Provides guidance for car Gaz-3102, which describes the design of the car, best practices for troubleshooting and breakdown, disassembly, Assembly and adjustment of units of the car. Are colored sketches of technological equipment for the maintenance and repair of the Gaz-3102. Given the size and description of the simplest of devices, as well as the dimensions of interfacing details the basic units of the car. This manual describes all modifications of Gaz-3102, published prior to 1998 year.

Release date: 1998
Author: A. D. Prosvirin, A. Gore, Ba, Dekhtyar, L. D. Kalmanson, A. M. Nevzorov, O. Pelûšenko, G. A. Ponomarev, B. B. Reutov, P. E. Syrkin, A. A. Troitsky, M. Tsyrlin.
Publisher: "Atlas of a car»
ISBN: 5-8245-009-6/DjVu/DOC

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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