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    Toyota Mark II Chaser & Cresta (1992-1996)-Guide to repair and maintenance.

    Toyota Mark II Chaser & Cresta 1992-1996-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    The guide provides step-by-step procedures for operation, maintenance and repair of rear-engined, four-wheel-drive vehicles Toyota MARK II/CHASER/CREST A 1992-1996 Gg. release equipped gasoline engines 4S-FE (1.8 l), 1 g-FE engine (2.0 l), 1JZ-GE (2.5 l) 2JZ-GE (3.0 l), 1JZ-GTE (2.5 l turbocharged) and turbocharged diesel engine 2 l-TE (2.4 l). The publication contains detailed information on repair and adjustment of control system components gasoline engines, electronic control FUEL INJECTION PUMP (EFI), how to use the self-diagnostic system automatic transmission and ABS and recommendations for adjustment and repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions, brake components (including ABS), traction-control system (TRC), the system changes operation mode of shock-absorbers (TEMS), steering and suspension. Provides detailed wiring diagrams for all features! The possible faults and remedies, matched the size of the main components and their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and fluids.


    Identification of 3
    Specifications engines installed on the model Mark II/Chaser/Cresta 3
    Abbreviations and symbols 3
    Instruction manual Toyota MARK 2/ČEJZER/CROSS 4
    Instrumentation and controls 4
    Traffic lights on the car 6
    Lock the doors 6
    Power window 7
    Lever drive lock hood 8
    Drive lever lock luggage 8
    Hatch filler 8
    Windshield wiper and washer switch 8
    Switch cleaning system mirror 9
    Heated front seats and windshield (modification) 9
    Adjusting the steering wheel 9
    Office of the mirrors 9
    Parking brake 9
    Adjusting the seat 10
    Office of heater and air conditioning 10
    Cassette-the main points of operation 11
    Parking system 12
    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 13
    Traction control (TRC) 13
    System TEMS 13
    Switch control cruise control 14
    Driving a car with automatic transmission 14
    Features of transmission 4WD models 15
    Tips for driving a Toyota MARK 2/ČÈJZER/KRÈSTA under various conditions 15
    Towing 16
    Start engine 16
    Replacement wheels 17
    Checking tire pressure and condition 18
    Replacement tires Toyota MARK 2/ČEJZÈR/CROSS 18
    Operation features aluminum wheels 18
    Replacing the drive wheels 18
    Brake lining wear indicators 18
    Catalytic converter and exhaust system 18
    Checking and replacing fuses and fuse 19
    Maintenance and general procedures for checking and adjusting 20
    Intervals service 20
    Engine oil and filter 20
    Precautions 20
    Checking engine oil 21
    Change engine oil and filter 21
    Checking and replacing the coolant 21
    Check the battery 22
    Checking and cleaning the air filter 22
    Check drive belts mounted units 22
    Component testing timing belt 23
    Features maintenance of gasoline engines 24
    Check high-voltage wires 24
    Check the spark plugs Mark II/Chacer/Cresta 24
    Check and adjust ignition timing 25
    Checking idling speed 25
    Checking the pressure end of compression stroke 25
    Replacing the fuel filter 26
    Features maintenance of diesel engine 26
    Check and adjust the angle of injection 26
    Adjusting the idle speed and maximum speed 26
    Checking the pressure end of compression stroke 26
    Replacing the fuel filter 27
    Check the clutch fluid level and brake system 27
    Checking and replacing oil in manual transmission 27
    Checking automatic transmission fluid in 27
    Changing the filter in the automatic transmission 27
    Replacement of the working fluid in the automatic transmission and transfer case 28
    Checking the oil level in gearbox rear axle 28
    Checking the oil level in the gearbox front axle 29
    Check fluid level power steering 29
    Installation point Jack 29
    Gasoline engine 4S-FE 30
    Check and adjust valve clearance in the valve drive 30
    The timing belt 31
    The head of the cylinder block 34
    The cylinder block 38
