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Subject: Mercedes automatic transmissions (models 722.3, 722.4, 722.5, 722.6)-guidance on repair and Diagnostics.

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    Mercedes automatic transmissions (models 722.3, 722.4, 722.5, 722.6)-guidance on repair and Diagnostics.

    Technical service manual and automatic transmission diagnosis
    The operations guide provides step-by-step instructions for removing and installing, dismantling and assembling the Mercedes automatic transmissions. Describes in detail the rabotasistemy control. The possible faults and remedies, describes the design features of gearboxes and Mercedes 722.5 722.4. The annexes contain all necessary for operation, maintenance and repair of Mercedes Benz. Mercedes models 722.3, 722.4, 722.5, 722.6. hydraulic


    Chapter i. Mercedes 722.3, 722.4 7
    1. General device 8
    2. control features an automatic transmission 11
    Getting traffic 11
    Stop 11
    Towing Mersedes 11
    Accidental engine starting with the tugboat 11
    3 Hydraulic control system 11
    Main and auxiliary pumps 11
    Valve box 12
    Formation of working pressure 12
    The influence of vehicle speed 13
    The influence of power, the engine developed 14
    Formation pressure modulator 15
    Pressure lubrication systems 16
    Forming pressure control valve-throttle 16
    Formation pressure speed control 19
    Increased pressure regulator 20 speed
    Pressure prop 20
    21 gear shift control system
    Reverse switch in motion (work multi-launch rocket valves) 25
    Slide range modes of automatic gearbox 26
    System battery 27
    Control system forced lowering transfer 29
    Work programme switch 30
    4 gearbox lubrication system 31
    Periods of service 31
    Oil level 31
    Oil capacity 31
    Drain and change oil 31
    5 adjust the 31
    31 range switching system
    Cable-throttle valve control 32
    Range selection lever position sensor in position " N 33
    Check the pressure in the control system of the automatic transmission 33
    Pressure modulator 34
    Working pressure of 35
    Pressure regulator speed 35
    Check the vacuum circuit 36
    37 6 road test
    Service vehicle 40
    7 modification of elements of the control system of the gearbox and 40
    40 modulator
    Modification of valve-throttle Mercedes 722.3 1986 and subsequent years of issue 41
    Modification of piston and piston rod B1 42 band brake
    Later modifications to the valve box 43
    Distribution identification plate valve box 44
    Band brake piston modification 44 B2
    8. Alerts and tips 45
    Mount the modulator Mercedec 45
    Location of nozzles and valves 46
    Primary pump automatic transmission 722.4 47
    Replace o-ring (RC-5601) in the aluminum pole sleeves K1 47
    Replacing the o-ring in the aluminum pole sleeves K2 48
    Lubrication system modification back 48
    9. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 49
    Faults: transmission slips at all ranges 49
    Slip on the second pass, or it switches from 1-St to 3-d transfer 49
    Sliding of the breakaway with 1 or 2 second pass or even ~
    You can't move forward but reverse movement occurs normally 4S
    Slide 2-3 when you switch or slide
    at the beginning of the switch and a sharp turn at the end of the transfer 49
    Slide switch 3-4 43
    The gearbox there is a tight connection between the lead and driven shafts or it breaks down after a short period of 50
    Some time after the engine starts, the vehicle remains stationary in all positions of the range selection lever (especially after a long parking) 50
    The gearbox there is a tight connection between the lead and driven shafts when the reverse gear 50
    A sharp Jolt when installing the range selection lever at position " (D) " or " R 50
    When you switch to transfer the vehicle sharply twitches 50
    A sharp Jolt during brownout transfer 4-3 51
    The dramatic switch with partial load engine 51
    No forced downward transfer of 51
    No brakes when switching (4-3 and 3-2) 51
    Unwanted downgrading the transfer with a slight push on the throttle pedal 51
    No more switching 51
    Switch to a higher gear occurs only in the upper RPM range of the engine 52
    Switch to a higher gear occurs only in the lower engine speed range 52
    The motor does not start when you install the range selection lever at position " " " N or p 52
    Reduce oil level (without external signs of leaks) and the emergence of more dark exhaust smoke 52
    Oil leak in the transformer or main pump (oil on the vent grille) 52
    A howling sound, increasing with increasing engine speed 52
    Jarring sound when engine speed 1500 rpm on all bands except band (" R ") 5z
    Scrape into a small lever to select the range in the " r " and " N 53
    Jarring noise when driving on reverse transfer 53
    Low acceleration when starting with 53 sites
    The parking mode is 53
    Range selection lever is not in the " R " and r " 53
    The transmission oil coolant was hit by engine 53
    Noisy gearbox runs in first gear and reverse gear 54
    Strong noise in third gear 54
    Howling noise only when switching and traffic with ultimate load 54
    Later the gear shift forward on all bands (Mercedes 722.3/722.4 -1991 year 1980) 54
    There are oil leaks at the front of the gearbox after replacing seals and overhaul 1
    (Mercedes models 722.3 early 1980-84 (6 bolt Pan)) 54
    Some 190 series gearboxes after overhaul there may be drastic modes switch reverse gears. All transmissions are normally forward and pressure modulator is within an acceptable range (Mercedes 722.4) 55
    Hard to shift ranges " and " D " R " and knock in any PTO shaft lever when selecting a range of provisions of " D " " R or 55
    Sharp turn on reverse transfer (Mercedes 722.4) 56
    Overheating transmission oil; It has a very dark or black, but it doesn't smell (Mercedes 722.4 production from July 1986 to February 1987) 57
    Random 4-3 and 3-2 gear 57
