manufacture and fitted with diesel engines.
    The book contains a detailed description of the step-by-step procedures and instructions, works for the maintenance and repair of cars Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO. These cars are diesel engine 1KZ-TE models with 3.0 liter with Turbo supercharged and electronically controlled. Manual contains information necessary for repairs and adjustments of components of an electronic engine management (EFI), there are instructions on how to use a self diagnosis systems automatic gearbox (automatic transmission) and ABS also provided recommendations for adjustment and repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions (MANUAL TRANSMISSION), basic brake components (including ABS), anti-buksovočnoj car system (TRC) and the system of exchange rate stability (VSC), steering and suspension Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. There is in this book also detailed wiring diagrams wiring Prado.


    Instruction manual Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
    3 identification
    Technical specifications of the engine, the ustanavlivavšegosâ Land Cruiser Prado 3
    Abbreviations and symbols 3
    General instructions for repair 3
    Instruction manual 4
    Instrumentation and controls 4
    Lock the doors 5
    Power window 7
    Warning lights on the car 8
    Correction system headlight 9
    Hood and door zadka 9
    Hatch filler 9
    Adjusting the seat 9
    Heating system front seats 11
    Adjusting the steering wheel 11
    Office of the mirrors 11
    Switch heated mirrors 12
    Switch wiper and washer 12
    Luke 12
    Switch control cruise control " 13
    Office of heater and air conditioner 13
    Cassette-the main points of operation 16
    Radio 17
    The recorder 17
    CD player 17
    Watches 18
    Auxiliary measuring devices 18
    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 19
    Driving a car with automatic transmission 20
    Features of transmission 4WD models and general guidelines for selecting modes of motion 21
    Rear differential lock 22
    Traction control system 22
    Vehicle stability system 22
    Tips for driving in different conditions 23
    Towing 23
    Start engine 23
    Removal of air and condensate from the fuel system 23
    If the engine does not start 24
    Start using the extra battery 24
    Stopping the engine 24
    Engine trouble while driving 24
    Engine stalling while driving 24
    Overheated engine 24
    Replacement wheels 24
    Checking tire pressure and condition 25
    Replacement tires 26
    Features of operation of aluminum disks 26
    Replacement wheels 26
    Signs of wear of brake linings 26
    Checking and replacing fuses and fusible inserts 26
    Maintenance Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 28
    28 maintenance intervals
    Engine oil and filter 28
    Checking and replacing the coolant 29
    Checking and cleaning the air filter 30
    Check the status of the battery 30
    Check the drive belt mounted units 30
    Check and adjust the angle of injection of 31
    Checking the pressure end of compression stroke 31
    Checking idling speed and maximum speed at idle 32
    Checking the system to increase the speed of idling 32
    Check the throttle control system (model release before August 2000) 32
    Checking the fluid level clutch and brake system 33
    Checking and replacing oil in the ILAC 33
    Checking the working fluid in the automatic transmission 33
    Changing the filter in the automatic transmission 33
    Replacement of the working fluid in the automatic transmission 34
    Checking the oil in the transfer case 34
    Change oil in transfer case 34
    Checking the oil level in the gearbox rear-axle 34
    Check oil level in the gearbox front axle 35
    Installation point Jack 35
    Check power steering fluid level 35
    Engine-mechanical part Toyota Land Cruser Prado 36
    Adjust valve clearance in the drive 36
    The timing belt 37
    Gear drive mechanism TIMING and INJECTION PUMP 40
    The head of the cylinder block 45
    The cylinder block 60
    Preparation for dismantling the 60
    Disassembly of 63
    Check the cylinder block 65
