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    HYUNDAI H100/Porter/GRACE-a guide to car repair and maintenance.

    Presented book repair Hyundai H100, Porter, Grace, who were equipped with diesel engines D4BX (2.5 l), D4BA (2.5 l) D4BF (2.5 liter turbocharged) petrol engine and G4CS (2.4 l).
    In this manual to repair cars Hyundai H100, Porter, Grace is the complete technical data on the diagnosis, repair and adjustment of control system components engine diesel (toplisnoj high pressure systems "FUEL PUMP", Turbo) and petrol (MFI fuel injection, ignition) engines, starting and charging systems. In this book there are instructions on how to use the self-diagnostic system, including automatic transmission and ABS and recommendations for adjustment of mechanical and automatic transmissions, adjustment and repair of brake components (including ABS), steering, suspension. For car owners is given a detailed description and order validation of electronic unit control and management systems of the car (ETACS). Lists possible problems and car break down-and describes the methods of their elimination. The corresponding dimensions of basic parts and their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and fluids.

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