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    Honda Civic (Ballade) CRX & Shuttle (1984-1991)-Guide to car repair and maintenance.    

    Provides technical guidance for repair, maintenance and operation of cars-Honda Civic (Ballade) CRX & Shuttle, which were issued in 1984-1991 godah.
    This book on car repairs Honda Civic Ballade, CRX & Shuttle their maintenance and operation are cars Honda Civic (Ballade) CRX & Shuttle 1984-1991 years of manufacture, which is equipped with petrol engines of 1.3, 1.5, 1.6 liters.
    The guide describes the device and car repairs, maintenance units and mechanisms. All sections of this manual describe typical breakdowns and malfunctions of these cars, the recommendations on their own. Describes the step-by-step operation, disassembly and Assembly, adjustment or repair of the main units of the car. Are control points and dimensions.


    Introduction 3
    Chapter 1. Maintenance and adjustment of 7
    Chapter 2. Part a. Engine 14
    Chapter 2. Part b. repair of engine 23
    Chapter 3. Cooling, heating & air conditioning 36
    Chapter 4. Power supply system and issue 44
    Chapter 5. Electrical engine 54
    Chapter 6. Emission control system 61
    Chapter 7. Part a. mechanical gearshift 69
    Chapter 7. Part v. Automatic 80
    Chapter 8. Part a. Clutch and drive shafts 84
    Chapter 8. Part v. 4WD track (4WD) 91
    Chapter 9. 95 brake
    Chapter 10. Steering & suspension 106
    Chapter 11. Part a-118.
    Chapter 11. Part b. Body dimensions 127
    Chapter 12. Electrical system chassis 141
    Chapter 1. Maintenance and adjustment
    1 Introduction
    Air filter and filter crankcase ventilation 17
    High-voltage wires, distributor CAP and rotor 19
    Tire pressure and tire control 5
    -Actuator valve clearance checking and adjusting 20
    Change oil in automatic transmission 31
    Change oil in gearbox mechanical 32
    Replacing the oil filter and oil 8
    Replace the grease in the rear differential (model 4WD) 33
    Replacing the fuel filter 40
    30 replacement of brake fluid
    Replacement wiper 9 brushes
    Control valve replacement and crankcase ventilation 27
    Control valve inlet air temperature control 35
    Air flap position monitoring 26
    Anther 25 control driveshafts
    Steering and suspension control 24
    Control of exhaust system 29
    Control of the cooling system 13
    Control of fuel vapor recovery system 38
    Fuel system monitoring 21
    Brake control 15
    Control of operating fluid level 4
    Liquid level control in the Steering gidrousilitele 6
    Oil level in automatic transmission 7
    Oil level in gearbox manual 22
    Level control of grease in the rear differential (model 4WD) 23
    Servicing the battery 10
    Maintenance of cooling system 28
    General information about adjustments 3
    Inspection system for throttle control rod 36
    Permutation 14 wheels
    Frequency of service 2
    Belts-11 adjustment and replacement
    Adjustment and control levers
    16 vyžimnogo clutch bearing
    Adjusting the idle speed 37
    Adjust ignition timing 34
    Rubber hoses-check and replace 12
    Spark plug-checking and replacement of 18
    Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) 39
    Chapter 2. Part A. Engine
    The upper dead point (VMT) first cylinder 3
    Intake manifold-removal and installation 5
    Exhaust manifold-removal and installation 6
    Cylinder head removal and installation-12
    -Engine removal and installation, see. Chapter 2 part b
    The details of the valve mechanism-11 replacement
    Valves-see service. Chapter 2 part b
    Control of compression in cylinders. Chapter 2 part b
    Timing chain cover removal and installation-4
    Engine oil filter replacement. Chapter 1
    Oil pump-removing, inspecting, installing 14
    Flywheel-removal and installation 15
    1I General information
    Engine mounting control and replacement of 11
    Sump oil pump-removal and installation 13
    Drive belt replacement adjustment-control, see. Glavu1
    Camshaft drive belt-removal, inspection and set-up 7
    Camshaft and rocker arms-removal, installation and inspection 11
    Repair of engine-General information. Chapter 2 part 1
    The repairs possible with engine 1
    Crankshaft seal rear-16 replacement
    Crankshaft front oil seal replacement-17 (I)
    Camshaft seal replacement-3I
    Spark plug replacement see. Chapter 1
    Chapter 2. Part in engine repair.
