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    Toyota Picnic/Ipsum (1996-2001)-a guide to car repair and maintenance.

    Repair manual, operation and maintenance of the vehicle front-wheel-drive vehicle Toyota Ipsum 1996-2001 biennium. release equipped gasoline 3S-FE engine (2.0 l) and diesel 3 c-TE (2.2 l) engines.
    Repair manual, operation and maintenance of the vehicle front-wheel-drive vehicle Toyota Picnic 1996-2001 biennium. release equipped gasoline 3S-FE engine (2.0 l) and diesel 3 c-TE (2.2 l) engines.
    Manual contains detailed information on repair and adjustment of control system components engine, notes on how to conduct self-diagnostics, including automatic transmission and ABS, recommendations for adjustment of mechanical and automatic transmissions, adjustment and repair of brake components (including ABS), steering and suspension.
    In some sections of the book consists of manual Toyota Picnic, recommendations for maintenance and electrical circuit (wiring) of the car.
    The manual is intended for owners of Toyota Picnic, mechanics, service stations and car service workers.


    Identification of 3
    Specifications engines installed on the Toyota Picnic/Ipsum 3
    Abbreviations and symbols 3
    General repair manual 3
    Point of installation garage Jack and lift 4 paws
    Operating manual 5
    Lock the doors 5
    Odometer and odometer 6
    Tachometer 7
    Fuel quantity indicator 7
    7 coolant temperature
    Indicators of the dash Panel 7
    Windows 8
    Traffic lights on the car 8
    Flare 9
    Hood 9
    Hatch filler 9
    Windshield wiper and washer switch 9
    Adjusting the steering wheel 10
    Office of the mirrors 10
    Adjusting the seat 10
    Table and chairs 11
    Seat belts 12
    Precautions when operating a car equipped with SRS 13
    Luke 14
    Front hatch 14
    Rear hatch 14
    Office of heater and air conditioning 14
    Cassette-the main points of operation 15
    Parking system 16
    Socket to connect additional devices 17
    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 17
    Driving a car with automatic transmission 17
    Features of transmission 4WD models 18
    Tips for driving in different conditions 19
    Towing 19
    Engine start 19
    Stopping the engine (Turbo model) 21
    Engine trouble while driving 21
    Jack 21
    Car jacking 21
    Replacement wheels 22
    Recommendations for choosing a tire 23
    Checking tire pressure and condition 23
    Replacement tires 24
    Operation features aluminum disks 24
    Replacing the drive wheels 24
    Wear indicators on brake pads 24
    Catalytic converter and exhaust system 24
    Checking and replacing fuses 25
    Lamp replacement 26
    Maintenance and general procedures for checking and adjusting 28
    Service intervals 28
    Engine oil and filter 28
    Checking and replacing the coolant 29
    Checking and cleaning the air filter 30
    Check the status of the battery 30
    Check drive belts mounted units 31
    Features maintenance of gasoline engines 32
    Features maintenance of diesel engines 34
    Check fluid level clutch (Picnic) and brake system 35
    Checking and replacing oil in manual transmission 35
    Checking automatic transmission fluid in 35
    Changing the filter in the automatic transmission 36
    Replacement of the working fluid in the automatic transmission 36
    Checking the level of oil in transfer case 37
    Change oil in transfer case 37
    Checking the oil level in gearbox rear axle 37
    Check fluid level 37
    Replacement of fluid power steering 37
    Gasoline engine 3S-FE 38
    Check and adjust valve clearance in the actuator valve 38
    The timing belt 39
    Installing timing belt 42
    The head of the cylinder block 44
    Removal of 44
    Disassembly and reassembly of cylinder head 49
    Set 49
    The cylinder block 51
    Diesel engine AP-Te 53
    Check and adjust valve clearances in 53
    The timing belt 54
    Removing the 54
    Component testing timing belt 55
    Setting 56
    The head of the cylinder block 58
    Removal of 58
    Disassembly 61
    Build 62
    Installation of 63
    The cylinder block 65
    Removing 65
    The engine-general repair procedures 66
    Disassembly of 66
    Assembly 71
    The cylinder block 72
    Demolition of 72
    Replacing the crankshaft oil seals 76
    Check the cylinder block 77
    Disassembly site piston-connecting rod ' 77
    Check the status of the piston and connecting rod 78
    Boring cylinders 80
    Inspection and maintenance of the crankshaft 81
    Replacing the crankshaft oil seals 81
