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    TOYOTA LITE-ACE/TOWN-ACE (1985-1996)-Guide to car repair and maintenance.

    TOYOTA LITE-ACE/TOWN-ACE 1985-1996 (petrol/diesel)-manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    Guidelines for repair and maintenance of rear-engined four-wheel-drive vehicles and Toyota Lite-Ace, Town Ace (Model-F, Master Ace, Master Ace Surf) 1985-1996 Gg. issue with left-hand and right-hand steering. The guide details the carburettor petrol engines 4 k (1.3 l), 5 k (1.5 l) 1Y (1.6 l) 2Y (1.8 l) 3Y (2.0 l) 4Y (2.2 l) EU engines-3Y and 4Y-E with fuel injection and diesel engines 1 c (1.8 l), 2 (2.0 l) and 2 c-t (2.0 l Turbo) and 3 c-T (2.2 l). Model 2WD & 4WD.
    In the proposed manual contains detailed information on repair and adjustment of carburettors and fuel injection system components, describes how to use the self-diagnostic system and recommendations for adjustment and repair of mechanical automatic gearboxes, and explain the most common faults and remedies, matched the size of the main components and their allowable wear, provides detailed wiring diagrams, including wiring diagrams car pravorul′nyh 1992-96. release.
    The manual is intended for owners of Toyota cars, stations and repair shops.


    Table Of Contents
    Introduction 10
    12 petrol engine
    12 troubleshooting
    Engine adjustment 12
    Cylinder head 23
    Preparations for dismantling (except engine 4Y-E) 23
    Preparations for dismantling (4Y-E engine) 23
    Removing the cylinder head 23
    Disassembling the cylinder heads 26
    Checking and cleaning the parts of the cylinder head 26
    Assembling the cylinder head 29
    Install the cylinder head 30
    External ports (except engine 4Y-E) 30
    External ports (4Y engine-E) 30
    It has 30 (GEM)
    Preparation for disassembly of 30
    Lifting chain and camshaft 30
    Assessment of technical condition and repair of parts of the gas distribution mechanism 33
    Replace front oil seal crankshaft (crankshaft oil seal lip) 34
    Installation of gas distribution mechanism (chain and camshaft) 34
    External ports (attachments) 34
    The cylinder block 34
    Preparations for dismantling 34
    Disassembling the cylinder block 36
    Evaluation of the technical condition of the cylinder block 38
    Disassembly of the piston and connecting rod. Removing piston rings 38
    Evaluation of the technical condition of the connecting rods, pistons and piston rings 39
    Boring cylinders 40
    Assessment of technical condition and maintenance of the crankshaft 40
    Assessment of technical condition and repair of bearings camshaft 40
    Evaluation of the technical condition of the holes under the pushrod 41
    Replacing the rear seal crankshaft 41
    Assembling the piston Kit 41
    Assembling the cylinder block 42
    External ports (attachments) 42
    Lubrication system 43
    Troubleshooting 43
    Oil pump (Y series motors) 43
    Removing oil pump 43
    Oil pump disassembly (Y series motors) 43
    Oil pump disassembly (series c) 44
    Check oil pump 44
    Oil pump Assembly (Y series motors) 44
    Oil pump Assembly (k series engines) 44
    Install the oil pump (Y series motors) 44
    Fuel system 45
    Precautions 45
    Troubleshooting 45
    Check the engine 45
    Cold engine 46
    Hot engine 46
    Description of carburettors for series Y 48
    Carburetor with an extra flap (in the secondary Chamber) 48
    Carburetor without additional dampers in the secondary camera 48
    Removing the carburetor 53
    54 CARB disassembly
    Disassembling the carburetor top cover (lid floating Chamber) 54
    Disassembling the carburetor casing 55
    CARB cleaning technology 56
    Check the carburetor 56
    Assembling carburetor 56
    Carburetor Assembly of 56
    Assembling carburetor cover (cover of floating Chamber) 57
    Adjusting the carburetor 59
    CARB setting 61
    Description of carburettors for series engines to 62
    Carburetor with an extra flap inside tract secondary camera 62
