Mercedes-Benz-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Recently in our country began to appear more foreign car models. This raises the question of the maintenance of import car to maintain them in good condition. This issue is especially important for owners of personal car. This book is partly to help meet these challenges. The book presents the basic technical characteristics of the car "Mercedes-Benz" model 200, 230 e, 260 e, 300 e (124 series), released in 1985, the Suggested maintenance of the vehicle with a description and illustration of the necessary operations, maintenance materials used by the company-manufacturer.
Cars "Mercedes-Benz" are the most reliable and safe vehicles in its class, but to maintain these qualities need to be high-maintenance, preferably with the use of special equipment for service stations. The book gives good advice on maintenance, exploitation, the malfunctions and their elimination. Recommendations for use and ways of addressing the underlying malfunctions can be used by owners of other import car models. The book can be useful both for car owners and the personnel involved in maintenance of the car.

Release date: 1993
Author: M.e., M.a. Yudkevich Parfenov
Publisher: «Mechanical Engineering»
ISBN: 5-217-01452-0, DjVu, DOC
Number of pages: 176

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