Opel TIS Global v. 25
This is some replacement TIS2WEB, where there is no Internet, you need a registered dongle for activation and inserts it once when you first start
Access to the SPS, updating the software (in this release for OPEL is available for firmware version 121 Tech2) and access to a secure area.

Release: 2010
Version: V 25.
System requirements: those are the same as TIS2000
Language: Multilingual

Opel TIS Global v. 25-0b9cfcbe844517079f55c634704bffe3-jpg Opel TIS Global v. 25-8a2ff18ba736ca9d7cd668530bbcf9bc-jpg Opel TIS Global v. 25-3c42f6f03bbbfb497b2164b3119b5c13-jpg

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