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    BMW INPA EA 90 x-program coding, programming, testing, and removal of errors.    

    INPA EA 90 x
    Program coding, programming, testing, and removal of errors from BMW!
    Dop. information: go to the folder INPA_EA-90 x, can throw the entire directory at INPA (who should), if you want to install it: INPA_Setup, OPEN path = Programminstallation/setup.exe if the update: INPA_Update
    In General, there are instructions
    Choose the zainstalirovat′ (language-English or German) once had a program to write the patch; c:/ediabas/bin! restart the system and voila!

    Issue: 2010
    Version: 5.0.4
    Developer: BMW GROUP
    Platform: WIN XP
    Compatibility with Vista: Yes
    System requirements: the most usual, need 1 GB of free space
    Language: German
    Size: 1.76 Gb

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