    Carburetor without additional dampers in the secondary Chamber 63
    64 CARB disassembly
    A preliminary removal of parts and units of 64
    Floating disassembling the camera covers 64
    Disassembling the carburetor body 65
    Explanation of the procedure for disassembling the carburetor body 65
    Disassembling the mixing chamber body of the carburetor 65
    Inspection and basic carburetor parts 65
    Precautionary measures 65
    Details of the floating Chamber cover 65
    Hull 66 CARB parts
    Details of the case of mixing Chambers 66
    Paddle switch and throttle position air shutter 66
    The fuel shut-off solenoid valve 66
    Assembling carburetor 66
    Explanation of the process of assembling the carburetor 66
    Adjust CARB after his 66 assemblies
    Fuel supply pump 68
    The system forced fuel off idle 68
    Check the fuel shut-off System 68
    Engine management 69
    Arrangement of elements and nodes on the engine control systems, functional block diagrams of these systems (engine 4 k) 69
    The throttle damper system 69
    Ignition advance angle control system 70
    The automatic optimal inlet air temperature (heated air inlet control system) 71
    Positioner (" switch ") air flap position 71
    Correction system (" for ") the whole mixture when starting a cold engine (heated) 71
    Fuel injection EFI 72
    72. system description
    Fuel system 72
    The electronic control system 72
    Precautions 72
    Troubleshooting 74
    The system of diagnosing 77
    77 description
    The warning light on the instrument panel display, a reminder of the need to check the motor (CHECK " ") 77
    Output diagnostic code 77
    Erasing a diagnostic code 77
    77 diagnostic codes
    Checking circuit diagnostic 78
    Troubleshooting Volt/ohmmeter 78
    Training 79
    EFI system verification process 79
    Fuel pump 84
    Cold start injector 86
    Fuel pressure regulator 86
    87 nozzles
    Air supply system 88
    Throttle body 89
    An incremental 90 air valve
    The electronic control system 91
    Main relay fuel injection (EFI) 91
    Check the main relay EFI 91
    Power relay 91
    Checking the power switch 91
    Injector resistor 92
    Check injector resistor 92
    The thermal relay injector cold start 92
    Check the thermal relay injector cold start 92
    Coolant temperature sensor 92
    Check the coolant temperature sensor 92
    92 oxygen sensor
    Check the oxygen sensor 92
    Electronic control unit (ECU) 94
    Increase idle speed system 95
    Cooling system 95
    Troubleshooting 95
    Checking and replacing the coolant 96
    Coolant pump (Y series motors) 96
    Coolant pump (k series engines) 96
    Thermostat 97
    Radiator for 98
    Electric fan cooling system (only for motors series c) 98
    Fan schematic 98
    Check blower motor 98
    Check the fan motor relay 98
    Check the fan motor 98
    Check the fan thermal switch 98
    Engine 98
    98 troubleshooting
    Checking the Starter 102
    The charging system 104
    Precautions 104
    Troubleshooting for models with engine 104 Y
    Check the charging system on the engine 104
    Wiring diagram generator for Lite-Ace with engines of series Y 104
    Wiring diagram generator for the Town-Ace 4Y series engine-E 104
    Wiring diagram generator for the Town-Ace, except models with engine 4Y-E 105
    Wiring diagram generator for models with engines to power the generator voltage regulator Tirrela 105
    Generator with electronic voltage regulator 105
    Generator for models with engines of Y series 106
    Generator for models with engines of the series 108
    Inspection and maintenance of generators and the Y series 109
    Precautions 110
    Troubleshooting 110
    Diagram ignition system 110
    Checking the ignition system by 111
    Check for spark " 111
    Check high-voltage wires 111
    Check the spark plugs (with usual electrodes) 111
    Check the spark plugs (with Platinum electrodes) 111
    Check the ignition coil (contact ignition engines to the series) 111
