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Subject: Toyota Vitz/Platz (1999-2005)-Guide to car repair and maintenance.

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    Toyota Vitz/Platz (1999-2005)-Guide to car repair and maintenance.

    Toyota Vitz/Platz 1999-2005-user guide/instruction on repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    Repair manual Toyota Witz/Platz, as well as guidance on the maintenance and operation of the vehicle, a Toyota Vitz/Platz 1999-2005 Gg. release equipped gasoline engines 1SZ-FE, 1NZ-FE, 2NZ-FE 1.3 1.0, size, 1.5 l book can be Also used for the repair of the car brands of Bb 2000-2005, Ist 2000-2006 biennium 2000-2001 Will Vi, Probox 2002-2006, Funcargo 2002-2006, Will Cypha 2002-2005 Gg. release.
    Manual contains detailed information on repair and adjustment of control system components gasoline engines, variable valve timing (VVT-i), describes how to use the self-diagnostic system AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION and ABS and recommendations for adjustment and repair of automatic transmissions, brake components (including ABS), steering and suspension.
    The possible faults Toyota Witz/Platz, methods of diagnosis and elimination, mating the size of the main components and their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and hydraulic fluids.
    In individual sections of the manual includes instruction manual Toyota Vitz/Platz, recommendations for maintenance, electrical circuit (wiring) Toyota Vitz/Platz.


    3 identification
    Specifications engines installed on the Toyota Vitz 3
    Abbreviations and symbols 3
    General instructions for repair 3
    Deciphering the code model 4
    Point of installation garage Jack and lift 4 paws
    Lock the doors 5
    Odometer and odometer 7
    Tachometer 7
    Fuel quantity indicator 7
    Watch 7
    Dash lights 7
    Windows 9
    Warning lights in the car 9
    Correction system headlight 10
    Hood and trunk lid (rear door) 10
    Hatch fuel filler neck 11
    Control of wiper and washer 11
    Adjusting the steering wheel 11
    Office of the mirrors 11
    Seats 11
    ISOFIX child seat mounts for 12
    Seat belts 12
    Regulation of the height of the mounting points of the safety belt (front seat) 13
    Child seats 13
    Infants and young children 13
    Teens 13
    Warning system for passenger safety belt nepristegnutom 13
    Precautions during operation of vehicle equipped with SRS 13
    Luke 14
    Opening and closing hatch 14
    Reopening the hatch 14
    Office of heater and air conditioning 14
    15 rear window heater
    Replacing the cabin filter 15
    Sockets for connecting additional devices 16
    Cassette-the main points of operation 16
    Radio 16
    Cassette player 16
    CD player 16
    Radio cassette player 16
    Radio 16
    The recorder 17
    CD player (CD-changer) 17
    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 17
    Emergency braking system (VA) 17
    Traction control (TRC) 18
    The system of exchange rate stability (VSC) 18
    Driving a car with automatic transmission 18
    Driving a car with MANUAL TRANSMISSION 19
    " System Toyota Stop and Go 19
    Tips for driving in different conditions 19
    General recommendations 19
    Features of transmission models 4WD 20
    Towing 20
    Engine start 20
    Ignition lock 20
    Start engine 21
    If the engine does not start 21
    Engine start (if the spark plugs are " ") 21
    Start using the extra battery 21
    Engine trouble while driving 22
    Engine stalling while driving 22
    Overheating of engine 22
    Spare wheel, Jack and tools 22
    22 car jacking in 1925
    22 wheel replacement
    Replace the "dokatku" 23
    Recommendations at the choice of tires 23
    Checking tire pressure and condition 24
    Replacement tires 24
    Features of operation of aluminum disks 24
    Replacement wheels 24
    Wear indicators on brake pads 25
    Catalytic converter and exhaust system 25
    Checking and replacing fuses 25
    Lamp replacement 26
    Maintenance and general procedures for checking and adjusting 29
    Service intervals 29
    Engine oil and filter 29
    Checking and replacing the coolant 30
    Checking and cleaning the air filter 31
    Check the status of the battery 31
    Check drive belts mounted units 31
    Check spark plugs 32
    Checking ignition timing 32
    Checking idling speed 32
    Checking the pressure end of compression stroke 32
    Checking the fluid level of the hydraulic drive clutch 33
    Checking the oil level in the gearbox rear-axle 33
    Check the level and condition of the working fluid in the automatic transmission 33
    Replacement of the working fluid in the automatic transmission 33
    Filter replacement AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 33