    Building site piston-connecting rod 82
    Assembling the cylinder 82
    Cooling system 84
    Checking and replacing the coolant 84
    Coolant pump 84
    Thermostat 86
    Radiator 87
    Electric cooling fan 87
    Check relay 88
    Lubrication system 89
    Engine oil and filter 89
    Check oil pressure 89
    Oil pump 90
    Oil cooler 94
    Turbocharger system (AP-TE) 96
    Description 96
    Prevention of 96
    Turbocharger 96
    Fuel injection system 100
    Description 100
    Fuel system 100
    Air supply system 100
    An electronic management system 100
    Precautions for maintenance of electrical equipment 100
    Precautions when working with a system of air supply 101
    Precautions in the presence of a car mobile radio communication systems 101
    Precautions when working with electronic control system 101
    Precautions when working with fuel system 101
    System Diagnostics 102
    Description of 102
    Indicator "CHECK ENGINE" ("check engine") 102
    The output of diagnostic codes (mode normal self) 102
    The output of diagnostic codes (self-test in test mode) 103
    Erasing a diagnostic code 103
    Indication of diagnosis 104
    Diagnostic codes are the electronic control unit (Picnic) 104
    Diagnostic codes are the electronic control unit (Ipsum) (mode normal self) 106
    Diagnostic codes are the electronic control unit (Ipsum)) {(test mode) 107
    Fault diagnosis by means of road/Gest 108
    Troubleshooting Volt/ohmmeter 109
    Conclusions the electronic control unit (Picnic) 110
    Conclusions the electronic control unit (Ipsum) 110
    Voltage between the electronic control unit (Picnic) 111
    Resistance between the electronic control unit (Picnic) 112
    Voltage between the electronic control unit (Ipsum) 112
    Fuel pump 113
    Fuel pressure regulator 115
    Injector 116
    Check the engine 116
    Removal of 116
    Checking nozzles 117
    Installation of 118
    Throttle body 119
    The valve control system speed idling 121
    Verification of components of an electronic control 122
    Main relay fuel injection 122
    Relay-switch fuel pump 122
    EGR electropneumatic 122
    Coolant temperature sensor 123
    Intake air temperature sensor 123
    Absolute pressure sensor in the intake manifold 123
    Knock sensor 124
    Oxygen sensor 124
    System off the fuel supply to the modes of forced idling 124
    The search algorithm defective oxygen sensor 125
    Verification of components of the injection system using an oscilloscope 126
    Electronic control system of diesel engine AP-Te 127
    Precautions when working with electronic control system of 127
    Electronic control system 129
    General description 129
    Regulation of magnitude of fuel supply 129
    Regulation of the angle of injection of 130
    Electronic control air intake manifold to warm-up and idling 130
    Electronic control of EGR 130
    Self-diagnostic system 130
    Fault codes 131
    Erasing fault codes 131
    Diagnostic codes are the electronic control unit 132
    Troubleshooting Volt/ohmmeter 134
    Verification of components of an electronic control 137
    Absolute pressure sensor in the air intake manifold (boost pressure sensor) 137
    Èlektropnevmoklalan control boost pressure 138
    Coolant temperature sensor 138
    Intake air temperature sensor 138
    Crankshaft position sensor 138
    Speed sensor (position) INJECTION PUMP shaft 139
    Electromagnetic relief valve 139
    Solenoid valve adjust the angle of injection 139
    The main relay fuel injection system and relay bypass valve 140
    Check èlektropnevmoklapana main throttle actuator 140
    Check èlektropnevmoklapana for additional actuator throttle 141
    Temperature sensor fuel 141
    Accelerator pedal 142
    Throttle body 142
    System to reduce toxicity (AP-TE) 145
    Description of 145
    Check the EGR on a car 145
    Check the EGR èlektropnevmoklapana 146
    EGR valve 146
    Verification of components of the system of forced ventilation crankcase 147
    Fuel system diesel engine 148
    Replacing the fuel filter 148
    Fuel heating system 148
    The Jets 148
    Removal of 148
    Demolition of 149
    Cleaning and checking nozzles 149
    Build 150
    Checking nozzles 150
    High pressure fuel pump 150
    Check the engine 150
    Removal of 151
    Disassembly of 151
    Verification of 152
    The ignition system 153
    Precautions when working with the ignition system 153
    Checking ignition timing 153
    Check the spark plugs 153
    Verification of components of the ignition system 153
    Check the ignition coil 153
    Check the camshaft position sensor 153
