Repair manual Peugeot 305. This manual covers the Peugeot 305 produced in the period 1978-1989, they were equipped gasoline engines capacity of 1290 cm3 1472 cm3, 1580 cm3 and 1905 see3.
Also this guide describes cars Peugeot 305 produced during the period 1982-1994 biennium-complete diesel engines 1769 volume see3 and 1905 see3.

All models Peugeot 305 are the 4-door and are transverse mounted engine with front-wheel drive, 4-speed gearbox with progressive movement (all transmissions have a synchromesh) and reverse brake and dual circuit with servo amplifier (front disc brakes, rear drum).
The base model Peugeot 305 is the GL, which is similar to GR. Both models share key clasp glove box, watches, side vents on the torpedo and pockets on backside of the front seats. SR, in addition, has a larger engine, tachometer, headrests, center armrest in the back seat and a wider range of extra options (e.g., laminated windscreen, tinted Windows, power Windows front Windows, etc.).

Year of publication: 1996
Publisher: GRAND
ISBN: 3-7688-0478-04

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