GAZ 69-68-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Guide is designed for repair parts and units handling the current front car repairs on finished units. In addition, this guide can be used for practical training to guards. repair of the Gaz-69-68, in military schools and units. Guide is distributed at the Gaz-69-68 and following modifications, produced by the Ulyanovsk automobile plant:
-GAS-69-68-8-place the all-terrain vehicle to transport personnel and cargo;
-GAS-69A-68 — five-seat off-road car to transport personnel;
-GAS-69È-68-8 off-road car with shielded electrical equipment to transport personnel and cargo;
-GAS-69AÈ-68-double car 4 x 4 vehicles with shielded electrical equipment to transport personnel.
In developing the guide takes into account the structural changes of the Gaz-69-68 and its modifications that affect the production of current and medium repairs made prior to August 1, 1971

Guide includes:-General instructions, including instructions for special handling of the car before the renovation, carried out in time of war; -the first part-operational maps for the replacement of major units, assemblies and devices indicating the grounds for the replacement and technical conditions for the Assembly, as well as requirements for painting and testing of the car; -the second part-operational maps for the repair of units, knots and products with specifications on defektovku and repair parts, Assembly, machine, or device; -application
The maps are all work performed at replacement, disassembly and Assembly units and knots. If you are replacing a unit or site, you must remove or install a different unit or in the operating site, the map reference is made to the corresponding map. Operating the map indicates the total time it takes to complete all work (except time of adjustment that are performed if necessary), and provides all the necessary devices and tools. While the cards given without the preparatory work. Structural changes of units, knots and details are given in the form of annotations to the relevant passages of operational maps. Tools and accessories required for replacement or repair of units, knots and details of design changes are given in parentheses. When you work for two or more performers referred to in the text in parentheses.

Release date: 1976
Author: ed. F. L. Khalimon
Publisher: Voenizdat», DjVu, DOC
Number of pages: 487

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