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Mitsubishi Mirage (Colt Lancer), Galanf (Sapporo, Eterna Sigma), Cordia, Tredia, Precis (1983-1993) service manual. Rating: from 5 , voters 0 users.
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    Service Manual MITSUBISHI Mirage (Colt, Lancer), Galanf (Sapporo, Eterna Sigma), Cordia, Tredia, Precis (1983-1993).

    In the present guide describes car models MITSUBISHI Mirage (Lancer, Colt), Cordia, Tredia, Precis, Galanf (Sapporo, Eterna Sigma) with a gasoline internal combustion engines with a volume of 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.4 liter. Also described in detail the maintenance and repair of the vehicle, set forth the list of possible malfunctions and tips for Troubleshooting, and instructions for disassembly and Assembly, adjustment and repair of units and mechanisms of the car MITSUBISHI.

    Release date: 1996

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    mitsubishi lancer sedan 1993

    Joy Manual of car mitsubishi lancer 1993

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Mitsubishi Sapporo

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