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How to change my fuel filter it.. Rating: from 5 , voters 0 users.
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    How to change my fuel filter it.

    colleagues how to change my fuel filter on my car (Hyundai elantra). Can anyone tell me where exactly is it!!!! 10 days looking for it, I went through the whole car and I can't find it. HELP!!!! Please help me, it's urgent!!!!!!

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    replacing the fuel filter

    you must buy the fuel filter for Hyundai Elantra hd - code 31910-n
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-index_y010711_240-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    • [] key on the open-end 12
      [] a cross screwdriver
      [] key-head on 8
    the fuel filter is in the tank and is a single node with the fuel pump. to gain access you must remove the rear seat sofa. for this side of the trunk it is necessary to Unscrew the two screws 12 which secure the seat.
    to recline the rear seatbacks and at the bottom of the seat to find the two bolts spun in the body of the car (standing on the ground side of the trunk can not see them. from the salon, too.). when the bolts are unscrewed, - go to the salon. still need to otmalchivat the sofa seat. if you run your hand in the place where its front edge is joined with the carpet, you will find the left and right side of the lever that must be pressed in the direction of the "poop" car and you will be able to lift the sofa up.

    then in the center we see a black hatch with component wire and stamped on it with an arrow is the hatch of a fuel pump. Unscrew it with the Phillips screwdriver.

    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-untitled-1_240-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    Now you need to otmalchivat the power wire of the fuel pump. But before that you need to start the car, the motor has developed a fuel line and it splashed when disconnecting the fuel wire. Start the car and disconnect the power wire of the fuel pump. If taken as shown in the photo, you have to press the index finger on the latch and pull up - it will be tight but will come out. The engine will work 5-10 seconds and starts to stall. Turn off it - the pressure in the fuel-the wire is already there.

    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-0_y010697_240-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    Disconnect the fuel wire.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-11_y010696_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    Orange clamps lifting up and pressing the blue button on both sides subtended by the entire structure with fitting. From fuel-wires will derive a certain amount of petrol you must be careful.

    Unscrew the head bolts around the perimeter of the installation (black) ring.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-3_y010695_240-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    Take out the fuel pump. He removed first vertically upward and then bends over and removed at an angle, since its bottom is attached to the float (very gentle fixture) and fence (oblong) mesh. Next on the photo of the General view will be visible this design - I think you'll understand how to remove. Most importantly, without sudden movements.

    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-5_y010718_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-51_y010718_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-6_y010721_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    Disassembly of the fuel pump - fuel filter is inside we removed the design.

    Need to remove the plastic cover of the fuel pump. To do this:
    1. Remove the metal clamp - otsenivaem it from the two clips
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-6_y010720_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    2. Detachable two pieces with wires.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-7_y010719_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    3. Detachable two corrugated tubes. To detach the black, you need to release the latches on the connector which includes the tube and pull up.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-8_y010721_copy_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    To disconnect the light tube should be free blue connector - his latch is at the bottom. Heave and pulls out a screwdriver.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-9_y010718_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    4. Otsenivaem three mounting latch the casing and pulls it.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-111_y010720-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    Have the fuel gauge and fence mesh, you need to clean, purge and wash if it is dirty. Put aside.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-12_y010701-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    We have in hand is a lot of clad filter on the fuel pump and the top plastic cover - it should also be disconnected. All wires and tubes from her we already had disconnected and it rests only on two metal clamps - remove them.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-13_y010708_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    The cover was dismantled. Springs and retainers are not losing.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-13_y010703_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    Now released from two plastic latches the filter and drag him. In the end, the whole site looks like this:
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-14_y010698-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    From removed the fuel filter need to dig seal o-ring and install it in the new filter.
    <!--vBET_SNTA--><!--vBET_NRE-->as da si shift goivnia filth....-15_y010704_500-jpg<!--vBET_ENTA-->

    All items to wash, wipe and blow. Assembly to make in reverse order with the utmost care and accuracy.

    When you install the entire Assembly into place in the tank need to combine stamping on the lid of the pump and are the same stamping on the fuel tank opening. The fuel pump when installed sits on the bottom of the tank is normal. In this case the top cover at 5-10 mm above the installation hole mount her hand down, put the adjusting ring and tighten the bolts.



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