    Disassembly of the piston and connecting rod 66
    Evaluation of the technical condition of the connecting rods, pistons and piston rings 67
    Checking the counterbalancing shafts 69
    Cylinder boring (1KZ-TE) 69
    Check the status and maintenance of the crankshaft 69
    Replacing the rear seal crankshaft 70
    Building site piston-connecting rod 70 "
    Assembling the cylinder block 71
    Final Assembly of the engine 72
    Cooling system Toyota Land Cruiser Prada 73
    73 description
    Checking and replacing the coolant 73
    Pump coolant 73
    Thermostat 76
    Radiator 77
    Lubrication system 78
    78 description
    Engine oil and filter 78
    Check oil pressure 78
    Oil pump 78
    83 oil cooler
    Oil injection nozzles and check valves 85
    Turbocharger system 86
    86 description
    Prevention of 86
    Turbocharger 87
    Intercooler charge air cooler 93
    Fuel system Toyota Land Cruiser Prada 94
    Replacing the fuel filter 94
    Fuel heater 94
    Nozzles (1K2-TE) 95
    Sprayers (1KD-FTV) 96
    High pressure pump (1KZ-TE) 99
    High pressure pump (1KD-FTV) 103
    Battery fuel (1KD-FTV) 105
    Fuel feed limiter 106
    System to reduce the toxicity of exhaust-107
    Verification of components of the system of forced ventilation crankcase 107
    Verification of components of the EGR 107
    Catalytic converter exhaust 111
    Electronic control system of diesel engine 112
    A general description of the system of electronic control diesel engines Toyota 112
    Precautions when working with electronic control system 112
    An electronic management system 114
    114 General description
    Regulation of magnitude of fuel supply 114
    Solenoid valve 115
    Regulation of the angle of injection 116
    System self-test 116
    Fault codes 116
    Erasing fault codes 117
    Diagnostic trouble codes the engine management system 117
    Troubleshooting Volt/ohmmeter 121
    Verification of components of an electronic engine control 128
    Body throttle 135
    Check oscilloscope 138
    System startup 140
    Checking the system to facilitate launching 140
    Starter 141
    Check Starter 146
    Check Starter relay 146
    The charging system 147
    Operating principle of 147
    Precautionary measures 147
    Checks on the car 147
    147 generator
    Clutch 152
    Pumping clutch 152
    Clutch pedal 152
    Master cylinder drive clutch 152
    Cylinder actuator clutch 153
    154 traction
    Manual transmission 156
    Checking and replacing oil in the ILAC 156
    Removing and replacing the gear box 156
    Replacing the seal holder bearing input shaft 159
    Replacing the seal transfer case adapter 159
    Automatic transmission 160
    160 General information
    Preliminary checks 160
    Diagnosis CAT 161
    System self-test 161
    Control unit for AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION and engine 163
    Verification of components of the electric control system 163
    The mechanical systems CAT 168
    Test completely inhibited vehicle (stall test) 168
    Check-in time enable the transfer of 168
    Hydraulic test 168
    Road test 169
    Replacement filter 169
    Checking the torque converter and torque converter drive plate 170
    Transmission Assembly 170
    Transfer case 173
    Removal of 173
    Installation of 174
    Replacement seals 174
    Verification of components of the control system of locking Center differential (model 1999) 178
    PTO shaft 179
    Suspension 181
    General examination 181
    Inspection and alignment of the front wheels 181
    Hub front axle 183
    Front drive shaft 184
    Front gear 186
    Rack front suspension 189
    Upper arm front suspension 189
    Lower arm front suspension 190
    Upper ball joint front suspension 191
    Lower ball joint front suspension 192
    Sway bar 193
    Gearbox rear axle 196
    198 rear differential locking system
    Rear suspension 200
    Steering Toyota Land Kruzèr Prado 203
    Check wheel play 203
    Check the drive belt tension steering pump 203
    Checking the system to increase the speed of idling 203
    Power steering fluid level checking 203
    Bleeding the hydraulic system 203
