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DIESEL ENGINES d-50 d-50 l Guide to repair and maintenance. Rating: from 5 , voters 0 users.
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    Repair, maintenance and operation of DIESEL ENGINES d-50 d-50 l,

    DIESEL ENGINES d-50 d-50 l,.
    The manual contains a brief description of the design of diesel engines D-50 and D-50 LITERS, also outlined the basic rules of operation of engines and technical care, describes the possible operational faults and workarounds.
    Designed for operators, drivers and mechanics of machines and plants, which are the engines D-50 and D-50 LITERS, mechanics and other persons engaged in the operation and maintenance of engines. Corresponds to the technical documentation as at 1 may 1968.
    Engines D-50 and D-50 LITERS, produced by Minsk motor plant, used as a power unit mounted on a wheeled tractors MTZ-50, MTZ-50 LITERS, MTZ-52, MTZ-L, MTZ-50, crawler tractors T-V, T-S, T-L, excavators etc-181, etc-201 and
    Etc-202, forklifts, D-451, D-560, D-566 and other machines and installations for various purposes. The engines differ from previously released for tractors of class 1.4 tons reduced weight, improved performance and economic performance, reduced size, higher durability. The engines differ in the starting systems: engine, D-50 has a starting system electric starter, D-50L - from starting a carbureted engine that runs an electric starter. The design of the units and mechanisms of engines designed for long, not less than 5000 Moto-hours work without major repairs with proper operation and timely maintenance.

    Release date: 1969
    Author: C. A. Savela, M. M. Golubovich, C. A., and other Gorstein
    Publisher: Harvest/DjVu(fully recognized)+DOC
    Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
    Number of pages: 142

    DIESEL ENGINES d-50 d-50 l Guide to car repair and maintenance-698b27137de9-jpg DIESEL ENGINES d-50 d-50 l Guide to car repair and maintenance-ba4d33e9057d-jpg

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    Download material for reference
    Download material for reference
    Download material for reference

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    They Riddle me to cross sobrano skol′ko liter d50 and Markku oils. spasibo


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