    Check the ignition coil (electronic ignition) 112
    Check the switch (electronic ignition) 112
    Check valve (contact ignition engines to the series) 112
    Check valve (without electronic control system for the contactless ignition timing) 112
    Check valve (non-contact ignition with electronic regulation of ignition timing) 112
    Circuit breaker-splitter (contact ignition engines to the series) 112
    Disassembly of the breaker-raspredelitepâ 112
    Check valve 113
    Breaker Assembly-and-113
    Install the Distributor (see end) 114
    Y series Motors distributor (contactless ignition system without electronic control of ignition advance angle) 114
    Valve disassembly 114
    Check valve 114
    Valve Assembly 114
    Installing distributor 116
    Y series Motors distributor (non-contact ignition with electronic regulation of ignition timing) 116
    Valve disassembly 116
    Check valve 116
    Valve Assembly 116
    The 117 series engine distributors
    Valve type and 117
    Dispenser type in 118
    Type dispenser with 119
    Check valves after disassembly 119
    Adjustment of axial clearance of roller actuator (valve or a centrifugal regulator) or replacement of 119 guest gear
    Assembly instructions series engines to 120 valves
    Installation of 120 valve
    Diesel engine 122
    122 General information
    Pre-validation 122
    Engine diagnosis 122
    Addition. Diagnosis of engine with supercharging 124
    Check oil level 124
    Check and adjust thermal gaps valve 124
    Check and adjust the angle of injection of 125
    1125 method
    2125 method
    Check and adjust the minimum and maximum idle speed 125
    Measurement of compression pressure end 126
    The TIMING BELT 126
    Removing the timing belt 126
    Check the details of the timing mechanism of 127
    Installing timing belt 127
    The HEAD of the CYLINDER BLOCK 129
    Removing the cylinder head 129
    Disassembling the cylinder head 130
    Defect inspection and cleaning of parts of the cylinder head 130
    Replacing the seal camshaft 131
    Assembling the cylinder head 132
    Install the cylinder head 132
    Disassembling the cylinder block 133
    Check the status of the cylinder block 135
    Disassembly of the piston and connecting rod 135
    Check pistons and connecting rods, piston rings 135
    Connecting rod bushings replacement upper head 136
    Check the status of the crankshaft 136
    Boring cylinder block 136
    Replacement seals 136
    An Assembly of pistons and connecting rods, piston ring set 136
    Assembling the cylinder block 136
    Replacing the fuel filter 137
    Water sensor in the fuel filter (check) 137
    137 jets
    High pressure fuel pump (BOSCH type VE) 137
    Construction features 138
    Removing FUEL PUMP 138
    Adjustment of INJECTION PUMP 138
    The setting for the supercharged engines 140
    Install FUEL PUMP 140
    141 cooling system
    Introduction 141
    Troubleshooting 141
    Checking and replacing the coolant 141
    Water pump 141
    Removing water pump 141
    Check the water pump 141
    Install the water pump 141
    Thermostat 141
    Removing thermostat 141
    Check thermostat 141
    Installation of thermostat 141
    Radiator 142
    Electric fan with 142
    Check the operation of the fan drive 142
    Check the fan chain 142
    Lubrication system 142
    Troubleshooting 142
    Check oil pressure 142
    Change oil and oil filter 143
    Oil pump 143
    Relief valve Vodomaslânyj radiator and 144
    Engine starting system-145
    System to facilitate cold start with the regulation in time and current 145
    Component testing systems facilitate commissioning 145
    Timer candles 145
    1 glow plug relay No. 145
    Check relay 145
    Glow plug relay No. 2 145
    Glow plug 146
    Check spark 146
    Sensor glow plug circuit amperage 146
    Glow plug resistor 146
    Coolant temperature sensor 146
    Starter 146
    The charging system 148
    Precautions 148
    Troubleshooting 148
    Check the charging system on the car 148
