The manual describes how to repair and service cars Volga Gaz 24. Also in the book are the possible malfunctions and their elimination.
In the detailed design of the Gaz 24, consistent and detailed the various Assembly and picking operation in the correct sequence, repair and adjusting works.

Release: 2001
Author: Afonin. S.
Publisher: Donut
ISBN: 5-8069-0049-5

Gaz-24 (2001) manual-0a74d3959569688b3966b808989211d8-jpgGaz-24 (2001) manual-7e7f38616c0a736e287c18a8fa6e000b-jpgGaz-24 (2001) manual-28de46e8b4f9c707eb7763c434fd5f3c-jpg

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