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Topic: TOYOTA 1E, 2E, 2E-C-Guide to repair and maintenance.

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    TOYOTA 1E, 2E, 2E-C-Guide to repair and maintenance.

    Repair manual engines TOYOTA model 1E, 2E, 2E-C.
    Here is the Guide to repair and maintenance of engines Toyota models 1E (volume 1.0 liter), 2E (volume 1.3 liters), 2E-C (volume 1.3 liters), as well as the engines of the series 3E. These engines were mounted on the car models production TOYOTA: COROLLA, COROLLA SPRINTER, COROLLA II, CORSA, TERCEL AND STARLET.
    The book described in detail a car, there are recommendations for maintenance and minor repairs. A separate section of the guide describes the possible faults and malfunctions that may occur in transit, describes how they diagnose and self help. In this book there are many color photographs that detail and consistently reflect the process of repairs to the vehicle and engine. The guide shows the corresponding dimensions of parts and details, the limits of allowable wear. There is information for the diagnosis and repair and adjustment of high pressure fuel pumps (fuel pump), and other major systems of the car.


    5 engine mechanisms
    Possible malfunctions and their elimination 5
    Adjusting the engine Toyota 5
    Checking the oil level 5
    Check the air filter TOYOTA 5
    Check high-voltage wires 5
    Check and adjust valve clearances 6
    Check the spark plugs 6
    Check and adjust ignition 6
    Check and adjust the speed and the composition of the mixture when the engine is at idle 7
    A method of adjustment with gas 7
    B. alternative method 7
    Check and adjust the maximum idling when warm up 8
    Check and adjust the damper system 9
    Adjusting the damper actuation speed (no power steering) for engine 2e (EE100) 10
    High idle speed adjustment and configuration of damper on the car, a complete power steering (engine 2e (EE100)) 10
    Check compression "10
    The timing belt 11
    Removing the timing belt 11
    Check details 12
    Installing timing belt 12
    Cylinder head ToIYota 14
    Removing the cylinder head 14
    Disassembling the cylinder head 16
    Checking, cleaning and repair of parts of the cylinder head 16
    Assembly cylinder head 19
    Install the cylinder head 19
    The cylinder block 21
    Preparation for demolition 21
    Disassembling the cylinder block 21
    Check the cylinder 24
    Disassembly piston-šatunno 24
    Check details šatunno-piston group 24
    Boring cylinders 25
    Check crankshaft 26
    Replacement seals 26
    "Build šatunno-piston group 27
    Install the crankshaft, Pistons with bears 27
    Assembling the cylinder 28
    Fuel system ToIota 29
    Precautionary measures 29
    Possible malfunctions and their elimination (carburetor type k) 29
    Possible malfunctions and their elimination (carburetor type V) 29
    Check the vehicle 30
    Carburetor type to 30
    Removal of the carburetor 30
    Disassembling the carburetor 31
    Removing the carburetor housing 32
    Cleaning the carburetor 32
    Check the carburetor 32
    Assembling carburetor 33
    Adjusting the carburetor 34
    Install carburator 36
    Carburetor type V 36
    36 carburetor disassembly
    Cleaning the carburetor 37
    Check the carburetor Toiyota 37
    38 carburetor Assembly
    Adjusting the carburetor 39
    Fuel pump 40
    Removing fuel pump 40
    Check the fuel pump 40
    Installing the fuel pump 41
    Fuel system engine 2e (EE100) 41
    Check the vehicle 41
    Carburetor to engine 2e (EE100) 42
    Adjusting the carburetor 42
    Cooling system 47
    Possible faults and remedies 47
    Checking and replacing the coolant engine 47
    Water pump 47
    Removing water pump 47
    Check liquid pump 48
    Disassembly of liquid pump 48
    Liquid pump Assembly 48
    Liquid pump installation 49
    Thermostat 50
    Removing thermostat 50
    Check thermostat 50
    Thermostat installation 50
    Radiator 50
    Cleaning radiator 50
    Electrical fan cooling 50
    Check the vehicle 50
    Checking 51
    Lubrication system TOËOTA 52
    Possible faults and remedies 52
    Check oil pressure 52
    Replacing the engine oil and oil filter 52
    Oil pump pressure relief valve and 52
    Remove the oil pump and pressure reducing valve 52
    Disassembly of oil pump and pressure reducing valve 53 Check oil pump pressure reducing valve and 53
    Replacing the seal 54
    Oil pump Assembly and reducing valve 54
    Install the oil pump and pressure reducing valve 54
    Ignition system 55
    Precautions 55
    Possible faults and remedies 55
    Electrical connections 55
    Check the vehicle 55
    Sample for "spark of 55
    Checking the ignition system 55
    Check the high tension wire 56
    Check the ignition coil 56
    Check the switch 56
    Check valve 57
    Dispenser 58
    Disassembling the valve 58
    Checking and replacing the Distributor 58
    Valve Assembly 58
    Installing distributor 59
    Distributor (contactless ignition system) 60
    Disassembly of the valve 60
    Checking and replacing the valve 60
    Valve Assembly 61
    Starting system 63
    Possible faults and remedies 63
    Conventional Starter 63
    Removing Starter conventional type 63
    Disassembly of the conventional Starter 63
    Check the starter of usual type 64
    Conventional Starter Assembly 65
    Test Starter conventional type 66
    Starter mounting conventional type 66
    Started with the type 66
    Disassembly of starter 66
    Check the Starter 67
    Starter Assembly 68
    Checking the Starter 69
    The charging system 70
    Precautions 70
    Possible faults and remedies 70
    Check the vehicle 70
    Generator 71
    Disassembly of the generator 71
    Inspection and repair of generator 72
    Assembling generator 73
    The main relay ignition circuit (only serie a) 74
    Check the main relay ignition circuit 74
    Technical data 75
    Instruction manual
    Electrical wiring (electrical circuits)

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