    148 battery charging circuit
    149 generator
    Disassembly of the generator 149
    Inspection and repair of generator 149
    Brush and holder and 149
    149 bearings
    Assembling generator 149
    150 voltage regulator
    150 reverse current relays
    Main relay engine 150
    Clutch 151
    Troubleshooting 151
    Check and adjust clutch pedal 151
    Grip the cable with mechanical drive off 151
    Clutch hydraulic driven off 151 type
    Squeeze clutch 152
    Master cylinder drive clutch 152
    Cylinder actuator clutch 153
    Hydraulic accumulator 153
    Clutch 153
    Manual gear box 155
    Troubleshooting 155
    The gear box L40 and L43 155
    Remove the gear box 155
    Disassembly of gearbox 155
    Disassembling the crankcase cover transmission 156
    Check the gearbox parts 157
    Assemble the cover of Carter gearbox 158
    158 gearbox Assembly
    Gearbox G52 G53 and 160
    160 gearbox disassembly
    Check the details of the gear box 162
    Assemble the gear box 163
    For the five-speed gear-box 164
    Replacing the gear box 165
    Gearbox control mechanism 165
    Adjust the neutral position of the gear lever (model with the shifter on the steering column) 165
    Model with floor shifter lever to move the electoral Regulation gear 166
    Automatic gear box 167
    Troubleshooting 167
    Pre-validation 168
    Check CAT 168
    Checking the amount of lag time-169
    Check hydraulic system 169
    Check the movement of 169
    Electrical control system 170
    Check the components of the electric control 170
    Automatic gear shift diagram 171
    Repair without removing the car from 171
    Installation of the valve mechanism 171 chassis
    Removing the throttle cable barrel 172
    Install the throttle cable barrel 172
    Parking lock pawl mechanism 172
    Removal of 172
    Installation of 172
    Replacing the rear oil seal 172
    Remove the regulator Assembly 172
    Install regulator assy 173
    Lifting gear 173
    Replacing the gear box 174
    Front axle and suspension 175
    Troubleshooting 175
    Alignment of the front wheels 175
    Front wheel hub 176
    Swivel pin 177
    Ball joints 177
    Check ball joints 177
    Removing ball joints 178
    Installing ball joints 178
    Torsion bar 178
    Lower arm suspension and shock absorber 179
    Withdrawal 179
    179 lower lever bushing replacement
    Installing the lower lever and shock-absorber 179
    Upper arm 179
    Removal of the top lever 179
    Replacement bushings upper lever 179
    180 upper arm set
    Rocket Rod 180
    Withdrawal of 180
    Installation of 180
    Sway bar 180
    Driveshaft, rear axle and suspension 181
    Troubleshooting 181
    Removing drive shaft 181
    Check the drive shaft 181
    Installing the drive shaft 181
    Troubleshooting 181
    Removing the half-182
    Checking and replacing parts driveshaft 182
    Install half-182
    Main transmission and differential 182
    Replacement cuffs without removing the differential of 182
    Removing the differential of 183
    Differential disassembly 183
    Checking and replacing the differential of 184
    Main transmission build 185
    Setting the differential of 186
    Rear Struts and springs 186
    Removal of 186
    Check the rear shock absorber 186
    Install the springs and shock absorbers 186
    Transverse Rod 187
    Removal of transverse rods 187
    Transverse Rod bushings replacement 187
    Installation of transverse rods 187
    The lower suspension arms 187
    Removing the lower control arm 187
    Replace the lower control arm bushings 187
    Install the lower control arm suspension 187
    Upper suspension arms 187
    Removal of the top lever 187
    Installing the upper lever 187
    Rear stabilizer bar 187
    Removing the rear stabilizer 187
    Installing rear stabilizer 187
    The rear leaf springs and shock absorbers 188
    Withdrawal 188
    Check the rear shock absorber 188
    Replacement bushings Springs 188
    Replacement sheets Springs 188
    Installing leaf springs 188
