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    FIAT DOBLO (PANORAMA, CARGO MAXI) (2001-2005)-service manual    

    Provides information and technical guide to car repair and maintenance semejtva Fiat Doblo Doblo Panorama:-models, the Doblo Cargo Doblo Maxi. This book describes the device, the car has a manual and repair models Fiat Doblovypuskaemyh (c) 2001, and updated models produced from 2005 onwards. They are equipped with an internal combustion petrol engines of 1.2; 1.4 and 1.6 liters, or diesel engines of 1.3 and 1.9 litre.
    At the beginning of this manual instruction manual car is a Fiat Doblo and its modifications. Also information on the regular scheduled maintenance, are the color schemes of the electrical connections.

    Issue: 2010
    Author: Me Miroshnychenko
    Publisher: Monolith
    ISBN: 978-537-611-013-9

    FIAT DOBLO (PANORAMA, CARGO MAXI) (2001-2005)-repair manual-109f18eacf02-jpgFIAT DOBLO (PANORAMA, CARGO MAXI) (2001-2005)-repair manual-7fed9468a714-jpgFIAT DOBLO (PANORAMA, CARGO MAXI) (2001-2005)-repair manual-79affb2da782-jpg

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