    Alternative recovery engine 6
    Engine block-15 inspection
    Engine block-erase 14
    Cylinder head-cleaning and inspection 9
    Cylinder head Disassembly-8
    Cylinder head Assembly-11
    Engine removal and installation-5
    The first engine start after 25
    Valves-service 10
    Crankshaft-13 dismantling
    Crankshaft-inspect 18
    Crankshaft-installation and check the clearance in the bearings 22
    Pressure control of compression (compression) 3
    Root and connecting rod bearings-19 inspection and rejection
    General information 1
    Piston/connecting rod-17 inspection
    Piston/connecting rod-12 demolition
    Piston/connecting rod-installation and clearance control
    in šatunnom bearing 24
    Piston ring set 21
    Engine repair-overview 2
    Repair engine disassembly sequence 7
    Engine repair-20 build checklist
    Removing the motor-ways and 4 security
    Honing the cylinder walls 16
    Chapter 3. Cooling, heating & air conditioning
    Antifreeze-overview 2
    Radiator fan removal and installation-4
    Water pump replacement-8
    Water pump-7
    Fan heater-removal and installation of 10
    Coolant temperature sensor-control and replacement of 9
    AC compressor-removal and installation 15
    Condenser unit-removal and installation 16
    Control of pump belt adjustment and replacement. Chapter 1
    Control of the cooling system. Chapter 1
    Check the coolant level. Chapter 1
    General information 1
    Radiator removal and installation-5
    Housing unit-removal and installation 11
    Broad tank removal and installation-6
    The receiver/dryer unit-removal and installation and
    Heating systems and air conditioning systems-monitoring and maintenance of 13
    Thermostat-control and 3 replacement
    Node control heater and air conditioning ' and stop withdrawals-1!
    Hoses under-bonnet space-monitoring and replacement. Chapter 1
    Chapter 4. Power supply system and release
    Diagnostics and repair of carburetor-10 General information
    Additional resistance nozzles only multipoint injection) control and replacement of 16
    Replacing air filter, see. Chapter 1
    Replacing the fuel filter, see. Chapter 1
    Carburetor removal and installation-9
    Checking and adjusting the idling speed. Chapter 1
    Control of the air flap. Chapter 1
    Control of the exhaust system. Chapter 1
    Control of the fuel pump and fuel pressure 3
    Fuel system monitoring. Chapter 1
    Control of leakage through the throttle valve. Chapter 1
    air filter-case removal and installation 7
    Throttle body control, removal and installation 13
    System maintenance issue-17 General information
    General information 1
    Cleaning and repair the fuel tank 6 General information
    The unloading of the fuel system (injection) 2
    Fuel pressure regulator-monitoring and replacement of 14
    Fuel injection control system 12
    Fuel tank removal and installation-5
    Fuel injectors-control, removal and installation 15
    Fuel pump-removal & installation 4
    Throttle control cable replacement-8
    Chapter 5. Engine electrical equipment
    Salvage and start charging 2
    Rechargeable battery-monitoring and maintenance. Chapter 1
    Battery removal and installation-4
    Vacuum regulator ignition control and replacement of 13
    Alternator-removal and installation 17
    Battery cables-control and 3 replacement
    Ignition coil-7 replacing and control
    The gap in the magnetic resistance (only for models -1987/1984)-control and adjustment 11
    Checking and adjusting ignition timing. Chapter 1
    Replace the ignition control and circuit breaker 8
    The charging system-16
    General information 1
    Radio interference suppression capacitor-checking and replacing the 9
    Magnetic resistance ( -1987 1984)-11 replacement
    Drive belt replacement and adjustment. Chapter 1
    Alternator-removal and installation of 10
    The voltage regulator and alternator brushes replacement 11
    Relay Starter removal and installation-23
    Spark plug replacement see. Glavu1
