TOYOTA FunCARGO 1999-2007 (petrol)-manual repair, maintenance, operation of the car.
Manual repair manual Toyota FunCargo, as well as guidance on the operation and maintenance of the car Toyota FunCargo 1999-2007. release equipped gasoline engines 1NZ-FE, 2NZ-FE 1.3 capacity and 1.5 l.
Manual provides detailed information on repair and adjustment of control system components gasoline engines, variable valve timing (VVT-i), describes how to use the self-diagnostic system AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION and ABS and recommendations for adjustment and repair of automatic transmissions, brake components (including ABS), steering and suspension.
The manual shows the possible failure of the car Toyota FunKargo, methods of their elimination, the corresponding dimensions of the main parts and the limits of their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and fluids.
In separate sections include recommendations for maintenance of electrical equipment and circuits (circuit boards) of the car.
The book is intended for owners of Toyota FanKargo, mechanics, car-care centers and 100 employees.


Abbreviations and symbols 3
Identification 3
Engine number 3 nameplates and
Decryption code 3 model
3 engine specifications
General instructions on repair 4
Garage installation point and lift 4 paws jacking
Instruction manual 5
Lock the doors 5
Odometer and odometer 6
6 tachometer
Pointer to the number 6 fuel
6 hours
Windows 9
Lights in the car 9
Correction system headlight 10
Hood and trunk lid (rear door) 10
Lûčok fuel-filler cap 10
Management wiper and omyvatelem 10
Adjusting the steering wheel 11
11 mirrors management
Seat 11
Seat belts 12
Precautions when operating a car, equipped with SRS 13
Office of heater and air conditioning 14
Heater rear window 14
Replacement of saloon filter 15
Sockets for connecting additional devices 15
Cassette-the main points of operation 15
Radio 15
Cassette player 15
CD player 15
Player 15
Radio 16
Recorder 16
CD player (CD-changer) 16
Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 17
Emergency braking system (VA) 17
Traction system (TRC) 17
System of roadholding car (VSC) 17
Driving a car with AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 17
Tips for driving in different conditions of 18
Features of transmission models 4WD 18
Tow car 19
Engine 19
Engine trouble while driving 20
Spare tire, Jack and tools 21
Car Poddomkračivanie 21
Replacement wheels 21
Replacement for " dokatku 22
Recommendations at the choice of tires 23
Checking tire pressure and condition of 23
Replacing tires 23
Especially the exploitation of aluminum disks 24
Replacement wheels 24
Indicators wear pads brake pads 24
Catalytic converter and exhaust system 24
Checking and replacing fuses 24
Replacement lamps 25
Maintenance and general procedures for testing and regulation 26
26 service intervals
Engine oil and filter 26
Checking and replacing the coolant 27
Checking and cleaning the air filter 28
Check the status of the battery pack 28
Check drive belts mounted units 28
Checking spark plugs 29
Checking the ignition angle 29
Checking idling speed 29
Checking the pressure end of compression bar 29
Checking the oil level in the rear axle reducer 29
Check the level and condition of the working fluid in the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 29
Replacement of the working fluid in the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 30
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION filter replacement 30
Checking and doliv oil transfer gearbox 30
Check fluid level GUR 31
Engines 1NZ-FE (1.5) and 2NZ-FE (1.3). Mechanical part 32
Check and adjust valve clearance drive 32
Engine collection 33
Drive chain 20-35
The head of the cylinder block 39
Cylinder block 42
System WT-i 45
45 description
Scan WT 47
Removal of 47
Set 47
Check valve WT 47
The engine-general repair procedures 48
The head of the cylinder block 48
Cylinder block 52
Cooling system 59
Check coolant 59
Replace coolant 59
Pump coolant 59
Thermostat 59
Radiator 60
Heat sink and cooling system 60
Check car 60
Check the cooling system fan relay or relay No. 1 fan cooling system (" FAN No.1 ") 60
Check engine èlektroventilâtora 60
Lubrication system 61
Engine oil and filter 61
Check oil pressure 61
Oil pump 61
The system of fuel injection (EFI) 63
63 description
Fuel system 63
Air supply system 63
System of electronic control 63
Precautionary measures 63
Precautions for maintenance of electrical equipment 63
Precautions in the presence of a car mobile radio communication system 63
Precautions when working with the system air supply systems 64
Precautions when working with electronic control system 64
Precautions when working with fuel system 64
The system of diagnosing 65
65 description
CHECK ENGINE indicator " " (" check engine ") 66
Output of diagnostic codes (mode normal self-diagnostics) 66
Erasing a diagnostic code 66
Diagnostic fault codes engine management 67
Test signals on the findings of the electronic control unit 68
Checking injection system using an oscilloscope 70
Fuel system 72
Fuel tank 72
Fuel pump 74
Jets 76
Air supply system 77
Body throttle 77
The valve control system speed idling 77
Electronic management system 78
The main relay fuel injection systems and relay fuel pump 78
78 coolant temperature sensor
Knock sensor 78
Valve VVT system 78
Fuel vapour recovery system (EVAP) 78
System off the fuel supply to the modes of forced idling 79
Oxygen sensor 79
Ignition system DIS-4 79
Start System 80
Starter 80
Relay starter motor 84
Charging system 85
Precautions 85
Checks on the car 85
85 generator
Automatic transmission 89
89 General information
Preliminary test 90
Check and adjust traction control AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 90