    Checking and topping up oil transfer box 34
    Checking the fluid level GUR 34
    Engines 1NZ-FE (1.5) and 2NZ-FE (1.3). Mechanical part 35
    Check and adjust valve clearance in the drive 35
    Timing chain 36
    Removing 36
    Check the timing chain and timing chain tensioner mechanism 38
    Replace front oil seal crankshaft 38
    38 installation
    Cylinder head 40
    Removing 40
    Disassembly, inspection, cleaning and repairing the cylinder head 42
    42 installation
    The cylinder block 44
    Preparations for the demolition of 44
    Disassembly, inspection, cleaning and repair of the cylinder block 45
    Final Assembly 45
    Engine 1SZ-FE (1.0). Mechanical part 47
    Check and adjust valve clearance in the drive 47
    Timing chain 48
    Removing 48
    Check the timing chain and timing chain tensioner mechanism 50
    Replace front oil seal crankshaft 50
    Add 50
    The head of the cylinder block 51
    Removal of 51
    Disassembly, inspection, cleaning and repairing the cylinder head 52
    52 installation
    The cylinder block 53
    Preparation for disassembly of 53
    Disassembly, inspection, cleaning and repair of the cylinder block 53
    Final Assembly of 53
    The engine-general repair procedures 55
    Cylinder head 55
    Disassembly of 55
    Checking, cleaning and repair of parts of the cylinder head 55
    Build 59
    The cylinder block 60
    Demolition of 60
    Check 63
    Disassembly site piston-connecting rod 64 "
    Check the status of the piston and connecting rod 64
    Boring cylinders (1SZ-FE) 65
    Inspection and maintenance of the crankshaft 66
    Replacing the crankshaft oil seals 66
    Building site piston-connecting rod 66 "
    Assembling the cylinder block 67
    Cooling system 69
    Checking the coolant 69
    Replacing the coolant 69
    Pump coolant 69
    Thermostat 69
    Heater 70
    Electric cooling fan 70
    Lubrication system 71
    Engine oil and filter 71
    Check oil pressure 71
    Oil pump 71
    Withdrawal (1NZ-FE, 2NZ-FE) 71
    Withdrawal (1SZ-FE) 71
    Disassembly of 71
    71 check
    Replace front oil seal crankshaft 72
    Installation (1NZ-FE, 2NZ-FE) 72
    Installation (1S2-FE) 72
    Fuel injection (EFI) 73
    73 description
    Fuel system 73
    Air supply system 73
    The electronic control system 73
    Precautions 73
    Precautions for maintenance of electrical equipment 73
    Precautions in the presence of a car mobile radio communication systems 73
    Precautions when working with a system of air supply 74
    Precautions when working with electronic control system 74
    Precautions when working with fuel system 74
    The system of diagnosing 75
    75 description
    " CHECK ENGINE light " (" check engine ") 76
    The output of diagnostic codes (mode normal self) 76
    Erasing a diagnostic code 76
    Diagnostic trouble codes the engine management system 77
    Fuel system 84
    Fuel pump 84
    Injectors 85
    Air supply system 86
    Throttle body (1SZ-FE) 86
    Throttle body (series NZ) 87
    The valve control system speed idling 88
    The electronic control system 88
    The main relay fuel injection system and fuel pump relay 88
    Air mass meter (1SZ-FE) 88
    Coolant temperature sensor 89
    Knock sensor 90
    Valve VVT system 90
    System of fuel vapor recovery (EVAP) 90
    System off the fuel supply to the modes of forced idling 90
    91 oxygen sensor
    Ignition system DIS-4 91
    Checks on the car 91
    Checking components in 91
    Starting system 92
    Starter 92
    Disassembly and Assembly of the Starter (without gear) 92
    Disassembly and Assembly of the Starter (with planetary gear) 92
    Checking the Starter 94
    Checking the Starter 96
    Starter relay 97
    The charging system 98
    Precautions 98
    Checks on the car 98
    Disassembly of the generator 98
    Check alternator 99
    Check the rotor 99
    Check the stator 99
    Check brushes 100
    Check the rectifier 100
    Check bearings 100
    Assembling generator 101
    Clutch 102
    Bleeding the drive clutch 102
    Clutch pedal 102
    Removing and installing 102
    Check and adjustment 102
    Clutch pedal sensor 102
    Check 102
    Cover and clutch disc 103
    Master cylinder hydraulic clutch 104
    Cylinder actuator clutch 105
    Removing and installing 105
    Disassembly and reassembly 105
    Manual gearbox 107
    Manual gear box Assembly 107
    Removing and installing (C50F) 107
    Removal and installation (C550, S56, S154) 107
    Disassembly and reassembly 109
    Replacement seals driveshafts 114
    Ropes and gear selection 114
    Removing and installing 114
    Gearshift lever 114
    Transfer case 115
    Checking and topping up oil 115
    Removing and disassembling 115
