GAS with zmz-4062.10-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
This manual control engine ZMZ-4062.10 with distributed injection MICAS 5.4 describes the on-Board diagnostic system, which allows you to define many of the faulty operation of the control system.
Describes the composition of the management system, and also provides information on the use of on-Board diagnostics system to display messages about detected faults.
Provides search schema faulty control system elements.
For professionals engaged in the operation and repair of automobile engines ZMZ-4062.10 and drivers.

Issue: 1999, 2005
Author: P. G. Teramycin. IN N. Tupikin,
Number of pages: 95
Quality: the Scanned pages
The language of the book: English
Size: 678.62 Kb

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Download material for reference

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