    Steering wheel 189
    Troubleshooting 189
    Check car 189
    Steering column without tilt angle adjustment 189
    Removal and installation steering column 189
    Steering column disassembly 190
    Checking and repairing 190 headset
    Steering column Assembly of 191
    Install the steering column 191
    Adjustable steering column angle 191
    Steering column disassembly and adjustment of the angle of 191
    Check and repair steering column 192
    Assembling the steering column tilt angle adjustment mechanism and 192
    Steering gear 193
    Removing steering 193
    Disassembly of steering gear 194
    Check and replacement parts steering gearbox. 195
    Assemble steering gear 195
    Install steering gear 195
    Angle gear 196
    Removing the angular gear 196
    Disassembly of the angular reducer 196
    Inspection and repair of parts of the angular reducer 196
    Assembly of the angular reducer 197
    Setting the angular gear 197
    198. the service braking system
    Precautions of 198
    Troubleshooting 198
    Checking and adjusting 200
    Check and adjust the brake pedal 200
    Verify that the vacuum brake booster 200
    Release the air from the brake system (squeeze) 200
    Check and adjust parking brake 201
    Brake master cylinder 201
    Removal of 201
    201 master cylinder disassembly
    Check the main brake cylinder 201
    Assembling a master cylinder 201
    Master cylinder installation 201
    Single chamber vacuum amplifier-229 mm (AISIN) 229-mm single-chamber vacuum amplifier (JKC) 203 mm +178 double Chamber vacuum amplifier (Aisin) 203-mm +178 double Chamber vacuum amplifier (JKC) Withdrawal 201
    Check the vacuum booster part 202
    Installing vacuum booster 202
    Vacuum pump 203
    Remove the vacuum pump 203
    Disassembling the vacuum pump 203
    Vacuum pump checking 203
    Assembling the vacuum pump 203
    Installing vacuum pump 204
    Front and rear disc brakes (type AD57) 204
    Replacing brake pads 204
    Removal of brake cylinder 205
    Master cylinder disassembly 205
    Check the front brake parts 205
    Brake cylinder assembly 205
    Installing brake cylinder 205
    Front and rear disc brakes (type AD43T) 205
    Replacement brake shoes 205
    Removal of brake cylinder 206
    Master cylinder disassembly 206
    Check the front brake parts 206
    Brake cylinder assembly 206
    Installing brake cylinder 206
    Drum brakes on the rear wheels, 206
    Removing rear brake 206
    Check and repair rear brake parts 207
    The brake assembly 207
    Forces on the load and relief valve 208
    Check and adjust the brake fluid pressure 208
    Removing the brake forces regulator 209
    Check the regulator 209
    Install regulator 209
    Brake hoses and tubes 209
    Disconnection and connection of brake hoses and tubes 209
    Check brake hoses and tubes 209
    Air conditioning system 210
    Precautions 210
    Troubleshooting 210
    Check the cooling system using pressure gauges in a piping system 210
    Special equipment of 212
    Production, pumping and refilling of air conditioning systems: 212
    The front door of 214
    Disassembly of the front doors of 214
    Window glass replacement 215
    Front door Assembly 215
    Adjusting the front doors of 215
    Sliding door 216
    Disassembly of slide door 216
    Build a sliding door of 216
    Adjusting the slide door 217
    Tailgate 217
    Disassembling rear door 217
    Assembling the rear door of 218
    Adjusting the rear door of 218
    Amortizatornaâ front back door 218
    Removing the rack amortizatornoj 218
    Installing the rack amortizatornoj 218
    Windshield 218
    Glass side window 219
    Removal of the side window (sliding window type) 219
    Removal of the side window (the window on hinges) 219
    Disassembly of the side window (sliding window type) 219
    Assemble the lateral window 219
    Installing side Windows (sliding window type) 220
    Installing side window (the window on hinges) 220
    Glass back door 220
    Dashboard 220
