Gaz-3307 and its modifications.
Car GAE-3307 is intended for transportation of cargoes on various roads in temperate climates with ambient temperatures from + 45 to -45 °C.
On the chassis of the car GAE-3307 made specialized vehicles (dump trucks, tank trucks, vans and other). All comments and suggestions on their work should be sent
manufacturers of these vehicles. The settings listed in the Manual without tolerances are for reference. Because the design of the car is constantly being improved,
individual components and units may differ slightly from those described in this Manual. Regular maintenance of Your vehicle in accordance with this Manual and service book will provide reliable operation. On a separate modifications of the vehicle is starting the heater.

Release date: 1999
Author: Ed. C. L. Chetverikov
Publisher: JSC "GAS""/DjVu(fully recognized)+DOC
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 213

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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