    Ignition system control 6
    Ignition system-General information 5
    Starting system-overview 19
    The charging system-overview 35
    Starter-car control 24
    Starter removal and installation-21
    Centrifugal ignition advance control knob 14
    Chapter 6. Emission control system
    Absolute pressure sensor control and replacement of 4
    Throttle position sensor-injected model} 6-checking and replacement
    Oxygen sensor (model injection) control and 3 replacement
    Air temperature sensor on release (models with injection) control and replacement of 8
    Crankshaft angular position sensor (model with injection) control and replacement of 5
    Atmospheric pressure compensator 14
    Neutralizer 15 exhaust
    General information 1
    Crankcase ventilation system 9
    Mixture control system when switching gear 18
    Air temperature control system on release (carburettor models) 11
    Feedback system in the management of the composition of the mixture of 19
    The air mixing system to used gases 17
    Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) 16
    Self-diagnostic system-description and codes 2
    Fuel vapor recovery system 10
    13 throttle valve control system
    12-ignition control system
    Electronic flow control valve 1988 model year) control and 7 replacement
    Chapter 7. Part A. Mechanical Gearshift
    Table Of Contents
    Change gearbox oil. Chapter 1
    Replacement seals 2
    Key lock Starter/clutch control and replacement of SM. Chapter 8
    Oil level and the gearbox. Chapter 1
    Transmission removal and installation-5
    General information 1
    Support-monitoring and replacement 3
    Repair transmissions in
    Switch lever 4-removal and installation
    Chapter 7. Part v. four-wheel drive (4WD)
    Vâzkostnaâ sleeve-removing and replacing the 8
    Rear differential (1968 model)-removal and installation 16
    Rear axle (from 1967 to 1985 Gg.)-removal and installation 14
    Rear axle-description and control 11
    Replacement seals. Chapter 7A
    Driveshaft-removal and installation of 4
    Driveshaft and universal joint Honiton 3 description and control
    Cardan joints-7 replacement
    General information 1
    Semiaxis-withdrawal replacement seals and installation: [1985-1987 models) 12
    drive axles (rear) from 1988 onwards-removal, repair and installation of 15
    Drive axles (front) removal and installation. Chapter 8b
    Intermediate bearing removal and installation-5
    Countershaft-withdrawal replacement seals and bearing set 2
    Pinion oil seal main drive leading-10 replacement
    Replace transfer case seal-9
    Cup differential (1985-1987)-removal and installation 13
    GREASE-removal, repair and installation 6
    Chapter 8. Part a. Clutch and drive shafts
    Sealants and bearing plug-removal, inspection and set-up 4
    Starter/clutch interlock switch-
    control, replacement and adjustment of 7
    Clutch parts-stripping, inspection and set-up 5
    Replacement of anther and repair CV JOINTS 9
    Gearbox oil level control. Chapter 1
    Flywheel-removal and installation. Chapter 2A
    General information 1
    Thrust bearing-inspection and replacement 6
    -Adjust the clutch control pedal. Chapter 1
    Drive shafts-removal and installation 8
    Clutch description and control 2
    Clutch cable removal, installation and adjustment of 3
    Chapter 9. Brakes
    Table Of Contents
    Brake light switch-control, replacement and adjustment of 15
    Brake master cylinder-lifting, repairing and installing 7
    Bleeding the brake system 10
    Wheel brake cylinder-lifting, repairing and installing 6
    Drum brake pads-replacement 5
    Brake control. Chapter 1
    Check brake fluid level. Chapter 1
    General information 1
    Distribution of braking forces-general information 8
    Parking brake lever-removal and installation 14
    Parking brake adjustment-12
    Disc brake caliper-remove, repair and installation of 3
    Brake disc inspection, removal and installation of 4
    Brake pads replacement-2
    Brake pipes and hoses-check and replace 9