    Removing the dash Panel 220
    Disassembly of dashboard 221
    Instrument panel Assembly 222
    Install the instrument panel 222
    Fuel tank and fuel line 222
    Body dimensions 223
    Van (4-x lever rear suspension) 223
    Van/minivan (with spring rear suspension) 223
    Body electrical 224
    224 General information
    Wire color code 224
    224 slot
    Replacement connector contact 224
    Installation of thermal relay reset 224
    Replacement of fuses 224
    Checking voltage 224
    Check conductivity and resistance measurement of 224
    Check for shorted 225
    Location of switches and relays 225
    Fuse and relay block 227
    Fuse block and relay No. 1227
    Fuse block and relay No. 2228
    Ignition switch (lock) 228
    Check ignition switch 228
    Troubleshooting 228
    Control switch light switch devices, lights, turn signal switch and alarm 229
    Windscreen wipers and washers of 232
    Devices, sensors and signal lamps of 233
    Troubleshooting 233
    The combination of instruments and indicators (for cars with left-hand steering) 234
    The combination of instruments and indicators (for cars with right-hand steering) 235
    Door lock control system 240
    Switch door lock system 240
    Checking 240
    Electromagnet door lock 240
    Checking 240
    Electrical circuit 241
    1241 scheme
    241 power supply
    Starting system 241
    Ignition 241
    Glow plug 241
    The charging system 242
    Carburettor 242
    System to reduce toxicity OG 242
    Diagram of 2243
    Combi 243
    Reversing lamps 243
    Improving transmission Overdrive " 243
    Indicators and alarms 244
    Beep 244
    Windshield wiper and washer of 244
    Cleaner & wash-rear 244
    Headlight Cleaner 244
    Scheme 3245
    The alarm enable lighting 246
    The rear lights and the illumination of 246
    Front lamps 246
    Rear fog lamps 246
    Stop signals 246
    Rear window heater 246
    Fuel heater 246
    4247 scheme
    Interior lighting 247
    Clocks 247
    Cigarette lighter 247
    Radio 247
    Door locks 247
    Air conditioning, fan and heater 248
    5249 scheme
    Air conditioning, fan and heater 249
    Data sheet (specification) 250
    Add-ons by engines of 2 c, 2 c-t, AP-t (model 1992-1996 Gg.) and 265-ZY
    Diesel engines, 2 c, 2 c-t, AP-t (model years 1992-96 issue) 265
    Checking the tension the belts mounted units 266
    Check and adjust the angle of injection of 266
    Check and adjust the idle speed 266
    Check and adjust the idle speed (when you turn on the air conditioner) 266
    Check and adjust the idle speed when turning on heater 266
    Èlektropnevmoklapana verification system increase the idle speed when turning on heater (AP-t) 266
    Èlektropnevmoklapana verification system increase the idling when Conditioner (AP-t) 267
    Check the operation of the EGR èlektropnevmoklapana 267
    Check EGR valve 267
    Check valve control vacuum line (EVRV) 267
    Check the EGR èlektropnevmoklapana (AP-t) 268
    268 control lever position sensor
    Absolute pressure sensor in the intake manifold 268
    Coolant temperature sensor 268
    Self test 269-General information
    Fault codes 269
    Erasing fault codes 269
    Conclusions the electronic control unit 270
    Assist starting system 272
    Technical data of 272
    Gasoline engine 3Y-EU 275
    Belts mounted units 275
    Check the oil pressure sensor 277
    Removing the oil pan and oil pump 277
    Verification of components of the ignition system 278
    278 charging system
    Fuel injection system overview-279
    Fault codes 279
    Erasing a diagnostic code 280
    Check connector electronic control unit 282
    Technical data (3Y-EU) 283
    Add-ons by models 4WD 284
    Features of manual car 4WD 284
    Maintenance and repair of 4WD models 288
    Coupling of 288
    Bleeding the clutch 288
    Check and adjust the clutch pedal 288
    Master cylinder drive clutch 288
    Hydraulic accumulator 290
    Cylinder actuator clutch 290
    290 clutch
    Mechanical gearshift 293
