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Subject: Repair manual car Fiat Ducato, Peugeot J5, Citroën C25 (1982-2005).

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    Repair manual car Fiat Ducato, Peugeot J5, Citroën C25 (1982-2005).

    Fiat Ducato, Peugeot J5, Citroën C25 1982-2005-manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    These minibuses for the transport of small consignments of goods since the beginning of production in 1981/1982, produced with different types of engines. This instruction manual covers in one book the following engines:
    Petrol engines: 1796 cm3 1971 CC, 78 and 86 HP
    Diesel engines:
    2499 cm3, diesel and turbodiesel engines
    1905 CM3, diesel engine

    All gasoline engines are related and are described together. Diesel engines differ from each other significantly. Much in common among themselves only have both engines with the highest volume. Engine 1.9 l capacity is installed on Peugeot and Citroen, and cannot be replaced by a sparkignition engine with 1930 CC, so he laid on this series and which are not addressed in this publication. In addition were not described in the early release of diesel and turbo-diesel engines, gear-driven timing.
    For maximum visibility of the present instruction manual partitioning is made for petrol engines. Description of diesel is provided in individual sections.
    With all the differences of different manufacturers and models description is not limited to a particular brand, and is neutral regardless of the model. It should not be forgotten that within each series models can be differences, but repairs have no special significance.


    The cargo/passenger car jointly developed by FIAT automobile firms " ", " " and ", PEUGEOT CITROEN (PSA) ". Therefore, models of FIAT DUCATO, PEUGEOT CITROEN C25 G5 and are largely the same.
    These vans since the release in 1981/1982, produced with different types of engines. Besides the engine, the models differ in the size of the payload: designation " Q10 " corresponds to 1000 kg payload (the maximum authorized mass of 2.7 tonnes); " "-Q14 1400 kg payload (maximum authorized weight of 3.1 tons); Q18 " " (DUCATO Maxi)-1800 kg payload (permissible maximum mass 3.5 t).
    The company listed above apply their own gasoline and diesel engines are similar.
    On all models uses a single 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engines.
    The engine is located at the front of the engine compartment across a direction of movement, are leading the front wheels.
    The cylinder block is made of cast iron, and block-head aluminum alloy. Working surfaces of cylinders in all engines (except petrol up to 1994 and XM XN v. issuance and diesel FIAT 2.5 l capacity) are an integral part of the cylinder block.
    Hemispherical shaped combustion chambers, valve seats, installed by hot plug. Cars with petrol engines with 1.8 and 2 l. until the 1994 release, equipped with a carburetor type Solex " ".
    Serves membranous fuel fuel pump. Dry type air filter with replaceable paper filter element.
    On some models (with engine 2 l.) is used with fuel injection system.
    Ignition system: gasoline models until 1986. release of a classic ignition system with centrifugal mechanical device, regulator and ignition timing vacuum control.
    After 1986. is contactless ignition system electromagnetic pulse forming circuit.
    Avtombili with diesel engines mainly equipped with high pressure fuel pump Bosch VE; fuel is injected through the Vortex Chamber (except Fiat Ducato with volume 2, 5 l, which uses direct injection).
    All cars: dry, single-disc Clutch, mechanically driven.
    Clutch release mechanism with push the diaphragm and thrust bearing.
    Transmission: in the models with capacity 1000 kg is used 4-speed gearbox, and the models 1400 kg-5-speed.
    In addition to four-wheel-drive vehicles is absolutely excellent transmission, with rear power take-off shaft to drive the rear wheels.
    The gearbox is located across the axis of the vehicle and fastened to the engine.
    Borg-Warner Synchronizers type with iron rings.
    Transmission: transmission of motion to the front wheels is two equal length drive shafts with the joints of equal angular velocity (CV JOINTS).
    Front suspension independent, McPherson type, with integrated shock absorbers located inside the helical springs.
    Rear suspension with continuous tubular straight beam connected with two longitudinal springs and telescopic shock absorbers.
    Steering system: on all vehicles described in this publication establishes steering with finger joints with furring STERING.
    Approximately January 1989 year is installed on some vehicles, power steering.
    Braking system with hydraulic drive, with the vacuum brake consists of two independent units with a braking limiter. Front and rear disc brakes, rear-drum.
    Power-operated parking brake on the rear wheels.


    1 General information • 3
    2. gasoline engines 4
    3. engine lubrication System 19
    4. an engine cooling system 20
    5. the power of the engine with a carburetor System 22
    6. ignition system 23
    7. Grip 25
    8. gear box 26
    9.27 front drive shafts
    10. Steering 29
    11. front axle and suspension front wheel 31
    12. rear axle and suspension rear wheels 34
    13. ttfylj brake system
    14. electrical equipment 42
    15. diesel engines is removal and installation of 46
    16. D9B diesel engine with a capacity of 1.9 l 48
    17. the lubrication system is a diesel engine 58 D9B
    18. cooling system: diesel engine 59 D9B
    19. the device of diesel injection Engine D9B-61
    20. diesel engine with oil capacity 2.5 l-U25/661 and U25/673 ... 65
    21. the lubrication system is a diesel engine and U25/661 U25/673 75
    22. cooling system-U25/661 diesel engine and U25/673 76
    23. the device of diesel injection Engines-U25/661 and U25/673 77
    Table sizes and regulations 81
    Tightening torques 88
    89 electrical diagrams

    Pages: 119
    Size: 13.43 Mb

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