Submitted electronic catalogue automotive spare parts-SUBARU FAST. This directory contains complete data on car spare parts SUBARU manufactured from 1983 to the year 2011.

Europe: (a-data up-to-date 05.2011)

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America: (valid data-03.2010)

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Japan: (valid data-04.2010)

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-Please note!!! All the way on which you are installing must be as specified here. If set on other drives or in other folders, you must redo the command files and shortcuts.

-Installed on Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 English for other systems may have differences.
-All items in instructions are needed, there is no unnecessary body movement.
-Everything you need is in the folder Subaru_Fast_2_All_in_One/Subaru_Fast_2/
-Set AppLocale.msi in C:/Windows/AppPatch/
-If you have already installed the SUBARU FAST delete SFEINST files in the Windows folder.INI and SFINST.INI
-Shell Installer for installation when you select automatically appends the specified path to the/SUBARUEX2, be careful and do not wash the
-Run SUBARU_Setup_EU/SETUP.EXE and set in C:/SUBARU/SUBARU_E, the path to the shell must be: C:/SUBARU/SUBARU_E/SUBARU.exe
-Run SUBARU_Setup_JP/SETUP.EXE and set in C:/SUBARU/SUBARU_J, the path to the shell must be: C:/SUBARU/SUBARU_J/SUBARU.exe
-Folder to the root of the drive SUBARU rewrite with:/ with the replacement of all files

-Create folders if they exist:
-SUBARU-Links Folder can be moved to any convenient location such as your desktop
-Unzipped folder with disks can be put anywhere, by default D:/SUBARU_CD/, then no need to prescribe them again
-Restart the computer
-If the folder with disks not put in D:/SUBARU_CD/, then run by SUBARU-Links-2) > Setup-EU, US, JP, and specify the path to the drive
-With the program are working with shortcuts in the SUBARU-Links!

Release: 2011
Platform: Win32
Language: English, Japanese

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