    Checking the fluid level in the PPC 293
    Replacement seals for mechanical CPR 293
    Automatic 294
    Pre-validation 294
    Driving a car with automatic transmission 294
    Check the switch ban starting 294
    Self-diagnostic system 294
    The mechanical systems of CPR 295
    Hydraulic test 295
    Check the pressure regulator 296 speed
    Road test 296
    Transfer case 298
    Checking the fluid level in the transfer case 298
    Troubleshooting 298
    299 description
    Control gear transfer box 299
    Replacement seals 299
    Removing and installing the transfer box 300
    Electrical system control switches 303
    Suspension 304
    304 preliminary checks
    Inspection and alignment of the front wheels 304
    Torsion bar 305
    Shock absorber 307
    Lower lever 308
    Upper lever 309
    Lower ball joint 310
    311 upper ball joint
    Check ball joints 312
    Sway bar 312
    Clutch free running 313
    Front wheel hub and swivel fist 315
    Shock absorber, 320
    321 spring
    Rod Panara 322
    Upper and lower suspension arms 322
    Sway bar 323
    Axys 323
    Checking the system TEMS 325
    325 test mode
    Check the operation of the sensors of 325
    Fault codes (in standard mode) 326
    Verification of components of the system TEMS 328
    Front drive shaft 330
    331 front axle reduction gear
    Brake system 332
    Steering 333
    A 345
    Body electrical (1992-96 model years) 359
    Ignition lock 363
    Headlights 364
    Precautions when replacing lamp 365
    Headlight adjustment 365
    Combined switch 366
    Removing the lighting control switch of 366
    Lighting control switch installation 366
    Removing the driving beam/passing beam switch headlight 366
    Installing switch driving beam/passing beam headlamps 366
    Verification of components of the lighting control system of 367
    Check headlight relay and dimensions of 367
    Check relay relay light fog lights when turning 367
    Check switch combined 367
    Check the switch stoplights 367
    Check the switch ban start and on the automatic transmission selector sensor 368
    Checking the limit switches 368
    Check sensor malfunction indicator lamp 368
    Check the backlight lamp relay local 368
    Check the relay of nevyklûčennom coverage of 369
    Wiper control switch (combined switch) 369
    Removing the wiper control switch 369
    Check the wiper control switch (switch mix) 370
    Check the cleaner windshield 370
    Checking the electric motor cleaner windshield 370
    Check the switch cleaner door glass zadka 371
    Check relay door glass cleaner zadka 371
    Checking the electric motor cleaner door glass zadka 372
    Check windshield washer switch and rear glass 372
    Check valve washer (with rear wiper) 372
    Check washer relay 372
    Power Windows 372
    Check the main power relay 372
    Check the master switch window regulator 372
    Check the window regulator switches 372
    Check the window regulator motor 373
    Check the thermal fuse window regulator 373
    Check control relay door locks 373
    Central locking 373
    Check the main power relay 373
    Check central locking switch (at the door) 373
    Check central locking switch 373
    Check sensor availability key in ignition 374
    Door lock actuator checking 374
    Check the door interlock switch 374
    Checking interlock switch sliding door 374
    Check control relay door locks 374
    Remote locking 374
    Verification of 374
    Receiver and transmitter 374
    Electric drive hatch 376
    Check the gear selector hatches 376
    Check the operation of the front roof 376 drive electric motor
    Check the motor ground 376
    Check the thermal fuse front roof 376
    Check the operation of the electric motor rear drive 376
    Check the thermal fuse rear 376
    Checking interlock switch front roof 377
    Check the switch rear end 377
    Checking the control relays for electric drive hatch 377
    The adjustment system of mirrors 377
    Check actuator 377