    Gasoline engine 1 g-FE 41
    Check and adjust thermal valve clearances in 41
    The timing belt 42
    The head of the cylinder block 45
    The cylinder block 50
    Gasoline engines 1JZ-GE, 2JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE 51
    Check and adjust thermal gaps in valves 51
    The timing belt 53
    The head of the cylinder block 57
    The cylinder block 64
    Diesel engine 2 l-TE 66
    Check and adjust thermal gaps in valves 66
    The timing belt 66
    The head of the cylinder block 69
    The cylinder block 74
    The engine-general maintenance procedures 76
    Cylinder head 76
    Disassembling the cylinder head 76
    Assembling the cylinder head 77
    Checking, cleaning and repair of parts of the cylinder head 81
    The cylinder block 86
    Disassembling the cylinder block 86
    Check the cylinder 90
    Disassembly site piston-connecting rod 91 "
    Check the status of the piston and connecting rod 91
    Boring the cylinder (2 l-TE) 94
    Checking the crankshaft 94
    Replacing the crankshaft oil seals 95
    Building site piston-connecting rod 95
    Assembling the cylinder 96
    Lubrication system 99
    Check oil pressure 99
    Oil pump and oil pan (4S-FE) 100
    Oil pump oil pan (1 g-FE) 101
    Oil pump and oil pan (engine series JZ) 102
    Oil pump and oil pan (2 l-TE) 103
    Check oil pump 105
    Oil cooler (1JZ-GTE) 106
    Oil cooler (2 l-TE) 106
    Cooling system Mark II/Chaser/Kresta 108
    Coolant pump (4S-FE) 108
    Water pump (1 g-FE) 108
    Coolant pump (1J2-GE, 2JZ-GE) 109
    Coolant pump (1JZ-GTE) 109
    Coolant pump (2 l-TE) 111
    Checking the coolant pump 111
    Unit 111
    Radiator 112
    Electric cooling fan 112
    Check sensors and relays 113
    Main relay engine 113
    Electric fan relays 113
    Sensor-switch on the coolant temperature 113
    Control relay power steering pump (1JZ-GTE) 113
    Electronic control unit, an electric fan (1JZ-GTE) 113
    Turbocharger system (1JZ-GTE) 114
    Warning 114
    Turbocharger 114
    Intercooler charge air 117
    Component testing systems turbocharger 118
    Check the pressure sensor turbocharger 118
    Check control valve 118
    Test drives the No. 1 and no. 2118
    Turbocharger system (2 l-TE) 119
    Caution 119
    Turbocharger 120
    Drive (actuator) valve bypass gas 122
    Fuel injection system Mark II/Chaser/Crecta 123
    Description of 123
    Fuel system 123
    Air supply system 123
    An electronic management system 123
    Precautionary measures 123
    Precautions for maintenance of electrical equipment 123
    Precautions in the presence of a car mobile radio communication systems 123
    Precautions when working with a system of air supply 123
    Precautions when working with electronic control system 124
    Precautions when working with fuel system 124
    System Diagnostics 125
    125 description
    LAMP indicator engine trouble ("CHECK") 125
    The output of diagnostic codes 125
    Indication of diagnosis 126
    Erasing a diagnostic code 126
    Checking circuit diagnostic system 126
    Diagnostic codes for the electronic control unit 127
    Conclusions the electronic control unit 130
    Conclusions the electronic control unit 131
    The voltage on the findings of the electronic control unit 132
    Verification of components of the injection system using an oscilloscope 135
    Some technical data electronic management system 136
    Fuel system 137
    Fuel pump 137
    Fuel pressure regulator 149
    Fuel tank 140
    Fuel filter 141
    Injector 141
    Sprayers (4S-FE) 141
    Injector (1 g-FE) 142
    Sprayers (1JZ-GE, 2JZ-GE) 143
    Sprayers (1JZ-GTE) 146
    Air supply system 148
    Throttle body (4S-FE) 148
    Throttle body (1 g-FE) 149
    Throttle body (1JZ-GTE) 150
    Throttle body (1JZ-GE, 2JZ-GE) 152
    The valve control system speed idling (4S-FE) 154
    The valve control system speed idling (1 g-FE, series JZ) 154
    The system changes the geometry of the intake manifold (ACIS) (1JZ-GE, 2JZ-GE) 155
    Electronic control system 155
    Main relay fuel injection systems 155
    Relay-switch fuel pump 155
    Fuel pump relay (2JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE) 155
