Mitsubishi L300, Delica 1986-1998-manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
MITSUBISHI DELICA L300-2WD & 4WD. 1986-98 Model years. issue with diesel engines.
The guide describes the procedures for repair and maintenance of MITSUBISHI DELICA L300-2WD & 4WD 1986-98 Gg. issue with left-hand and right-hand steering, fitted with diesel engines 4D56 and 2477sm3 capacity 4D56T. Manual contains detailed information on diagnosis, repair and adjustment of the engine, mechanical repair and adjustment of automatic transmissions, as well as a list of possible malfunctions and their elimination methods, mating the size of the main components and their allowable wear. The book shows the wiring diagrams for the different options. Describes the structural changes suffered by the vehicle components and assemblies during production. However, note that vehicles imported from Japan, alterations can be made before the dates indicated in this manual.
The book is designed for car owners, staff stations and repair shops.

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