Internal combustion engines.
In this textbook the theory of internal combustion engines, kinematics, dynamics, trim motors, features of their design, power systems, supercharging, cooling, lubrication, start-up. Special chapters are devoted to the environmental indicators, the load conditions of the engine when working on construction and road machines, methods of selection of engines. The focus is on diesel engines. In the 2nd edition (1st released in 1978) reflect the latest achievements of science and practice of dvigatelestroeniia and operation of engines, supplemented by information about thermal stress, thermal stress, toxicity and acoustic performance of diesel engines.

Release date: 1985
Author: A. C. Khachiyan, And K. A. Morozov, V. N. Lukanin, C. I. Trusov, D. D. Bagirov, E. K. Korea
Publisher: "High school"
Series: Textbook for Universities/DjVu/DOC(fully recognized)
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 312

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