Design, Fundamentals of the theory and computation of the car.
The tutorial is written in accordance with the programme of the course. In the General provisions on the appointment, device and application of basic parts, vehicle systems and mechanisms on the example of the construction of the car, most common in the national economy ("Volga" Gaz-24, Gaz-53A, ZIL-130 and MAZ-500), and only occasionally describes the constructs of the original units of the car models.
The most important dimensions are defined or specified the calculations, which are associated with functional designation details or are made to provide the necessary strength, hardness or durability of details. In the tutorial, you used the most simple method to estimate these parameters based on a comparison of the operating voltage with the permitted voltages. It allows the design to focus on stress of parts of constructions well-tested working about the same conditions, and thus make use of the wealth of experience of the automotive industry.
In a statement of the theory and calculation system of units (SI). With sufficient accuracy for practical calculations assume that 1 kg ~ 10 n modulus of elasticity, durability, strength and durability of materials, stress and pressure in megapascals (Mpa) and are rounded up to 1 Mpa = 10 kgf/cm2. The relationship between other SI units and the other are listed in table 2. 1.
In some cases, the values in the formula, expressed in multiples or dolne units. These deviations are stipulated, except where the reader can understand the units of measurement used.
Terms and abbreviations related to geometry and kinematics of the gears, correspond to standards (GOST 16530-70 and 16532-70).

Release date: 1978
Author: Gasparânc, A.
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