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Topic: Toyota Noah/Voxy (2001-2007)-Guide to repair and maintenance.

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    Toyota Noah/Voxy (2001-2007)-Guide to repair and maintenance.

    TOYOTA NOAH/VOXY 2001-2007-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    Repair manual Toyota Noah/Voxy, device, operation and maintenance of front-wheel-drive Toyota Noah/Voxy 2001-2007 biennium. release, 2WD and 4WD model equipped gasoline engines 1AZ-FSE (2.0 l) engine with direct injection D-4.
    The manual provides detailed information on inspection and maintenance of control system components gasoline engines, variable valve timing (VVT-i), describes how to use the self-diagnostic system engine, automatic transmission, CVT, ABS, TRC, VSC, BA, SRS and recommendations for adjustment and repair of automatic transmissions and continuously variable transmissions (CVT), brake components (including ABS), traction-control system (TRC), vehicle stability control system (VSC), emergency braking system (VA), the system changes operation mode of shock-absorbers (TEMS)the closing of sliding door systems (Easy close), parking systems, control dead zones and immobilizer.
    Provides detailed wiring diagrams, layout of electrical components and describe tests electrical components. The possible faults and remedies, matched the size of the main components and their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and fluids.
    In some sections of the manual includes instruction manual Toyota Noah, recommendations for maintenance and electrical circuit (wiring) of the car.
    This book is designed for car owners, Toyota Noah, mechanics, service stations and car service specialists.