    Coolant temperature sensor and intake air temperature 155
    Absolute pressure sensor in the intake manifold 156
    Electropneumatic fuel vapor recovery system 156
    Knock sensor 157
    158 oxygen sensor
    The search algorithm defective oxygen sensor 159
    Fuel system diesel engine 160
    Fuel filter 160
    Injector 160
    High pressure pump (injection pump) 162
    Electronic control system of diesel engine 2 l-TE 163
    Precautions when working with electronic control system 163
    Electronic control system 165
    General description of 165
    Regulation of magnitude of fuel supply 165
    Regulation of the angle of injection of 166
    Electronic control air intake manifold to warm-up and idling 166
    Electronic control exhaust gas recirculation 166
    Self test 168
    Fault codes 168
    Erasing fault codes 168
    Troubleshooting Volt/ohmmeter 168
    Table of diagnostic codes (mode normal diagnosis) 169
    Table of diagnostic codes (test mode) 169
    Verification of components of an electronic control 170
    Absolute pressure sensor in the intake manifold air 170
    Throttle position sensor 171
    Coolant temperature sensor 171
    Intake air temperature sensor 171
    Crankshaft position sensor 171
    Speed sensor (position) INJECTION PUMP shaft 171
    Electromagnetic relief valve 172
    Solenoid valve adjust the angle of injection of 172
    Corrective resistors FPHP 172
    The main relay fuel injection system (ECD) and electromagnetic relay bypass valve 173
    Check èlektropnevmoklapanov 173
    Check the EGR èlektropnevmoklapana 173
    Checking servo control secondary air damper 173
    Throttle valve 174
    Check the operation of the recycling system Of èlektropnevmoklapana (EGR) 174
    Check the EGR valve (EGR) 174
    Electropneumatic (EVRV) EGR 174
    Some technical data electronic management system 175
    Check the findings of the electronic control unit 175
    Connector electronic control unit engine 2 l-TE (from 1992 to August 1995 g.) 175
    Connector electronic control unit engine 2 l-TE (August, 1995.) 177
    Ignition system 180
    Precautions 180
    Verification of components of the ignition system 180
    Check the ignition coil 180
    Check the ignition coils (1JZ-GTE) 180
    Checking the distribution of position sensors and crank shafts (1JZ-GTE) 181
    Check distributor 181
    The combined unit plugs (Distributor) 182
    System startup 183
    Starter 183
    Disassembly and Assembly of the Starter (with the usual gear) 183
    Disassembly and Assembly of the Starter (with planetary gear) 184
    Check the Starter 186
    Replacing the findings traction relay 188
    Checking the Starter 189
    System to facilitate start (2 l-TE) 189
    Check car 189
    Glow plugs 190
    Relay glow plugs 190
    The charging system 191
    Precautions 191
    Checks on the car 191
    Disassembly of the generator 191
    Test generator 192
    Assembling generator 193
    Clutch 194
    Bleeding the clutch 194
    Clutch pedal 194
    Master cylinder drive clutch 194
    Work cylinder drive clutch 195
    Clutch (except 1JZ-GTE) 196
    Strength (1JZ-GTE) 197
    Manual transmission 199
    Replacing the seal propeller shaft 199
    Removing and replacing the gear assembly 199
    Automatic gear box 205
    General information 205
    Planetary gear box 205
    Hydraulic control system of 206
    Electrical control system of 206
    Preliminary checks 206
    Check and adjust the cable-throttle valve control 206
    Check and adjust traction control transmission 206
    Check and adjust engine start switch prohibition 206
    Diagnosis cat 207
    The system self-test (A42DE, A340E, A341E, A340N) 207
    207 General information
    Check indicator deactivate Overdrive transmission 207
    Fault codes 207
    Erasing fault codes 208
    Checking the gear 208
    Automatic control unit and engine 209
    Verification of components of the electric control system 209
    Electrical components (A42D, A43D) 214
    System Selector lock and the ignition key 215
    Check lock selector 215
    Checking the ignition key lock 215
    Check the solenoid valve unlocking selector 215