    Check the crankshaft position sensor 153
    Removing and installing the components of the ignition system 154
    Removal of ignition coil 154
    Removing and installing the camshaft position sensor 154
    Removing and replacing the crankshaft position sensor 154
    The charging system 155
    Precautions 155
    Checks on the car 155
    155 generator
    System startup 161
    Starter 161
    Starter relay 170
    System to facilitate the launch (AP-TE) 170
    Check the engine 170
    Relay test glow plugs 170
    Glow plug 171
    Clutch 172
    Bleeding the clutch 172
    Master cylinder drive clutch 172
    Cylinder actuator clutch 173
    Clutch damper (model 08.1997 City) 174
    Coupling of 174
    Manual gearbox 176
    Replacement seals the front driveshafts 176
    Gearshift lever 176
    Removing and replacing the gear box Assembly 176
    Automatic transmission 182
    Common information model 2WD 182
    Common information model 4WD (A540n) 182
    Preliminary checks 183
    Check and adjust the cable-throttle valve control 183
    Check and adjust the traction control automatic transmission 183
    Check and adjust the switch ban starting 184
    Checking idling speed (range N) 184
    Diagnosis cat 184
    Self-diagnostic system 184
    General information 184
    Check indicator deactivate Overdrive transmission 184
    Fault codes 184
    Reset fault codes 185
    Checking the gear 186
    Check the voltage at the output of TT 187
    Check electrical components 190
    System Selector lock and the ignition key 191
    The mechanical systems of CPR 192
    Test on a fully braked vehicle (stall test) 192
    Check-in time enable the transfer of 192
    Hydraulic test 192
    Test lock clutch Center differential (A540n) 193
    Road test 193
    Valve block 194
    Replacement filter 197
    Removing and installing the control cable-throttle valve 198
    Removing and replacing the switch ban starting 198
    Replacement seals driveshafts 198
    Replacing the seal transfer case (4WD with Mr. 04.1998) 199
    Replacing the drive shaft seal (A540n) 199
    199 selector
    Transmission Assembly 199
    Checking the torque converter and torque converter drive plate 202
    Transfer case 203
    Drive shaft (model 4WD) 204
    Removal of 204
    Verification of 204
    Disassembly of 205
    Build 205
    Installation of 205
    Gearbox rear axle (model 4WD) 206
    Gearbox rear axle (the model without the automatic inclusion of all-wheel drive) 206
    Gearbox rear axle (the model with the automatic inclusion of all-wheel drive) 208
    Automatic inclusion of all-wheel drive system (ATS 4WD) 210
    Drive shafts 214
    The front drive shafts (Picnic (3S-FE), Ipsum to Mr. 04.1998) 214
    The front drive shafts (Picnic (AP-TE), Ipsum with Mr. 04.1998) 218
    The rear drive shafts (model 4WD) 220
    Suspension 223
    Preliminary checks 223
    Inspection and alignment of the front wheels 223
    Check the angles of rear wheels 225
    Front suspension 225
    Rack front suspension 225
    Removal of 225
    Disassembly of 225
    Check the shock absorber 226
    Build 226
    Installation of 226
    Lower arm front suspension 226
    Withdrawal (Picnic) 226
    Withdrawal (Ipsum) 229
    Installation of 229
    The lower ball bearing 229
    Check the bottom ball joint 229
    Removal of 230
    Check the 230
    Installation of 230
    Sway bar 230
    Removal of 230
    Check rack stabilizer bar 230
    Installation of 231
    Hub front axle 231
    Removing the knuckle with the hub 231
    Disassembly of 232
    Assembly of 232
    Install the knuckle with the hub 232
    Replacement bolt hub 232
    Rear suspension 233
    Shock absorber and spring rear suspension 233
    Removal of 233
    Check the shock absorber 233
    Installation of 233
    Beam rear suspension 234
    Removal of 234
    Replacement silentblocks 234
    Installation of 235
    Hub rear axle 235
    Removal of 235
    Disassembly (model 2WD) 235
    Assembly (model 2WD) 235
    Disassembly (model 4WD) 236
    Assembly (model 4WD) 236
    Installation of 236
    Replacement bolt hub 236
    Steering control 237
    Check wheel play 237
    Check and adjust the tension of the belt pump drive amplifier 237
    Check fluid level 237
    Checking the system to increase the speed of idling 238
    Bleeding power steering system 238
    Checking the working fluid pressure power steering 238
    Checking the efforts of the steering wheel 239
    Steering column 239
    The power steering pump 243
    Steering gear 246
    Brake system 251
    Bleeding the brake system 251