    Abbreviations and symbols 3
    Identification of 3
    Engine number 3
    Chassis number and identification label 3
    Deciphering the code model 3
    Specifications engine 4
    General repair manual 4
    Point of installation garage Jack and lift the clutches of 5
    6 user manual
    Lock the doors 6
    Odometer and odometer 7
    8 tachometer
    A pointer to the amount of fuel 8
    Lights Dash 8
    Windows 10
    Traffic lights on the car 10
    Headlight range adjustment system 11
    Flare 11
    The hood 11
    Power rear side doors 11
    Rear door 12
    Hatch filler 12
    Control windshield wiper and washer 13
    Adjusting the steering wheel 13
    Mirrors management 13
    Seat 13
    Mounts for the ISOFIX child seat 16
    Safety belts 16
    Precautions when operating a car, equipped with SRS 17
    Luke 18
    Office of heater and air conditioning 18
    The rear of the heater and air conditioning management 19
    Socket to connect additional devices 19
    Vehicle stability control (VSC) 22
    Cassette-the main points of operation 20
    Radio 20
    CD player 20
    Unit 20
    Radio 20
    CD player (CD-changer) 20
    Mini disc player 20
    System parking 21
    The system changes the stiffness of the shock absorbers (TEMS) 21 System to increase the speed of idling 21.
    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 21
    Brake assist (BA) 22
    Vehicle stability control (VSC) 22
    Driving a car with automatic transmission 22
    Driving a car with Variator 23
    Features of transmission 4WD models 24
    Tips for driving in different conditions 24
    Towing 25
    Starting the engine 25
    Engine trouble while driving 26
    Spare wheel, Jack and tools 26
    Car jacking 27
    Wheel replacement 27
    Replace the "dokatku 28
    Recommendations for choosing a tire 28
    Checking tire pressure and condition 29
    Replacement tires 29
    Operation features aluminum wheels 30
    Replacing the drive wheels 30
    Wear indicators on brake pads 30
    Catalytic converter and exhaust system 30
    Check and replace fuse 31
    Replacement lamp 31
    Maintenance and general procedures for checking and adjusting 32
    Service intervals 32
    Engine oil and filter 32
    Checking and replacing the coolant 32
    Table. The frequency of maintenance 33
    Checking and cleaning the air filter 34
    Check the battery status 34
    Check drive belts mounted units 34
    Check the spark plugs 34
    Checking ignition timing 34
    Checking idling speed 35
    Checking the pressure end of compression stroke 35
    Check brake fluid level 35
    Checking automatic transmission fluid in 35
    Automatic filter replacement 35
    Replacement of the working fluid in the automatic transmission 36
    Checking automatic transmission fluid in the Variator 36
    Replacement of fluid in the Variator 36
    Check and refill the oil transfer box 36
    Checking the oil level in gearbox rear axle 37
    Checking the fluid level in the power steering system 37
    1AZ-FSE engine (2.0). The mechanical part 38
    Check and adjust valve clearances in 38
    Timing chain 40
    The head of the cylinder block 45
    The cylinder block 48
    Removing and installing engine 50
    The engine-general maintenance procedures 53
    The head of the cylinder block 53
    The cylinder block 57
    Cooling system 65
    Coolant pump 65
    Thermostat 66
    Radiator 66
    Electrical fan 66
    Checks on the car 66
    Component testing 67
    Lubrication system 68
    Check oil pressure 68
    Oil pump oil pan 68
    Direct fuel injection system (D-4) 71
    Description of 71
    Additional precautions 73
    The system of diagnosing 74
    Indicator "CHECK ENGINE" ("check engine") 74
    Reading code 74
    Erasure codes 74
    Diagnostic trouble codes the engine management system 74
    Check the signals on the findings of the electronic control unit 80
    Verification of components of the injection system with oscilloscope 89
    Some technical data read by the scanner 91
    Fuel system 93
    Checks on the car 93
    Component testing 93
    Jets 93
    FUEL PUMP 93
    The fuel pump and fuel filter 95
    Air supply system 96
    Throttle body 96
    Pneumatic drive controlled intake system (SCV) 96
    An electronic management system and 97 system to reduce toxicity
    Air flow sensor 97
    The valve system WT-i 97
    Coolant temperature sensor 97
    Fuel pressure sensor 97
    Knock sensor 97
    The fuel pump relay, the main relay injection system, relay nozzles 98
    The pressure sensor in the vacuum booster contour 98
    Oxygen sensor 98
    AFR sensor 98
    Accelerator pedal position sensor 98
    The system forced idle 98
    Valve crankcase ventilation system (PCV) 98
    Fuel vapor recovery system (EVAP) 99
    EGR valve 99
    Ignition system DIS-4 99
    Starting system 102
    Starter 102
    Removing and installing 102
    Disassembly of 102
    Installing 102
    Check 102
    The charging system 104
    Precautions 104
    Checks on the car 104
    Generator (type 1) 104
    Generator (type 2) 106
    Verification of 108
    109 bearing replacement
    Automatic gear box 110
    General information 110
    Hydraulic control system of 110
    Electrical control system 110
    Preliminary checks 110
    Check and adjust the cable control automatic transmission 110
    Check and adjust the switch ban starting 110
    Auto Diagnostics 110
    Self-diagnostic system 110
    General information 110
    Fault codes 111
    Reset fault codes 111
    Check gear 111
    Verification of components of the electric control system 112
    The mechanical systems of CPR 115
    Test on a fully braked vehicle (stall test) 115
    Check-in time enable the transfer of 115
    Hydraulic test 115
    116 road test
    Replacement seals driveshafts 117
    Replacement seals the output shaft of the gearbox (A248F) 117 '
    Replacing the seal propeller shaft (A248F) 117
    Valve 118
    Transmission Assembly 118
    Checking the torque converter and torque converter drive plate 123
    Transfer box 124
    Variable (CVT) 125
    Preliminary checks 125
    Check and adjust the switch ban starting 125
    Diagnostics 125
    Self-diagnostic system 125
    General information 125
    Fault codes 125
    Reset fault codes 125
    Verification of components of the electric control system 125
    The mechanical systems of 131
    Test on a fully braked vehicle (stall test) 131
    Check-in time enable the transfer of 131
    Hydraulic test 131
    131 road test
    Replacement seals driveshafts 132
    Replacement seals the Variator output shaft (K111F) 133
    Sensors speed 133
    Switch ban starting 133
    Variator assy 134
    Checking the torque converter 140
    Transfer box 140
    Drive shaft 141
    Removal of 141
    Check of 141
    Installation of 142
    Rear gear (4WD) 143
    Replace front oil seal 143
    Replacing the seal output shaft gear 144
    Replacement bolt output shaft gear 145
