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    Toyota Corona Premio (1996-2001)-a guide to car repair and maintenance.    

    Submitted by manual repair, maintenance and operation of cars Toyota Corona Premio 1996-2001.
    This manual has step by step description of procedures for operation, repair and maintenance of the car Toyota Corona Premio that were equipped with gasoline-4A-FE (1.6 l), 7A-FE (1.8 l), 3S-FE engine (2.0 l) and 3S-FSE (2.0 l) and 2 c-t diesel engines (2.0 l) and AP-Te (2.2 l) internal combustion engines.
    This guide contains detailed information on repair and adjustment of control system components gasoline engines, fuel pumps of a high pressure (HPFP), including an electronically controlled. The Guide also provides instructions on how to use a self-diagnostics system automatic gearbox (automatic transmission) and anti-locking brake system (ABS), are recommendations for adjustment and repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions, brake components (including ABS), steering and suspension Toyota Corona Premio.
    NOTE:-provides information about the features of operation, diagnosis and repair of the engine with gasoline direct injection system Toyota (D4).
    Provides detailed wiring diagrams for all features!
    Describe any faults or malfunctions are recommendations and remedies; are mating dimensions main components and their allowable wear; set recommended lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

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