Renault Espace (2000 GTS 2000, TSE, Turbo, Turbo D DX, RN, RT, RXE, Turbodiesel).
The purpose of this Guide: to become simple and clear instructions that will enable you to competently discuss and plan for the repair of Your car with a professional mechanic or do it yourself. This can be done in several ways. The guide will help You decide what you want to do the job (even if you decide that You will do it in the Studio), to diagnose and to provide information about the technical condition, to determine the sequence of action and diagnosis when servicing or repairs. Nevertheless, I hope that You will use this Guide for self-fulfillment. When carrying out simple works it will be even faster than a car service in the workshop, where you twice to come to leave and pick up the car. And, perhaps most importantly, you can save some money to pay for the work. For maintenance and repair, you must have a good set of metric wrenches, screwdrivers and measuring probes, as these simple hand tools are used in most works. In the text there are warnings when necessary for repair special tools or special training.
The guide provides pictures and descriptions, showing the function of various parts and their locations. The work described and photographed in a phased sequence, so that even a beginner can perform them.
The guide consists of 11 Sections.
There are many illustrations, particularly in those parts, which provides a detailed sequence of operations that must be done. At the beginning of the Guide placed a detailed table of Contents, which you can easily find your question.
"Left" or "right" of the car is seen as a man who sits in the driver's seat facing forward.
Unless specified otherwise, the nuts and bolts are difficult to remove by turning counterclockwise, and twisted by turning clockwise.
The car manufacturers are constantly making changes to specifications, technical specifications and recommendations, and when we notice as soon as possible make them in our Guide.

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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