    Check the solenoid valve ignition key lock 216
    Check the switch selector 216 unlock
    Check control unit block selector 216
    Check mechanical systems cat 216
    Test on a fully braked vehicle (stall test) 216
    Check-in time enable the transfer of 216
    Hydraulic test 217
    Road test 217
    Replacement filter 219
    Replacing the seal propeller shaft (2WD) 221
    Checking the torque converter and torque converter drive plate 222
    Removing and replacing the gear assembly 223
    Transfer case 224
    Checking the pressure of working fluid 224
    Conducting Diagnostics 224
    Troubleshooting 225
    Checking the electrical components 226
    Replacing the seal rear drive shaft 227
    Replacing the seal of front drive shaft 229
    PTO shaft 230
    Removing the front PTO shaft 230
    Removing the rear PTO shaft 230
    Demolition of rear drive shaft (type 1, type 3) 231
    Check propeller shaft 231
    Assembling the rear propeller shaft (type 1, type 3) 232
    Installing driveshafts 232
    Drive shafts 233
    Removing the front drive shafts (model 4WD) 233
    Removing the rear drive shafts 234
    Disassembling the rear drive shafts (4S-FE, 1 g-FE. 2 l-TE) and front drive shafts (model 4WD) 235
    Replacing the seal and locking ring of the left drive shaft (model 4WD) 235
    Replace the bearing intermediate support the right of the drive shaft (model 4WD) 235
    Disassembling the rear drive shafts (1JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE) 235
    Assembly of the rear drive shafts (4S-FE, 1 g-FE, 2 l-TE)
    and the front drive shafts (model 4WD) 236
    Assembly of the rear drive shafts (1JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE) 237
    Installing front drive shafts 239
    The installation of rear drive shafts 240
    Gear front axle 241
    Removing and installing 241
    Replacement seals driveshafts 241
    Replacing the rear seal 242
    Bearing preload 242 adjustment
    Gearbox rear axle 243
    Replace front oil seal 243
    Replacement seals driveshafts 244
    Replacement bolt flange output shaft gear (4S-FE, 1 g-FE, 2 l-TE) 246
    Removal and installation of the gearbox 246
    Suspension 249
    Preliminary checks 249
    Alignment of the front wheels 249
    Check and adjust toe 249
    Check the angles of rotation of wheels 249
    Verification of collapse, the longitudinal and transverse inclination of the axes of rotation 250
    Adjusting the collapse of the front wheels 250
    Adjust the angles of rear wheels 250
    Check the collapse of rear wheels 250
    Check alignment of rear wheels 250
    Adjusting the collapse and convergence, the rear wheels of 251
    Front suspension (model 2WD) 252
    Rack front suspension 252
    Upper arm front suspension 255
    Lower arm front suspension 255
    Sway bar 257
    Hub front axle and steering knuckle 257
    Front suspension (model 4WD) 260
    Rack front suspension 260
    Upper arm front suspension 262
    Lower arm front suspension 262
    Sway bar 263
    Hub front axle and steering knuckle 263
    Rear suspension 265
    Strut rear suspension 265
    Upper arm rear suspension 267
    Lower and trailing arm rear suspension 268
    Sway bar 269
    Hub rear axle 269
    System TEMS 271
    Checking the system TEMS 271
    Check the operation of the sensors 271
    Check the operation of the steering wheel position sensor 271
    Check the switch stoplights 272
    Checking the signal frequency of the crankshaft rotation 272
    Check speed sensor front wheel 272
    Testing the system under braking 272
    Fault codes 272
    Test mode 272
    The standard mode of 273
    Verification of components of the system TEMS 273
    Brake light switch 273
    Speed sensor front wheel 273
    Switch system TEMS 273
    Drive system TEMS 273
    The steering wheel position sensor 273
    Check the electronic control unit system TEMS 274
    Steering wheel 276
    Preliminary checks 276
    Check wheel play 276
    Check belt drive pump 276
    Check fluid level 276
    Checking the efforts of the steering wheel 276
    Checking the pressure of working fluid 277
    Bleeding the system power steering 278