    Building and installing 116
    Replacement seals 117
    Automatic transmission 119
    Preliminary checks 119
    Check and adjust the traction control automatic transmission 119
    Check and adjust the switch ban starting 119
    Auto Diagnostics 119
    Self-diagnostic system 119
    General information 119
    Check indicator deactivate Overdrive transmission 119
    Fault codes 119
    Reset fault codes 120
    Checking the gear 120
    Verification of components of the electric control system 121
    The mechanical systems of CPR 123
    Test completely inhibited vehicle (stall test) 123
    Check-in time enable the transfer of 123
    Hydraulic test 123
    Road test 124
    System Selector lock and the ignition key 124
    Replacement seals driveshafts 126
    Replacing the seal propeller shaft (4WD) 127
    Switch ban starting 127
    Valve 127
    Transmission Assembly 128
    Check the torque converter 129
    Transfer case 129
    Drive shafts 131
    Removal of 131
    Disassembly of 132
    Build 133
    Installation of 134
    Drive shaft 135
    Front drive shaft 135
    The central part of the drive shaft 136
    Rear drive shaft 137
    Gearbox rear axle 138
    Check oil level 138
    Removing and replacing the gear 138
    Checking 138 reducer
    Suspension 140
    Preliminary checks 140
    Replacement tires 140
    Inspection and alignment of the front wheels 140
    Check and adjust toe 140
    Check the angles of rotation of wheels 141
    Verification of collapse, the longitudinal and transverse inclination of the axis of rotation of the 141
    Adjusting the collapse of the front wheels 141
    Inspection and alignment of rear wheels 142
    Check convergence 142
    Front suspension 142
    Check the collapse of 142
    Rack front suspension 142
    Disassembly of 142
    Check the shock absorber 143
    Build 143
    Installation of 143
    Lower arm front suspension 143
    Removal of 143
    Testing 144
    Installing 144
    Sway bar front suspension 144
    Hub front axle 146
    Removal of 146
    Disassembly of 147
    Build 147
    Install the knuckle with the hub 147
    Replacement bolt hub 148
    Shock absorber and spring rear suspension 148
    Rear suspension 148
    Beam rear suspension 150
    Lower reactive thrust (4WD) 151
    Hub rear axle 152
    Steering 155
    Checking the fluid level GUR 155
    Bleeding POWER STEERING 155
    Checking the working fluid pressure GUR 155
    Check wheel play 156
    Checking the efforts of the steering wheel (models with WTP) 156
    Check and adjust the drive belt power steering pump 156
    POWER STEERING pump 156
    Steering mechanism 159
    Steering column (except models with automatic transmission selector on the steering column) 168
    Steering wheel (models with automatic transmission selector on the steering column) 169
    Ignition lock 171
    Brake system 172
    Bleeding the brake system 172
    Check and adjust the brake pedal 172
    Check and adjust parking brake (up to 12.2002 City) 172
    Check and adjust the brake pedal (with Mr. 12.2002) 173
    Check lining thickness of brake pads 173
    Brake master cylinder 173
    Vacuum brake booster 174
    Check the vacuum brake booster 174
    Check valve 175
    The front brake 175
    Removing and installing 175
    Disassembly of caliper 175
    Check the front brake 176
    Rear drum brakes 176
    Rear disc brakes 178
    Removing and installing 178
    Replacing brake pads 178
    Removing and replacing the calipers 179
    Disassembly and Assembly of the caliper 179
    Verification of 179
    Parking brake 179
    Removing and replacing cables (models with rear drum brakes) 179
    Removal and installation (models with rear disc brakes) 180
    Inspection and maintenance of 180
    Removing and installing brake pedal (with Mr. 12.2002) 181
    Pressure regulator (p-valve) 182
    Antilock braking system (ABS) and emergency brake system (VA) 183
    Description of the diagnostic system 183
    Check the ABS system 183
    Reset fault codes 184
    Diagnostic sensors speed and deceleration sensor (up to 2000 g.) 186
    Diagnosis of sensor ABS system and VA (2000) 187
    Check the operation of the system BA 187
    Check speed sensors 187
    ABS hydraulic unit 187
    Removing and installing 187
    Check the switch stoplights 188
    Displacement sensor brake pedal 188
    Sensors speed front wheel 188
    Speed sensor rear wheel 189
    System to improve drivability (ABS, TRC, VSC, and VA) 190
    190 description
    Precautions system VSC 190
    Verification systems ABS, TRC, VSC and BA 190
    Reset fault codes 194
    Diagnostic sensors speed and deceleration sensor, pressure sensor in the main
    brake cylinder 194
    Diagnosis of sensor systems VSC 195
    Check control relay 195
