Nissan Sunny Pulsar 1986-1992-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
The manual covers cars, sedan, hatchback, estate, coupe, and is intended for technically qualified individual car owners, as well as employees of one HUNDRED and repair shops.
The manual describes all device components and assemblies of the vehicle and gives the instructions for the repair.
A book for those who drive on the engine category E ( E15,E16). In the description of the engine there is information not only about the device , but also revealed some moments, why you need these or other components, and how it works. (In other manuals, as a rule, is absent).
1986 -1992 year
Laurel Sprint
Liberta Villa
Petrol and diesel engines
1.3 Petrol - E13S
1.4 Petrol - GA14S (12V)
1.6 Petrol - E16S
1.6 Petrol - GA16S (12V)
1.6 Petrol - GA16I (12V)
1.6 Petrol - CA16DE (16V)
1.8 Petrol - CA18DE (16V)
1,7 Diesel - CD17

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Download material for reference

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