    Checking mirrors heaters 378
    Check heater relay mirrors 378
    Check control relay mirrors 379
    System warning on abandoned key in castles and nevyklûčennom coverage of 379
    Check sensor availability key in ignition 379
    Check the door interlock switch 379
    Check warning system relay nevyklûčennom coverage of 379
    Checking the relay system warning on abandoned key in the ignition (Wagon) 379
    380 combination unit
    Checking the relay system warning on abandoned key in the ignition (Van) 380
    Checking the speedometer readings 381
    Check sensor speedometer 381
    Check sensor speedometer (in dash) 381
    Check the tachometer 381
    Check the coolant temperature gauge pointer 381
    Check the coolant temperature sensor-381
    Check fuel gauge 381
    Checking the fuel level sensor 382
    Checking the fuel reserve indicator check sensor, fuel reserve, 382
    Checking the indicator and gauge the availability of water in the fuel filter 382
    Check the switch reset when replacing timing belt 382
    Adjust switch reset when replacing timing belt 382
    Check sensor harness fitting of 382
    Check sensor oil pressure emergency 383
    Check sensor low engine oil level 383
    Checking circuit board delays oil level sensor (petrol engine) 383
    Checking the indicator unit (DMU) 383
    Check the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION fluid overheating sensor 383
    Check sensor malfunction lamp 383
    Check sensor parking brake switch 384
    Check sensor low brake fluid level 384
    Check sensor vacuum system vacuum booster (diesel) 384
    Check the brake switch (diesel) 384
    Checking interlock switch the front and sliding doors of 384
    Check the door interlock switch zadka 384
    Check sensor low coolant 385
    Checking while reversing buzzer 385
    Check the indicator on the automatic transmission selector 385
    Check the switch improves transmission of 385
    Check sensor 385 4WD mode
    Checking the indicator block TURBO 385
    Check the operation of the switch counter (green light) 385
    Check the operation of the pressure switch (red light) 385
    Low electrolyte level check indicator 386
    Check sensor low electrolyte level 386
    Heating the glass doors zadka 386
    Check the heater relay 386
    Check the switch of the heater door glass zadka 386
    Wiring diagrams 387
    Power supply (3Y-EU) 387
    Power supply (2 c-t, AP-t) 388
    Ignition (3Y-EU) 389
    Launch (3Y-EU) 389
    Launch (AP, 2 c-t-t) 389
    Injection system (3Y-EU) 390
    Glow plugs (2 c, 2 c-t) 392
    Fuel cutoff 392
    Fuel heater (2 c, 2 c-t, AP-t) 392
    Warning system for low fuel level 393
    The charging system (AP-t) 393
    The charging system (3Y-EU) 394
    The charging system (2 c) 394
    System to reduce toxicity (AP-t) and improves the transfer of 395
    Improving transfer (AP-t) 396
    TEMS 397
    Door locks ( -93.8) 398
    Door locks (93.8) 399
    Power mirrors 400
    Rear window heater 400
    Power Windows 401
    Luke 401
    Front wiper and washer ( -93.8) 402
    Cleaner and washer rear ( -93.8) 402
    Front wiper and washer (93.8) 403
    Cleaner and washer rear (93.8) 403
    Parking sensor system ( -93.8) 404
    Mirror heater 404
    The combination of instruments (WAGON G, D, F, h) 405
    Cigarette lighter 406
    Rear view (93.8) 407
    Turn signal and alarm (3Y-EU (except D) (93.8), AP-t (all models)) 407
    Indicators and alarms 408
    Headlights (VAN) 408
    Headlights (WAGON) 408
    Stop lamps (except WAGON Z, Q) 409
    Brake lights (WAGON Z, Q) 409
    Dimensions (except WAGON 2, Q) 410
    Dimensions (WAGON 2, Q) 410
    Limit switches (VAN) 411
    Limit switches (WAGON) 411
    Backlight (3Y and < Q/t, Z, e > 2 c-t <Е>,ЗС-Т<Е>) 412
    Heater and air conditioning with manual control-(AP-t) 413
    Refrigerator ( -93.8) 415
    The system is not switched off reminder light and left in the ignition key of 415

    ISBN 5-88850-138 7
    Of pages: 416

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