    Checking the working fluid pressure 203
    Checking the efforts of the steering wheel 204
    Without adjustable steering column tilt 204
    Steering column (adjustable angle) 207
    Power steering pump 208
    Steering mechanism 209
    Brakes Toyota Land Cruizer Prado 211
    Check and adjust the brake pedal 211
    Check the vacuum brake booster (models up to 1999) 211
    Check hydraulic brake booster (model 1999) 211
    Bleeding the brake system 212
    Check and adjust parking brake 212
    Main brake cylinder 212
    Vacuum brake booster 213
    Vacuum pump of 214
    Front brakes 215
    Rear drum brakes 216
    Rear disc brakes 217
    Parking brake (rear disc brakes) 218
    Valve redistribution of braking forces depending on the load on the rear axle 219
    Antilock braking system (ABS) Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 220
    Pressure modulator (models up to 1999) 220
    Hydraulic unit (modulator pressure and hydraulic brake booster) (model 1999) 221
    Sensors speed front wheel 223
    Speed sensor rear wheel 223
    Diagnosis of ABS 223
    Troubleshooting 228
    Checking the electrical components 233
    Traction control (TRC) and the system of exchange rate stability (VSC) (model 1999) 239
    System to maintain speed (cruise control) 242
    Body Toyota Lend Cruiser Prado 246
    Holders (caps) 246
    Front bumper 246
    Hood 247
    Rear bumper 247
    Side doors 247
    Back door 250
    Washers and wipers 252
    Windshield 253
    The rear window of the Salon 254
    Glass rear door 256
    Luke 257
    Footrest 258
    ARC fasteners roofline tailgate 258
    Decorative lining 258
    Fuel tank and fuel lines 260
    Instrument panel 261
    Body size 263
    Air conditioning, heating and ventilation Tojota Land Cruiser Prado 267
    Safety measures when working with refrigerant 267
    Evacuation, charging and verification system 267
    Checking of the refrigerant amount 269
    Belt drive compressor 269
    Check idle speed change when you turn the air conditioner 269
    Lines cooling 270
    Rear cooling unit 270
    Rear cooling unit 272
    Compressor 272
    Receiver 273
    Capacitor 273
    Evaporator 274
    Expansion valve 274
    Magnetic valve 274
    A thermistor (temperature sensor on the evaporator) 274
    EPV 275
    Condenser fan 275
    Fan cooling unit 275
    Switch suppression 276
    Relay 276
    Power conditioner 276
    Control Panel conditioning 277
    Rear Control Panel conditioning 277
    Switch rear air conditioning 279
    Heater 280
    The front block heater 280
    Rear 280 block heater
    Heater fan 280
    Water heater faucet 281
    Air conditioning with automatic 282
    Security system (SRS) 289
    Location of components 289
    Precautions for maintenance and repair works of 289
    Removing and replacing front passenger airbags 290
    Sensors security 290
    Wiring harness 290
    Diagnosis system 290
    Body electrical 292
    292 General information
    Relays and fuses 292
    Checking the relay supply additional consumers 295
    The ignition and the system warning on abandoned key in the lock of the 295
    The headlights and marker lights 298
    Correction system headlight 301
    Fog lamps and lanterns 301
    Rear fog lights (model elevym wheel) 302
    Direction indicator and alarm 302
    Interior lighting 302
    Reversing lamps 303
    Stop lamps 304
    Headlamp washer 304
    Wiper and washer 305
    Check rear wiper motor 306
    Combination unit 307
    Testing of resistance index coolant temperature 314
    Block 316 additional devices
    The heater rear window 317
    Power Windows 317
    Central locking 319
    Remote locking 320
    322 immobiliser system
    Electric Suite 324
    Power seats 325
    Seat heater 326
    The adjustment system of external mirrors 326
    Heated mirrors 328
    Additional fuel tank 328
    Audio system 329
    329 hours
    Electrical circuit (wiring) 330
    Designation applied to electrical circuits 330
    Electrical circuit model for Europe 331
    Electrical circuit model for Japan release of 06.1999 g 373 c
    Content of 418

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