HONDA ACCORD/TORNEO ACCORD WAGON, 1997-2002-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Repair manual, operation and maintenance of the device front-wheel drive and four-wheel steering vehicle Honda Accord / Torneo, Accord Wagon 1997-2002 release equipped gasoline engines F18B (1.8 l), F20B (2.0 l), F23A (2.3 l), NA(2.2 l) and NA (2,C l).
The manual contains detailed information on repair and adjustment of control system components gasoline engines, systems changes the valve timing (VTC) and changes in elevation of the valve (VTEC), automatic transmissions, instructions for using the self-diagnosis of engine management system, automatic transmission and ABS and recommendations regarding the adjustment and repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions, brake components (including ABS and VSA), steering, suspension and DPS system (system connection full drive).
Detail procedures for inspection, adjustment and maintenance automatic transmission and ABS (antilock brakes), VSA (vehicle stability control), VTEC and VTC. Presents detailed diagrams and descriptions of inspections electrical models of different configuration options.
The possible faults and remedies, matched the size of the main components and their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and fluids.
In separate sections includes manual Honda Accord / Torneo, Accord Wagon, recommendations for maintenance, detailed electrical and descriptions inspections electrical models of different variants of the vehicle.
This book will be useful for owners of the car Honda accord, accord Wagon, torneo, professionals, service stations, repair shops and service centers.

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