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    Mitsubishi Colt/Colt CZ3/CZT Colt (2004-2008)-repair manual car

    MITSUBISHI COLT/COLT CZ3/CZT COLT 2004-2008 (petrol/diesel)-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    Information and reference an illustrated manual service manual Mitsubishi Colt/Colt CZ3/CZT Colt, and this device model, manual and operations related to the maintenance of the Mitsubishi Colt/CZ3/Mitsubishi Colt Mitsubishi Colt CZT. These machines were produced in the period from 2004 to 2008 year and equipped gasoline engines oil capacity 1.1 l 134., 135 (1.3 and 1.5 l.), 4G1 (1.5 l.) and diesel engine 1.5 l working volume of 639.
    Competent and timely assistance, the possibility of quick search and further elimination of problems arising in the road, a thoughtful and considered by many professionals tip during regular maintenance in the garage. This is the main task of all books gold series produced by famous avtoizdatel′stvom monolith. Today significantly increases the number of motorists trust such repair manuals, which are just as important and indispensable part of car, like any other. And of course has increased the number of those who after acquiring quality repair books like this knew that could save significant money and valuable time. After all, you can eliminate the costly toll service centres to diagnose or repair and implement, if not all, too many surgery yourself. And how many people are using such books are taught in parallel with maintenance procedures or just sitting at home at the knowledge and technology of its offspring, with clear and understandable comments and good pictures?
    But it can happen and so that force majeure is not within the city limits or in its immediate vicinity, and on a deserted stretch of road where so important in such professional assistance is not expected. Discover the Mitsubishi Service Center in such a situation, when they are really needed, it would be unrealistic for a rare and happy exception of them on our roads today simply don't have. But the troubles of this kind occur is always in the most unexpected moment, though they and force majeure. Would it not be reasonable to be safe from those with discouraging adventurous, let this happen "once every hundred years", get a repair tutorial Mitsubishi Colt and feel even more comfortable, add peace of mind to time travel? It is important to add that the situation described above, only the first of dozens of such podvernuvšaâsâ, where objectively unable to guide its owner bail out! Here is very useful in a similar situation would benefit people from completely normal repair service on the road. It also happens that those same mechanics themselves will be asked whether you have in the car repair manual for the Mitsubishi Colt?
    At the beginning of the instruction manual manual Mitsubishi Colt/Colt CZ3/CZT Colt. Important information on the required periodic self-maintenance, electrical connections (electrical) machine, made by publishers in color, are placed in separate sections of the reference tehizdaniâ.
    This avtobrošûra if necessary to help all present or future owners of the car Mitsubishi Colt Mitsubishi Colt CZ3, Mitsubishi Colt CZT, employee multiple roadside mechanics auto centers, service stations, a variety of workshops and garages, as well as other technical pros, carrying out repair work on these machines.


    1. ACTION in emergency situations
    Troubleshooting steps when motor 1-1
    Engine start battery other
    car 1-1
    Replacing the fuses 1-2
    Wheel replacement 1-3
    Towing 1-5
    2. DAILY CHECK and FAULT 2-7
    3. operating instructions MITSUBISHI COLT/COLT CZ3/CZT COLT
    General information 3-25
    Locking and unlocking of locks 3-25
    Seats and seat belts 3-29
    Instruments and controls 3-37
    4. warnings and SAFETY RULES when PERFORMING WORKS by CAR 4-43
    Basic Kit required tools 5-45
    Methods of measuring instruments 5-47
    6. ENGINE
    Technical specifications of 6-51
    Petrol engines of 1.3 l and 1.5 l (135) 6-56
    Petrol engine capacity of 1.5 l (4G1) 6-75
    Petrol engine capacity 1.1 l (134) 6-91
    Diesel engine 1.5 l (639) 6-91
    Annex to Chapter 6-97
    Technical specifications 7-107
    Petrol engines of 1.3 l and 1.5 l (135) 7-109
    Petrol engine capacity of 1.5 l (4G1) 7-112
    Diesel engine 1.5 l (639) 7-115
    Toplivopodaûŝaâ System 7-116
    Annex to Chapter 7-119
    Petrol engines of 1.3 l, 1.5 l (135) and 1.1 l (134) 8-121
    Petrol engine capacity of 1.5 l (4G1) 8-122
    Diesel engine 1.5 l (639) 8-124
    9. cooling system
    Technical data 9-125
    Major works 9-125
    Thermostat 9-127
    Water pump 9-128
    Radiator 9-128
    10. inlet and outlet SYSTEM
    Technical characteristics 10-131
    Petrol engines of 1.3 l, 1.5 l (135) and 1.1 l (134) 10-132
    Petrol engine capacity of 1.5 l (4G1) 10-134
    Diesel engine 1.5 l (639) 10-137
    Technical data 11-141
    Grip 11-142
    Manual gear box 11-145
    Automatic transmission 11-149
    Annex to Chapter 11-150
    Technical characteristics 12-151
    Removal and installation of 12-153
    Disassembly and Assembly of the 12-155
    Annex to Chapter 12-157
    13. CHASSIS
    Technical data 13-159
    Front suspension 13-160
    Rear suspension 13-166
    Wheels and tyres 13-168
    Annex to chapter 13-169
    Technical specifications 14-171
    Hydraulic 14-175
    Front brakes 14-175
    Rear brakes 14-177
    Parking brake 14-178
    Annex to chapter 14-180
    Technical data 15-183
    Steering service 15-183
    Steering wheel and steering column 15-185
    Steering gear 15-186
    Annex to chapter 15-188
    16. a MITSUBISHI COLT and modifications
    Exterior 16-189
    Interior 16-198
    Doors 16-205
    Glass 16-214
    Luke 16-217
    Body sizes 16-218
    Annex to Chapter 16-227
    17-229 description
    Safety belts 17-231
    Air bags 17-234
    Utilization of the system elements 17-237
    18. the system of ventilation, air conditioning and heating
    Technical data 18-245
    Heating and ventilation system 18-246
    Air conditioning (climate control) 18-247
    Starting system 19-249
    Charging system 19-252
    Ignition system (petrol) 19-256
    Preheating system (diesel) 19-259
    Headlamp head light 19-259
    Audio system 19-260
    20. WIRING MITSUBISHI COLT and 20-261
    The abbreviation p-275

    ISBN 978-537-011-611-5
    Pages: 292

    Mitsubishi Colt/Colt CZ3/CZT Colt (2004-2008)-repair manual car-prnscr1-jpg Mitsubishi Colt/Colt CZ3/CZT Colt (2004-2008)-repair manual car-prnscr2-jpg

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