    Removal and installation of the gearbox 145
    Check flange runout 145
    Automatic inclusion of all-wheel drive 146
    Checking the system to 146
    Check electronic engine control unit 146
    Check the steering wheel position sensor 147
    Check the solenoid valve automatic inclusion of all-wheel drive system 148
    Check the switch automatic inclusion of all-wheel drive system 148
    Check control unit ABS 148
    Drive shafts 151
    The front drive shafts 151
    The rear drive shafts (4WD) 155
    Suspension 157
    Preliminary checks 157
    Inspection and alignment of the front wheels 157
    Check and adjust the angles of rear wheels 159
    160 front suspension
    Shock absorber and spring 160
    Lower arm 162
    Sway bar 164
    Front wheel hub 164
    Rear suspension 167
    Shock absorber and spring 167
    Removal and installation of the springs 168
    Crossbeam 169
    Rear wheel hub 170
    The system changes the stiffness of the suspension (TEMS) 171
    Diagnosis of 171
    Read diagnostic trouble codes 171
    Erasing diagnostic trouble codes 171
    Test mode 171
    Component testing 173
    Check the indicator "TEMS SPORT 173
    Check the drive system TEMS 173
    Check voltage at the pins of the connector control unit system TEMS 173
    Check sensor speed 175
    Check the steering wheel position sensor 175
    Check the switch stoplights 176
    Check the switch system TEMS 176
    Acceleration sensors 176
    Removing and installing front acceleration sensor 176
    Removing and installing rear accelerometer 176
    Removal and installation of the control unit system TEMS 176
    Steering 177
    Preliminary checks 177
    Checking the efforts of the steering wheel 177
    Checking the working fluid pressure 177
    Check wheel play 177
    Check fluid level 177
    Bleeding power steering system 178
    Check tightness of steering 178
    The power steering pump 178
    Steering gear 180
    Steering column 183
    Brake system 184
    Bleeding the brake system 184
    Bleeding the brake system (models without VSC) 184
    Bleeding the brake system (models with VSC) 184
    Brake pedal 184
    Check and adjust the brake pedal 185
    Check lining thickness of brake pads 186
    Brake master cylinder 186
    Vacuum brake booster 187
    Front brakes: 188
    Rear brakes 190
    Parking brake 192
    Antilock braking system (ABS) 193
    Description of the diagnostic system 193
    Check the ABS 193
    Reset fault codes 194
    Diagnostic sensors speed and deceleration sensor 194
    Pressure modulator 198
    Control relay 199
    Speed sensor front wheel 199
    Speed sensor rear wheel 200
    Checking chain ABS 200
    Systems to improve drivability (ABS, TRC, VSC, and VA) 209
    Description of 209
    Precautions system VSC 209
    Verification systems ABS, TRC, VSC, and VA 210
    Reset fault codes 214
    Diagnostic sensors speed and deceleration sensor and pressure sensor in the main brake cylinder of 214
    Diagnosis of sensor systems VSC 215
    Pressure modulator 216
    Check control relay 216
    Wheel speed sensors 216
    Checking chain ABS 216
    A 222
    Removing and installing the holders (cannon) 222
    Removing and replacing the front bumper 222
    Removing and installing rear bumper 224
    Rear door spoiler 224
    Adjusting the hood 224
    The front door of 225
    Rear side door 227
    Rear door 230
    Removing and installing trim 231
    Windshield 234
    Front glass 235
    Rear side window 237
    Glass back door 237
    Hatches 239
    Windscreen wipers 240
    Removal and installation of the instrument panel 240
    Air conditioning, heating and ventilation of 245
    Safety measures when working with refrigerant 245
    Evacuation, charging and verification system 247
    Install the pressure gauge 247
    Evacuation system 247
    Charging system 247
    Check tightness of the system 247
    Refilling of the refrigerant 247
    Removing the pressure gauge 247
    Checking the system pressure gauge block 247
    Check refrigerant 248
    Cooling line 249
    Check the vehicle 249
    Replacement of the pipeline 249
    Check evaporator 249
    Removal and installation of air conditioning and heater Control Panel 249
    Block heater 250
    Unit air conditioner 254
    Air conditioning compressor and magnetic clutch 255
    Removal and installation of the condenser 258
    Rear air conditioning unit 258
    Rear heater unit 260
    Check electrical components 261
    Fan speed switch 261
    Heater fan resistor 261
    Rear air conditioner fan resistor 262
    Rear heater fan resistor 262
    Air conditioner fan motor 262
    Rear heater fan motor 262
    Heater fan relay 262
    Air conditioner, fan relay relays electromagnetic clutch and rear heater relay 262
    263 magnetic clutch
    Radiator heater 263
    Air conditioner fan control unit (models with automatic air conditioning) 263
    Sensor in the cabin and ambient air temperature sensor 263
    Air temperature sensor for the evaporator 263
    Sunlight sensor 263
    263 suppression switch
    Servo valve air intake 263
    Servo valve air flow directions 264
    Servo valve mixing of air flows 264
    Check the control unit air conditioning 264
    Check the electronic control unit engine 265
    Diagnosis of air-conditioning system 270
    Fault detection system 270
    Enabling Diagnostics 270
    Clear memory 271
    Security system (SRS) 273
    Precautions for maintenance and repair works of 273
    273 connectors
    Diagnosis of 274
    Erasing fault codes 276
    Components of 276
    Body electrical 283
    283 General information
    Precautions 283
    The inclusion of thermal fuse 283
    Replacing fuses 283
    Identification of the Terminal 284
    Relays and fuses 285
    Mounting block under the dash 294
    Relay box in the engine compartment of 295
    Relay box in the engine compartment No. 2295
    Relay box in the engine compartment No. 3296
    Relay box in the engine compartment No. 5296
    Fuse box 296
    Combi 296
    Lights and lighting 301
    Wiper and washer 315
    Electric Windows 318
    Central locking 319
    SMART KEY system (model 08.2004, 2005) 323
    Remote control central locking system 326
    System to facilitate the closing of sliding door 330
    Electric sliding door 333
    System to facilitate closing the back door (model 08.2004 g.) 339
    Power tailgate (model 08.2004 g.) 339
    Power mirrors 342
    Power moonroof 345
    Rear glass 346
    Warning system for left in the ignition key of 347
    Ignition lock 347
    Inverter 348
    Beep 348
    Audio system (a variant of) 349
    System Multtvision 353
    System rear view 373
    Parking system, 381
    392 dead zones control system
    Immobilizer 396
    Electrical circuit 400

    Toyota Noah/Voxy (2001-2007)-Guide to repair and maintenance.-scan100-jpg Toyota Noah/Voxy (2001-2007)-Guide to repair and maintenance.-scan101-jpg

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