    Parking brake cable replacement 13
    Brake booster-control, removal and installation 11
    Chapter 10. Suspension and Steering
    Shock absorbers (model 4WD from 1984 to 1987)-removing and replacing the 21
    Beam rear axle models 1984-1987 Gg.) -removal and installation 18
    The upper lever (model year 1988) • removal and installation 12
    Power steering-bleeding the system 29
    The rear shock absorbers-removal and installation 14
    Rear stabilizer removal and installation-20
    Rear wheel hub and bearings-removal and installation 15
    Rims and tires-General information 30
    Steering and suspension control. Chapter 1
    Liquid level control in the Steering gidrousilitele cm. Chapter 1
    Transverse steering Rod tips-removal and installation 25
    The direction of rotation of the tire. Chapter 1
    The Guide lever (models from 1984 to 1987)-removal and installation 16
    Power steering pump removal and installation-28
    Lower lever (models from 1984 to 1987)? removal and installation 6
    Lower lever (model year 1988)-removal and installation 11
    General information 1
    Front stabilizer bushings and-removal and installation 9
    Front-3 replacement
    Front-removal and installation 2
    Rotary fist and wheel removal and installation-4
    Springs (4WDc models 1984 to 1987)-removal and installation of 22
    Anthers of steering gear replacement-26
    Reactive thrust (1988 model)-removal and installation of 10
    Jet lever (models from 1984 to 1987)-removal and installation?
    Adjusting wheel-31 General information
    Steering wheel removal and installation-24
    Steering mechanism-removal and installation 27
    Wishbone rear suspension (model 1988 g.)-23 removal and installation
    Steering and suspension plate (models from 1984 to 1987)-removing and replacing the 8
    Torsion shaft (model 1984-1987 Gg.)-removal, installation and adjustment of 5
    Rod Panara (1984 to 1987 model years)-removal and installation 17
    Idler wheel (models with 1984 to 1987)-removing and replacing the 19
    Replacing ball joints-13
    Tires and tire pressure. Chapter 1
    Chapter 11. Part A-
    Bumper removal and installation-8
    Exterior mirror-removal and installation 16
    Internal door plate-removal and installation 12
    internal lining and mats-4 service
    Doors-removal, installation and adjustment 11
    Door locks, latches and handles-removal and installation 13
    Decorative lining-Room 3
    Back door removal and installation-17
    Hood latch and tether-removal and installation of 10
    Hood-removal, installation and adjustment 9
    A-service 2
    A large repair damage-6
    A small damage repairs-5
    Body dimensions 21
    Front panel dashboard-removal and installation 18
    General information 1
    Hinges latches-7
    Seat belts-20
    Glass door removal and installation 14
    Site-removal of clips, installation and adjustment of 15
    Central console removal and installation of 19
    Chapter 12. Electrical system chassis
    Table Of Contents
    Battery-monitoring and maintenance. Chapter 1
    Battery removal and installation. Chapter 5
    Combi-crushing and installation 12
    Windshield wiper and smyvatel′-control and replacement of 15
    Neutral switch lay-check and replace. Chapter 7B
    Brake light switch. Chapter 9
    Ignition control and 7 replacement
    Onion-signal monitoring and replacement of 14
    Replacement lamp-10
    Multifunction switch (turn signals, hazard warning signal, headlight Switch) control and replacement of 6
    Wiring fault-overview 2
    General information 1
    Fuses-General information 3
    Radio and antenna-removal and installation 11
    Relay-5 General information
    System for maintaining vehicle speed (cruise control) 18
    System series doors-description and control 16
    Electric window lifter system 17
    Thermal fuses-General information 4
    Speedometer cable replacement-13
    Adjust headlights-9
    Headlights-removal and installation 8
    Electric circuits-overview 19


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