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    Guide to car repair and servicing NISSAN EXPERT (1999 to date) (petrol).

    NISSAN EXPERT 1999-the ... (petrol)-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    Illustrated information and reference book repair manual Nissan Expert VW11, as well as the device, operating manual and maintenance manual for Nissan Expert VW11 (2WD and 4WD), which first went on sale in 1999 year. This right-hand machine oborudovalas′ petrol engine displacement 1.8 l QG18DE.
    The manual contains the necessary instructions for Diagnostics, maintenance, repair and adjustment of the engine, the engine management system, AUTOMATIC GEARBOX, transfer box, brake system, steering, etc. Represented self codes basic units of technical equipment. In detail describes the Structural peculiarities of body and electrical Nisan Expert.
    Often such benefits as book repair Nissan Expert can take care of all maintenance burdens instead of expensive professional intervention. In this regard, the number of drivers who prefer to buy at Associates avtoliteraturu, which will help them in the implementation of many previously hard-to-reach repairs on the machine with his hands, constantly increases. And, of course, mention must be made about the educational function of the book: motorists are increasingly applying such renovation brochures as technical training podsporij, able to motivate and attract the younger generation to study the device technology.
    Imagine that in a way was a nuisance and without the intervention of a technician-Pro is indispensable. Get to the Nissan service center is far from a major city is incredibly difficult-this is known to all who are poborozdil on our roads-high quality service, despite the growing number of cars, develops low pace. Of course, you can go on the road overlooking the zloklûčeniâm possible, given the really small chance that these mishaps occur. But from force majeure is not zarečeš′sâ. And it may happen that this guide will prove to be the only way out of the situation. And how does the Assistant book Nissan Expert VW11 will be for road machinery from the nearest garage, no wonder?
    At the beginning of the Handbook writers placed manual Nissan Expert. Important information on the required independent maintenance, which should be regularly, the electrical connections (electrical) technology, placed in separate chapters of the book.
    This technical manual always will have the necessary services to all present and future owners of the car Nissan Expert, owners and managers of centres wishing to improve the quality of personnel, mechanics, service stations, repair shops and various roadside service stations, other Pro-techniques, regularly practicing repairs to this equipment.

    Issue: 2010, 2011.
    Author: Car Navigator
    ISBN: 978-5-98410-076-2
    Number of pages: 322
    Quality: the Scanned pages

    NISSAN EXPERT (1999-present) manual-prnscr1-jpg NISSAN EXPERT (1999-present) manual-prnscr2-jpg

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    Download material for reference
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