    Pressure modulator 195
    Wheel speed sensors 196
    Checking chain ABS 196
    A 199
    Front bumper 199
    Rear bumper 199
    Hood 202
    Molding roof 202
    Rear spoiler 202
    Fingerboard decorative threshhold 203
    Trim (five-door model) 203
    Trim (three-door model) 205
    Luke 206
    Front door 207
    Rear side door 207
    Tailgate 210
    The windshield 211
    Glass back door 212
    Rear side window (three-door model) 213
    Instrument panel 214
    Air conditioning, heating and ventilation 219
    Safety measures when working with refrigerant 219
    Evacuation, charging and verification system 219
    Remove the refrigerant from the system 219
    Pressure gauge unit 219
    Evacuation of 220
    Charging system 220
    Leak check system 221
    Refueling refrigerant 221
    Removing the pressure gauge block 221
    Checking the system pressure gauge block 221
    Checking the amount of refrigerant 222
    Control Panel, air conditioning and heater 223
    Air conditioner unit 224
    Air conditioning control unit 227
    AC compressor and electromagnetic clutch 227
    Capacitor 227
    Check the electrical elements 228
    The control unit air conditioner (model for cold climates) 228
    The control unit air conditioner (model for cold climates) 228
    Switch block control panel air conditioning and heater (model
    air conditioning with automatic control) 231
    Switch block control panel air conditioning and heater (air conditioner with mechanical control) 231
    Heater fan 232
    Damper mixing of air flows 232
    Damper air flow direction 232
    Damper air intake 233
    Resistor heater fan (air conditioner with mechanical control) 233
    Resistor heater fan (air conditioning with automatic control) 233
    Switch heater (model for cold climates) 233
    {Additional heating model for cold climates) 233
    Electromagnetic coupling 233
    The sensor of sunlight 233
    The temperature sensor for the evaporator 233
    " Switch MAX MUSIC " and air flow direction switch (model for cold climates) 233
    Switch suppression 234
    Ambient air temperature sensor and temperature sensor the evaporator (air conditioning with automatic control) 234
    Relays electromagnetic clutch 234
    Relay additional otolitelya (model for cold climates) 234
    Motor heater fan relay 234
    Security system (SRS) 235
    Precautions for maintenance and repair work 235
    235 connectors
    System Diagnostics 235
    Erasing fault codes 235
    Removing and installing the driver airbag 235
    Removal and installation of spiral wires 235
    Check the driver's airbag 235
    Removing and installing passenger airbag 235
    Removing and installing the control unit 235 SRS
    Removing and installing front sensors 239
    Removing and installing side sensors SRS 239
    Body electrical 240
    General information 240
    Precautions 240
    The inclusion of thermal fuse 240
    Replacement fuse 240
    Identification of the connectors 240
    Relays and fuses 240
    Ignition lock 243
    Lights and lighting 243
    Combined switch 243
    Check circuit breaker relay-direction indicator lamps 243
    Check the switch fog lamps 243
    Checking the limit switches 246
    Check the switch reversing lamps 246
    Check the switch stoplights 246
    Check door locks 251
    Rear passenger door 251
    System remote control central locking 252
    Check the operation of the system 252
    Checking the relay control central locking 252
    The transmitter 252
    Registration of new code 252
    Check the receiver 253
    Wiper and washer 253
    Checking circuit breakers 253
    Checking the chain cleaner windshield 253
    Test the windshield washer 253
    Electric motor cleaner windshield 254
    Rear wiper motor 254
    The motor and pump washer 254
    Instrument cluster 255
    Connectors dash 255
    Check sensor low brake fluid level 255
    Check sensor availability of passenger 255
    Check sensor harness buckle in 255
    Checking the speedometer 255
    Checking the fuel level sensor 255
    Check oil pressure indicator alarm 255
    Applying the parking brake check indicator 255
    Check coolant temperature indicator is 255
    Check fuel gauge 258
    Check indicators on the automatic transmission selector 259
    System warning on abandoned key 259
    System check light warning on abandoned 259
    Check warning system reversing 259
    Check the control switch odometer 259
    Checking the chain dash 259
    Checking the chain dash 259
    Audio system (model 1999) 269
    Self test 269
    Check radioresivera 269
    Audio system (model 2002 g.) 269
    Self test 269
    Audio system (model 2002 g.) 271
    Self test 271
    Electrical circuit (wiring) Toyota Witz/Platz 274

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