Checking and adjusting the switch ban starting 90
Self-check 90
90 General information
Reading fault code 90
Reset fault codes 90
Checking the gear 91
Verification of components of the electric control system of 91
Testing of mechanical systems CAT 95
Test on the fully locked vehicle (stall test) 95
Check-in time enable the transfer 95
Hydraulic test 95
Road test 96
The system selector lock and the ignition switch 96
96 selector lock check
96 ignition key lock check
Check and adjust the cable lock selector 96
Replacement drive shaft 98 Balling
Replacement seals gearbox output shaft (U340F) 98
Replace shaft seal (U340F) 99
Switch prohibition start 99
Block valve 99
Gearbox assy 100
Verifying installation gidrotransformatora 101
PTO gear 101
Cardan shaft 102
The front cardan shaft 102
Intermediate cardan shaft 102
Rear driveshaft 104
Gearbox rear axle 105
Removal and installation of the gear box 105
Check the heartbeat of flange 105
Replace front seal 105
Drive shafts 108
The front drive shafts 108
Rear semi-major axis (4WD) 112
114 pendant
Prerequisite checks 114
Replacing tires 114
Check and adjust the angle of the front wheels 114
Check and adjust the angle of the rear wheels 116
Front suspension 116
Rack front suspension 116
Hub front axle 118
Lower lever front suspension 119
Sway bar front suspension 120
Rear suspension 122
Shock absorber and spring rear suspension 122
Beam rear suspension 124
Lower reactive thrust (4WD) 125
Hub rear axle (2WD) 126
The semi-major axis of Hub Assembly (4WD) 127
Steering 129
Preliminary test 129
Checking the efforts of the steering wheel 129
Checking the pressure of working fluid 129
Check wheel play 130
Check fluid level 130
Injection system booster steering 130
Check steering 130
Steering booster pump 130
Steering gear 131
Steering column 135
Brake system 137
It brakes 137
Check and adjust the brake pedal 137
Check and adjust parking brake pedal 137
Check lining thickness of brake pads 138
The main brake cylinder 138
Vacuum brake booster 139
140 front brakes
Rear drum brakes 141
142 parking brake
Anti-lock brake system (ABS) and emergency brake system {WA) 144
Check the ABS system 144
Reset fault codes 144
Diagnostic sensors speed and deceleration sensor, pressure sensor in the main brake cylinder 147
Check the ABS indicator 147
Check the status led of the parking braking system, and the low brake fluid level 147
Switch stop 147
Sensors speed front wheels 148
Sensors speed rear wheels (model 2WD) 149
Sensors speed rear wheels (model 4WD) 149
Sensor (model 4WD) 150
Hydraulic block 150
System to improve drivability (ABS, TRC, VSC and WA) 151
151 description
Verification systems improve drivability 151
Reset fault codes 152
Reset and install the zero point sensor deceleration and lateral displacement sensor 154
To reset the zero point 154
Setting the zero point 154
Diagnostic sensors speed sensor deceleration sensor, lateral displacement and pressure switch in the master brake cylinder 154
Test signals on the findings of the ABS electronic control unit connector 155
Wheel speed sensors 155
Check relay 156
Check switch .TRC 156
Check buzzer 156
Hydraulic block 156
Lateral displacement sensor 156
156 steering wheel position sensor
The body of 159
Remove and install the holders (pistonov) 159
Removing and installing front bumper 159
Removal and installation of the doors ' moulding 159 front bumper
Remove and install the rear bumper 159
Spoiler rear door 160
Adjustable hood 160
Front door of 161
Rear side door 163
Back door 165
Removing and installing trim 165
Windshield 168
Rear side glass 169
Glass rear door 170
Luc (model with sunroof) 171
171. windscreen wipers
Instrument panel 173
Air conditioning, heating and ventilation 177
Safety measures when working with refrigerant 177
Evacuation, charging and verification system of 177
Checking of the refrigerant amount 180
Air conditioner and heater Control Panel 181
The air conditioner unit 182
Air conditioning control unit 185
Air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch and 185
Capacitor 186
Check electrical elements of 187
The control unit air conditioner (model for cold climates) 187
The control unit air conditioner (model for cold climates) 187
Power switches control panel air conditioner and heater (models with air conditioning with automatic control) 187
Power switches control panel air conditioner and heater (air conditioner with mechanical control) 187
Check the air conditioner and heater switch (model year 2002) 190
Fan heater 190
Actuator damper mixing air streams 190
Actuator damper air flows 191
Air intake damper actuator 191
Resistor heater fan (air conditioner with mechanical control) 191
Switch heater (model for cold climates) 191
Electromagnetic coupling 191
Temperature sensor for the evaporator 192
Sunlight sensor 192
Pressure switch 192
Heater fan resistor
(air conditioning with automatic control) 192
Ambient air temperature sensor and temperature sensor in front of the evaporator (air conditioning with automatic control) 193
193 magnetic clutch relay
Heater fan motor relay 193
Security system (SRS) 194
Precautions for maintenance and repair of 194
194 connectors
Diagnosis of 194
Electric body 199
199 General information
Relays and fuses 200
Combination apparatus 207
Lamps and lighting of 213
Wipers and washers 218
Electric drive motors 220
Rear heater 223
Central locking 224
System remote control central locking 226
System warning on abandoned key in ignition 229
Electric mirrors 229
Ignition 231
Electric drive hatch 232
233 audiosystem
System MultiVision 237
243 rearview system
Connectors for connecting additional equipment 248
Scheme of electrical equipment (circuit boards) 250

ISBN 5-88850-316-9
Of pages: 312

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