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    ACCORD WAGON, HONDA ACCORD/TORNEO (1997-2002)-a guide to car repair and maintenance.    

    ACCORD WAGON, HONDA ACCORD/TORNEO 1997-2002-manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    Repair manual, operation and maintenance of front-wheel-drive device, and a car pravorul′nyh Honda Accord/Torneo, Accord Wagon 1997-2002 Gg. release equipped gasoline engines F18B (1.8 l), F20B (2.0 l), F23A (2.3 l), N22A (2, 2 l) and N23A (2, 3 l).
    Manual contains detailed information on repair and adjustment of control system components gasoline engines, variable valve timing system (VTC) systems and change heights of valves (VTEC), automatic transmissions, instructions on how to use the self-diagnostic engine management system, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, ABS and recommendations for adjustment and repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions, brake components (including ABS and VSA), steering, suspension and DPS systems (four-wheel drive system connection).
    Detailed procedures for checking, adjusting and maintenance of AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION and ABS systems (anti-lock brake system), VSA (system stability), VTEC and VTC. Provides detailed wiring diagrams and descriptions of the various models of electrical testing equipment.
    The possible faults and remedies, matched the size of the main components and their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and hydraulic fluids.
    In some sections of the publication includes instruction manual Honda Accord/Torneo, Accord Wagon, maintenance tips, detailed descriptions, and check the electrical circuit the electrical models of various features of the car.
    This book will be useful to owners of cars Honda Accord, Accord Wagon, Torneo, specialists in service stations, repair shops and service stations.


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