    The steering mechanism 278
    Pump power steering (4S-FE) 281
    Pump power steering (1 g-FE) 283
    Pump power steering (1JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE) 283
    Pump power steering (2 l-TE) 285
    Verification of components of the system change the efforts of the steering wheel, depending on speed 286
    Test electromagnetic valve 286
    Check speed sensor 286
    Check the electronic control unit with stand 287
    Steering column 287
    The system of adjustment of the steering column with electric 290
    Brake system 295
    Bleeding the brake system 295
    Check and adjust the brake pedal 295
    Check and adjust parking brake 295
    Brake pedal 296
    Check lining thickness of brake pads 296
    Brake master cylinder 297
    Vacuum brake booster 298
    Receiver 300
    Vacuum pump 300
    Front brakes: 302
    Rear disc brakes 306
    Parking brake 309
    The pressure regulator (p-valve) 313
    Antilock braking system (ABS) 314
    Description of the diagnostic system 314
    Check the ABS system 314
    Reset fault codes 315
    Diagnostic sensors speed and deceleration 315
    Pressure modulator 318
    Control relay 320
    Speed sensor front wheel 320
    Sensors speed rear wheels 321
    Traction control (TRC) 327
    Pressure modulator 331
    Verification of components 331
    Check modulator TRC 331
    Relay test acceleration slip regulation system (TRC) 331
    Check the solenoid valve system TRC 331
    Check the switch "TRC OFF" system TRC 332
    Check the motor pump 332
    Check indicators TRC and "TRC OFF 332
    Checking the chain traction-control system (TRC) 333
    Holders (caps) 336
    Rear bumper 336
    Front bumper 336
    Hood 336
    Trunk lid 338
    Side doors 339
    Rear spoiler 346
    348 windshield
    Rear window 350
    Luke 352
    Instrument panel 353
    Air conditioning, heating and ventilation of 357
    Safety measures when working with refrigerant 357
    Using the power gauges 357
    Install the pressure gauge and discharge system 357
    Evacuation system 357
    Charging system 357
    Check tightness of the system 358
    Refilling of the refrigerant 358
    Removing the pressure gauge 358
    Lines cooling 358
    Checking the system 359
    Check indicators 359
    Check sensors 359
    Test drive 359
    Checking the system using "MULTIVISION 360
    Check the diagnostic memory with MULTIVISION 360
    Diagnostic codes for the electronic control unit 361
    Erasing fault codes 362
    Checking refrigerant 362
    The front block of the heater and air conditioning system 362
    Unit 363
    Compressor 365
    368 sensors
    The temperature sensor in the cabin 368
    Check the ambient temperature sensor 368
    Temperature sensor for the evaporator 368
    Coolant temperature sensor in the radiator heater 368
    Light sensor 369
    Switches suppression 369
    EPV 369
    Check air-conditioning control panel, 369
    Models without MULTIVISION 369 "
    Models with MULTIVISION 370
    Fan system heater and air conditioning system 370
    Check the air conditioner amplifier without LCD display 371
    Check the air conditioner amplifier with LCD 373
    Check the air conditioner amplifier (model "MULTIVISION") 374
    Airbag system (SRS) 376
    Safety measures during maintenance and repair work 376
    Driver airbag 376
    Body electrical 378
    378 General information
    Location of connectors, relays and fuses 378
    Ignition lock 382
    Headlights 382
    Tail light 384
    Combined switch 385
    The automatic inclusion of headlamps and dimensions 386
    Checking lighting control system 386
    Windshield wiper control switch (combined switch) 389
    The combination of devices 392
    Rear glass and brush 399 deicer
    Power Windows 400
    Central locking 402
    Remote locking 404
    Power moonroof 405
    The adjustment system of 407 seats
    The adjustment system of mirrors 408
    System warning on abandoned key in the ignition of 411
    System to maintain speed (cruise control) 411
    Wiring (electrical circuits) Mark 2/Shaser/Cresta 413
    The content of 474

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