    After the overhaul of the Mercedes, equipped with an automatic transmission, or a 722.3 722.4 runner when reverse gear or it is not included in General 57
    Gliding initially and subsequently transfer is strictly backward; automatic transmission goes into neutral mode when you release the pedal, the throttle and hard work goes into reverse mode when it is moving; will not turn on, or the very hard-going pereklûčenie3-4 (Mercedes 722.4) 59
    10. adjusting the friction controls automatic transmission 60
    Band brake adjustment B1 60
    Band brake adjustment B2 60
    The length of the piston stroke in auxiliary muftah 61
    Stroke in the disk brake VZ 61
    11. repair of the valve chest 62 MB
    Removing the valve box Mercedes Benz 62
    Assembly and disassembly of the valve box 64
    12. Speed control knob and the rear (auxiliary): pump removal and installation 67
    13. removing and replacing the automatic gearbox 74
    14. Disassemble automatic transmission 79
    15. building automatic transmission 87
    16. Assembly and disassembly of the front of the automatic gearbox 104
    17. Assembly and disassembly of the planetary mechanisms 106
    18. dismantling, assembling and adjusting the clutches K1 110
    19. dismantling, assembling and adjusting the coupler K2 113
    Chapter II. Mercedes 722.5 117
    1. control features an automatic transmission 722.5 117
    2. adjust the 121
    Removal, installation and adjustment of the rope of vacuum pressure control element for vehicles with program selection switch of the control system of 122
    3. check the operation of the automatic gearbox in 124 traffic
    Check the movement of 124
    Value corresponding to the speeds switching points 125
    4. repair of valve box (supplement to 722.3 and 722.4) 126
    5. dismantling, assembling and adjusting the brakes rear planetary series BS 128
    6. dismantling, assembling and adjusting the locking sleeve KS 130
    Installing couplings 130
    Operations that must be performed after disassembling couplings 135
    Assembly 135
    Disassembly-Assembly clutch free running 137
    7. range selection lever lock System on a 1990 model year issue 138
    Switching delay 2-3 when the engine coolant temperature is below 40° c 139
    9. protection of the automatic gearbox from overload 140
    Backup system 140
    10. Switch on fifth gear 140
    Chapter III. Mercedes 722.6 141
    1. General information of 141
    2. identification of the gear box 141
    3. the device of gear box 141
    Carter Mersedès 141
    Gearbox Mèrsedes 142
    Electro-hydraulic control box 142
    143 gearbox control
    Device and system for selecting a range of gear 144
    The locking bolt output shaft GEARBOX 146
    Ignition key lock 146
    Maintenance instructions GEARBOX 147
    Torque converter 148
    Planetary gear 148
    The mechanism of blocking the output shaft AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 150
    Mechanism of regulation of the oil level in GEARBOX 150
    Crankcase ventilation system 151 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION
    4. the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION control system of 151
    Electronic control unit for AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (EGS) 151
    Program switches 151
    Interaction with 152 engine
    The Office Converter clutch clutch 152
    Adaptation of 152
    The input and output signals of the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION control unit 152
    Board converter clutch clutch 154
    Electro-hydraulic control unit 154
    Solenoids 155
    The output shaft speed sensor AUTOMATIC 155
    Safety sensor (ASK) 155
    Oil temperature sensor 155
    Oil pump 157
    Working pressure (p-a) 157
    Lubrication pressure (p-Sm) 157
    Pressure modulation (Mod p) 157
    Pressure switch (p-S) 158
    Regulatory pressure solenoids (p-r) 158
    Pressure switch solenoids (p-SV) 158
    Lock the torque converter clutch control valve 158
    Group gear 158
    Group B1 switch K1/159
    K2 switch panel/CZ 159
    Toggle group CZ/B2 159
    Pressure valve overlap (RS-U) 158
    Boost valve gear 159
    Pressure equalization valve 160
    Valve switching 160
    Switch 1-2 160
    Processes that occur when translating from the range selection lever " N " D " " position (first gear) 161
    5. diagnosis of gearbox Mèrsedes 162
    Trouble codes transmission car with 722.6 162
    Diagnostic connector (DLC) 166
    Transmission identification 168
    Design change adapter lock locking the output shaft GEARBOX (PLIL) 175
    6. disassembly of the drive train 177
    Disassembly and Assembly of disk brakes 178 B1
    Assembly and disassembly of the disc brake 180 B2
    Pressure inlet openings 181
    Disc brake assembly and disassembly of the EOI 182
    The front has led planetary number of 184
    Locking sleeve K1 186
    A driven shaft 186
    Adjustment of axial shaft runout 190
    7. electro-hydraulic control unit 191
    Disassembly and Assembly of electric hydraulic control unit (722.6 transmission type 129, 140, 163, 170, 202, 208, 210, 211, 215, 220, 230, 240; 722.6 transmission type 461.302/332/342/345, 463.206/209/232/233/240/241/243/244/245/246/247/248/249/250/254/308/309/322323/330/331/332/333) 197
    Disassembly and Assembly of electric hydraulic control unit (transmission type 722.610 463.209/323/244/245/250; transmission type 722.6611 463.308/330/331; transmission type 722.630 463.206/240/241/243/246/247/248/249/254; transmission type 722.637 461.302/332/342/345, 463.322/722.638 transmission type 323; 463.309/332/333) 201
    Application 1. General design of hydraulic control system of the gearbox 722.6 20 g
    Annex 2. Plan of angular speeds and kinematic scheme of automatic gearboxes 722.3, 722.4, 722.5 (without taking into account the accelerating number of planetary) 204
    Annex 3. Calculation of the loading gear 204 items
    Annex 4. Color illustrations

    Year of release: 2010
    The type of proceedings: an illustrated guide to the repair

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