    Check and adjust the brake pedal 251
    Check the vacuum brake booster 251
    Check and adjust parking brake 251
    Check lining thickness of brake pads 252
    Removing and installing brake pedal 252
    Brake master cylinder 252
    Vacuum brake booster 254
    Vacuum pump (model 08.1997 City) 255
    Removing and installing the receiver 256
    Front brake 256
    Rear brakes 258
    Parking brake 259
    Pressure regulator 260
    Valve redistribution of braking forces depending on the rear axle (LSPV) 260
    Antilock braking system (ABS) 261
    Description of the diagnostic system 261
    Check the ABS 261
    Reset fault codes 262
    Diagnostic sensors speed and deceleration 262
    Pressure modulator 264
    Control relay 265
    Speed sensor front wheel 265
    Speed sensor rear wheel 266
    Check deceleration sensor 266
    Checking circuit ABS 266
    Holders (caps) 271
    Front bumper 271
    Rear bumper 271
    Hood 272
    Side door 272
    Rear door 276
    Wiper and washer 277
    The windshield 279
    The rear side Windows 281
    Glass back door 282
    Front hatch 283
    Rear hatch 284
    Instrument panel 284
    Body sizes 286
    Engine compartment 286
    286 front door openings
    Gaps rear side door 287
    The back of the body 288
    Underbody 288
    Air conditioning, heating and ventilation 290
    Safety measures when working with refrigerant 290
    Evacuation, charging and verification system 290
    Check refrigerant 292
    Belt drive compressor 293
    Checking the system to increase the speed of idling 294
    Cooling line 294
    The front block heater and air conditioning system 294
    Front fan unit heater 296
    Rear heater unit 297
    Rear cooling unit 298
    Compressor 298
    Receiver 299
    Capacitor 299
    Evaporator 300
    Radiators, heaters 300
    Expansion valve 300
    Fan resistor block heater 300
    Air temperature sensor for the evaporator 301
    Ambient air temperature sensor and temperature sensor in the cabin (models with automatic air conditioning) 301
    Sunlight sensor (models with automatic air conditioning) 301
    Crane heater 301
    Condenser fan 302
    Switch on the coolant temperature is 302
    302 relays
    Fan control unit-front block heater (models with automatic air conditioning) 303
    Switch on the coolant temperature (Ipsum-model 08.1997 City) 303
    303 validation
    The heating element (Ipsum-model 08.1997 City) 303
    Power switch "Max music" (maximum heating) (Ipsum-model 08.1997 City) 303
    Switch pressure 303
    Switch the air conditioner (Picnic) 304
    Switch fan speed control rear heater 304
    On/off switch rear cooling unit 304
    Control Panel, air conditioning and heater 305
    309 amp air conditioner
    Security system (SRS) 312
    Location of components 312
    Precautions for maintenance and repair work 312
    Connectors of the SRS 312
    System Diagnostics 313
    Sensors security 313
    Driver airbag 315
    Front passenger airbag 315
    Central sensor 316
    Front SRS 316 sensors
    Wiring harness 316
    Body electrical 318
    General information 318
    Relays and fuses 319
    Ignition lock 320
    The headlights and marker lights 321
    Headlight 322
    Fog lights 323
    Indicators and alarms 323
    Interior lighting 323
    Stop 324
    Headlamp washer (Picnic) 324
    Wiper and washer 325
    The instrument cluster 327
    Connectors dash 327
    Assembly and disassembly of the instrument cluster 328
    Check the speedometer 328
    Check the tachometer 328
    Check fuel level indicator 329
    Check the fuel level sensor 329
    Checking the fuel level sensor low 329
    Check sensor and coolant temperature indicator 329
    Check oil pressure indicator 329
    Check sensor low engine oil 330
    Check warning system for low brake fluid level 330
    Check the parking brake sensor 330
    Check warning system of open or loosely closed-door 330
    Check rheostat lighting instrument cluster 330
    Check the speed sensor (AP-TE) 330
    Check the indicator of water in the fuel filter 331
    Check sensor availability of water in the fuel filter 331
    Check indicators on the automatic transmission selector 331
    Rear glass 331
    Power Windows 332
    Central locking 334
    Remote control central locking 335
    Power moonroof 336
    Seat heating (Picnic) 337
    The adjustment system of the exterior mirrors 338
    338 watches
    Immobilizer system 339
    Parking system 341
    Electrical circuit (Picnic) 344
    Electrical circuit (Ipsum) 371
    The content of 408

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